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Astrology - Culinary Symbols and Getting Visceral Takes on the Sun Sign Menus That Mankind Is Delighted In.

Updated on March 15, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Go for Strength - Watch for Weakness

As a matter of Health and Vitality, astrological tradition places certain parts and organ systems in the body under designated Sun Signs. The following is a way for individuals to see themselves and their loved ones as potentially able to focus on certain parts of their body as having a locus of emphasis.

Pisces - Foot Loose, and Feeling Immune -

The Pisces, at the end of the Zodiac, has the feet being ruled, along with the Immune System. This is of particular note. Pisces have accidents and weaknesses that affect their feet. Feet are particularly vulnerable from a structural standpoint anyway, With lots of bones in the feet, the Pisces needs to watch their step, literally.

Aquarius - Achilles Ankles

The ankle is particularly vulnerable. Practically everyone has had a sprained ankle. And Aquarius gets ankle rulership. That means, good and bad happen there. Like Achilles whose ankle was the one area of vulnerability, and took away his immortality,

Aquarians can be plagued with these The cirulatory system means not just the blood, but also the lymph. Aquarians can get clogged. I mention the lympatic system because it is as extensive as the blood in its avenues and byways. But the lymph system does not have a heart pushing things along. Its "heart" is the movement of the muscles which push the lymph.

Capricorn - Don't Let Em Get Your Goat

The Mysterious Goat ambitiously climbing up the mountain to success, always good to be reminded that you could fall. It is important for Capricon to understand its skeletal vulnerability. Capricorn can make a mighty fall if they forget the basics. So Capricorn gets a health lesson and a career lesson in the same breath.

Sagittarius - Beautiful Body, Delicate Legs

The horse/archer rellies upon their power and vitality to leap the fences and scale the hills of the challenging courses they choose for themselves. Hips and Thighs constitute the middle of the body, and thus the physical power center. Sagittarius can have great strength or on the vulnerable side, lose their vitality and power because of exhaustion. That is why we must think: "go for strength, watch for weakness".

Scorpio - Don't Degenerate

The reproductive organs are ruled by Scorpio, and that means that they focus on the essential core power that begins life. Scorpio knows this well, and they do not lose sight of this basic power, as they go through their daily lives. The Scorpio can benefit from fun and ease and vacations and time off. Reproductive issues tend to work better, not while you are focusing on performance, but when performance emerges from the easy flow of life's vitality.

Libra - Elegant Need for Balance

Libra is balanced and it has two kidneys suspended in the middle of the back, just like the balances that hang from the hands of Justice. Lots of symbolism here and an easy understanding of balance. Since the kidneys are organs of getting rid of waste, it is important for Libra to remember that balance and beauty come from dealing with the toxic parts of life. The message here is to generously pass those fluids so they won't live in your body. There is nothing like becoming toxic, just because you failed to deal with the natural metabolic process.

Virgo - The Virgin's Upset Stomach

Virgo is virginal and thus has a hard time handling the imperfections of life. The dynamic soup from which order and perfection emerge is in the Gut. There is a modern phrase: "Do you really want to see how the sausage is made?" That question is particularly important to the Virgo. Virgos can be flatulent. Pay attention to this sensitive area and avail yourself of Probiotics. Yes this means more "bugs", but there is a lesson here. You deal with bad bacteria by fighting with good bacteria. Address this and Virgo can have a well-rounded existence.

Leo - A Lion's Pride

The Leo is a strong person because of these very important body areas. Leonine magnificent power comes like the Shining Sun from the healthy Leo. This sign tends to look healthier than any other when it is truly strong happy and full of life. The famous pride of the lion comes from this animalistic, roaring, grinning power point. BUT DONT LOSE IT. A Leo who loses that sense of magic can suffer loss. The heart can weaken, the spine turn rubbery and the back teeter in discouraging discomfort.

Cancer - Moon Child and Crab

Cancer is a giving sign. Giving specifically to its closer loved ones. The Crab-like creature is crackling with energy, as it follows its minute-by-minute ministrations. The Moonchild gets energy from expending it this way. As in all of the sun signs, the closer we stay to our original purpose, the healthier we will be, the more we slip through negligence or deliberation, the more we can suffer health setbacks. Cancer has to watch that it does not become overwhelmed with its duties and let bitterness, fatigue and a loss of the strength of the bellows affect it. The active loving Cancer is the healthy one.

Gemini - Arms and Hands and Fingers

Castor and Pollux, the Roman twins representing Gemini were the two gods that helped found Rome, according to legend. The Gemini has its moving arms and shoulders, rotating in rhythmic gyrations. Nerves direct this movement. The dancing and the firing of neuronal activity is personified by Gemini. And the warning is "Dont let your nerves get frayed and overused and worn down." The twin must stay conscious about the way they live their lives. They can not abuse themselves like the more "animalistic" signs.

Taurus - "Listen to the Lowing"

See the Taurus lowing on the hill. Listen to the vocalizations of the strong creature. The sound coming up from the throat and neck is the emanation of the creature's meaning and purpose. A happy healthy Taurus can speak wonderfully and smoothly about its work and play. The throat and neck, being where the vocalization comes from, is also representative of the WILL.

When the bull loses its will, or drops its power of consciousness for the lower and more base human energy systems, they can drop quickly in dignity and live at a very low level, thus leading to greater loss of health.

Aries - I lead with My Head and My Face -

Aries metaphorically leads with their heads and faces all the time. They are daring. They are head-hitting rams. To say the least, Aries should be careful. As an overall message, one can see that this means they are "head strong" and "determined".

So as you collect these metaphors in your head and encapsulate them in memorable pictures, understand that every issue has a light and a dark, a day and a night aspect. As the Apostle Paul said, "When I am weak, then I am strong." When it comes to issues of health find out where you tend to be vulnerable and then add full human consciousness to the formula. Then most assuredly, you will be better armed against potential weakness and frailty in your systems.

Delectable Delicious Foods Become the Worldly Sanctimony of Conspicuous Music Concert Consumption

Sun Signs: Body Systems - Organs - Vitality Centers - Watch out for Vulnerabilities.

Aries - Ramification

Taurus - Listen to the Lowing

Gemini - Arms and Hands and Fingers

Cancer - Moon Child and Crab

Leo - A Lion's Pride

Virgo -The Virgin's Upset Stomach

Libra - Elegant Need for Balance

Scorpio - Don't Degenerate

Sagittarius - Beautiful Body Delicate Legs

Capricorn - Don't Let 'em Get Your Goat.

Aquarius - Achilles Ankles

© 2009 Christofer French


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