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Astral Projection: What is Our Responsibility?: A Speculative Essay

Updated on December 11, 2015
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The first step is to know what you do not know. The second step is to ask the right questions. I reserve the right to lean on my ignorance.


Hi AUPADHYAY! How's it going?

Thank you for the question: If you are able to let your soul come out of your body and be entered into others, what should you do?

First of all (and I am no expert in this), I believe the phenomenon is called "astral projection."

But what should one do with such power? What would be her responsibility with the power, if any, to herself, her friends and family, and to humanity in general? But when one poses the question this way we start to bring in a trivializing, comic book/cartoon silliness to the question, and we don't need that.

However, speaking of comic books/cartoons, one abstraction that is usually thrown around is a very noble-sounding bumper sticker slogan that goes, "To whom much is given, much is expected." Oh, and another abstraction we find (Spider Man, etc.) is something like, "With great power comes great responsibility."

To whom much is given, much is expected

If someone has indeed been "given" the power of astral projection, the first question we should ask is "Who?" Who gave her the power of astral projection? This is what we would want to determine.

After that easy-as-pie task is done :), this will beg another question: Is this the entity to whom she is obligated, the one with the right to demand that she "pay" for her "gift" in some way by performing various services of the entity.

We can only begin to answer the question of what one should with the power of astral projection, then. But, even if we can identify from "where" or from "who" one gets such a power, making a determination of what to do with it (astral projection) remains problematic.

Suppose we say that "God" or "The Gods" gave her (whoever "she" may be) the power of astral projection. *Remember, we're trying to resist falling into some "comic book/action hero" way of thinking. The question then becomes: Why is the "God-given" talent for astral projection any different from the God-given talent to play baseball, sing opera, understand quantum physics, rebuild an engine?

Do we say that people with natural or "God-given" talent in these areas are somehow obligated to devote their lives to these specific jobs? Do we even ask the question (What should one do with the God-given talent to rebuild engines?).

No, we don't. Why not?

We do not, generally, I think, believe that anyone's life can be changed by having their engine rebuilt. Of course, this is a rather shortsighted view, if we, in the West, believe that "God" is who and what we think "He" is (whatever that is) and that "The Lord moves in mysterious ways," and all that. Therefore: Who knows how one, gifted from God with the talent for rebuilding engines, can impact lives, save souls perhaps, if he "gives his life to the Lord," and so forth?

Still, we generally do not think that the talent for rebuilding engines can, in and of itself, impact people's lives in a spiritually meaningful way.

By asking the question about astral projection, AUPADHYAY, I take it that you believe that this is a talent that can directly impact the lives of people in a deep, emotional, and/or spiritual way. But is that true?

The problem with astral projection is that we live in a world that does not generally recognize it as a valid way of seeing and knowing. For example, suppose the police are appealing to the public for information about a crime or series of crimes. Suppose I call up the police and tell them about a suspicious van that I saw slowly going up and down my block. I looked out of my window and saw this happen.

Well, sight, being one of the five senses, is generally agreed to be a valid way of seeing and knowing. If I can give the authorities enough details about the van, perhaps they can track it; perhaps this information leads to a suspect. And if the police decide that they "have their man," as it were, the prosecutor for the people will bring him to trial.

And my eyewitness description of the van and its movements will be considrered valid testimony in court.

The following is neither considered valid secondhand information for a police report, nor for court testimony: I saw a redheaded, freckled woman, of about 5'6" in height, 120 pounds, shoot the other woman; and I saw all of this when I was an astral projection journey in the area right at that time.

If I, the "astral projector" is the prosecution's only witness (I wouldn't be a witness), the state could not begin to put on a prosecutable case. This is because astral projection has not undergone any process of authentication as a means of getting information.

I think it would be illogical, and, frankly, rather uncompassionate for "God" to give someone the power of astral projection under such circumstances

What if one simply has the power of astral projection from birth, or gets it suddenly as a result of being struck by lightning or something?

First of all, if one is "born" with the power of astral projection (as unlikely as this would be), it would indicate something happening with the evolution of the human species as a whole. Despite the existence, in comics, cartoons, and movies of the X-Men, evolution does not work that way. Everything about the human being (biologically, physiologically, anatomically, and so on) is a result of a need (or desirable adaptation) triggered by external environmental, geographical, and climatic circumstances.

For me, if it could be determined that someone did how the power of astral projection, the question I would ask is: How is the world changing, which makes such an adaptation (the power of astral projection) a necessary or at least desirable adaptation. What could that possible be? Why would it be necessary (or highly desirable) to be able to separate "soul" from body for extended periods of time. What if something were to happen to the body while our soul was in transit, so that one could not return to it.

I'm skipping a lot of steps in the interest of brevity. But let's say that such is the case. Well, under these circumstances a different kind of world would be coming into existence, which would take some time and considerable collective effort, to say the least, to figure out how to regulate (politically, economically, legally, ethically, morally, spiritually, etc). It is my judgment that we would not be in any position beforehand to figure out all the "shoulds" and "should nots" that might go with the human species having the power of astral projection.

That's it, I think. I'll leave it there for now.

Thanks for reading!


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