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Ask the Pendulum

Updated on July 3, 2019
George Mikituk profile image

I have had a lifelong interest in the paranormal. My writing flows from the interactive use of the pendulum as a medium of communication.

Pendulum Questions and Answers

I previously wrote about my experimentation with pendulum communication. Using meditation as an entry point, I was able to carry on intelligent conversations through a question and answer process. The letters of the alphabet were arranged around a 10” diameter circle drawn on paper with radius lines projecting from the circle to the individual letters. After a period of adjustment and deeper meditation, the pendulum moved briskly through the letters at a speed that was comparable to someone typing with one finger.

Questions posed through the pendulum received answers that required further analysis and further questioning to arrive at more clarity. I was encouraged to use my own common sense and delve deeper into the subject matter under discussion. When satisfied that I was correctly interpreting the response from the pendulum I would ask if my understanding was correct. If so, I would get an affirmative answer. For clarity I sometimes elaborated on some of the answers and gave it a better textural format, always maintaining the fundamental meaning of what was conveyed to me.

I would not describe this communication process as akin to channeling, such as defined in books like Seth and Emmanuel's Book. In the latter answers to questions were written exactly as they were received without being subjected to scrutiny and skepticism. I have always approached my pendulum experience as a process of gaining a deeper understanding of some of the fundamental mysteries of life. The Intelligence that responded to my queries encouraged a thorough evaluation of the responses. I believe that the pendulum medium can be used to answer questions posed by others.

With this in mind, I decided to introduce the reader to some of the questions and direct responses that were given. The questions and answers are a random sampling of communications and move from topic to topic. I purposely did not group them in order to give the reader a true sense of how the process worked from my experience. I invite others to pose serious questions to the Pendulum medium through the comments section of this article.

What are we to make of people born with defective genes in a supposedly love driven universe?

Each individual tested in a life term responds to different life circumstances to demonstrate the capacity to love. Both the parents and affected children are challenged to respond to their particular life with love.

I find it difficult to understand why there would be a need for sickness or near-death experience to provide a stimulus of spiritual awakening?

This type of stimulus is to make you realize that you don't control events to the point that your pride in scientific accomplishments prompts you to think. Life sometimes requires a jolt to awaken you to your true nature.

Could you elaborate on the meaning of “enabled medicine”?

Enabled medicine is part of the elaborate resources put into place by Universal Intelligence to sustain cogent life and give them the opportunity, over many life terms, to operate united with UI.

Medicine, as currently practiced, is too connected to materialism, which flaunts its almost miraculous abilities for healing. But it is ultimately wholly dependent on this intelligent enablement. Medical practice must revert back to a moral underpinning and recognize its dependence on the enabling factor.

It appears somewhat discriminatory that certain individuals possess a higher IQ than others.

The key to a successful life term is not dependent on the level of IQ but strictly on the degree of love and federation to Universal Intelligence that is achieved during a life term. Different levels of IQ are sowed throughout the different social and economic strata.

How can I be sure that the responses to my questions are accurate?

The responses have to remain consistent when questioned from different perspectives. If there are any contradictions, keep asking until you are satisfied that the answer is logical and falls in line with previous statements.

In some belief systems, there is a strong focus on worship of the Divine. How should we view the UI federation from this perspective?

Federation to UI is achieved by the expression of love towards all creation. Universal Intelligence has no need of worship and this is not the purpose of life in general.

Is there a specific purpose for the moons that orbit various planets?

They serve as the source of natural resources for planets. Where cogent life has established a high degree of affiliation with UI, they gain access to advanced forms of energy capable of more efficiently powering space ships that can be used to mine their associated moons.

From the perspective of our current knowledge, there seems to be no possibility that life exists on other planets in our solar system.

You know from your own experience on your planet that life forms can survive under extreme conditions. Cogent life on other planets is adapted to the different environments on these planets. The whole purpose of planets in the entire universe is to develop intelligent life forms.

Are all planets tested to reach a higher union with UI?

Yes, only some planets managed to achieve a higher degree of wisdom over many life terms and so operate from a more evolved level in the present term than your planet.

Our scientists strive to develop the means to explore and perhaps settle other planets. Is this an essential path for humans?

The whole concept of interplanetary travel is set ignorantly. The essence of life is not the bodily form. It is the spiritual energy cell, which is immortal and is transported throughout the universe. However, intelligent life is also meant to use the resources outside their planets to sustain life. That can be made much more feasible by employing advanced energy fields.

Can you expand on the use of advanced forms of energy?

It is the purpose and destiny of life in the universe to move to a more direct relationship with Universal Intelligence. A major indicator of this union is the extent that this advanced energy is used to sustain life. All current energy from fossil fuels, nuclear power, and renewable sources are meant to be transitional only and are actually a sign of lower connection to UI.

What is the purpose of the various physical phenomena in the universe such as black holes, red and white stars and wormholes?

You have given names and attributed functions that are incorrect. What actually takes place is the appearance and disappearance of planetary systems because of an inability to develop spiritual wisdom over a period of time. Planets and entire solar systems are replanted elsewhere in the universe and contain similar environments to those that they replaced. This process does not require billions of years. Life springs forth through the application of UI applied intelligent motion of sub-atomic particles in a relatively short time.

There is much preoccupation with the surge in Artificial Intelligence as a possible replacement for humans in many tasks.

Robots, no matter how intelligent you make them will be electromechanical forms with ever more sophisticated functionality, but they can never possess the essence of intelligent beings, whose purpose is to reconnect to UI and act as a conduit of love. Only one cogent being is selected on each planet for this purpose. Data gathering, AI, machine learning should not be a high priority of the cogent and connected mind. AI intelligence can never be federated to Universal Intelligence. They are your own artificial constructs, which can be used for a wise or ignorant purpose, just like nuclear energy for example.

This is a small sampling of the many questions and answers given through the pendulum medium. “Ask the Pendulum” invites others to pose their questions about the many mysteries that puzzle us about human purpose and destiny.


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