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Astrological Sign Compatibility: Predicting Your Future Relationship

Updated on April 10, 2013

Astrology and The Future

The study of astrology is not only being used to predict the future, it can also help us in predicting if a relationship that is going on will succeed or not. When looking into relationship, the astrological sign compatibility knowledge is put into use. Many astrologers have been studying the compatibility of astrology signs for ages and has since found out that there is indeed relationship exist among different signs.

They have looked into romantic relationship, family relationship and relationship at work (between colleagues and bosses) and which they looked at from the point of view of sun signs and birth charts. Many people who believe into astrology reading find that books that deal with this subject can take their anxiety of relationship away.

Stephen Arroyo, a famous author in this subject has taken an unusual approach to deal with this complex subject in his "Person-to-Person Astrology: Energy Factors in Love, Sex and Compatibility". Stephen has studied the ancient belief in the four basic elements of astrology readings and the relationship between each individual's energy field and that of the universe. He tells the readers on how to read and compare individual birth charts and how different psychological dispositions can affect someone's motives and desires according to the position of the Moon, Venus and Mars. They are in fact correlated with each other.

Studying these lead to an understanding of Astrological Sign Compatibility and which there are helpful appendices in explaining astrological terms and keywords.

Relationship Readings

Another famous astrology book is "Lovestrology: Astonishingly Accurate Romantic Profiles and Compatibility" by Phyllis Vega. Phyllis is an astrologer, numerologist and tarot reader. She has been involved in these subject since at a very young age. This book is her most ambitious work in which she explains how to examine relationship for better or worse.

The book is divided into two main sections: Part 1 - the 366 Birthdays of the Years (this include a profile for each birth date with relation to romance) and Part 2 - Men and Women are from Mars and Venus. First, she will look at the Mars sign and the Venus sign before producing reading for each of the 144 possible combination of Mars and Venus. Next, the study of the 12 zodiacs and the 366 birth date will form a profile of different relationship.

Linda Goodman on Astrological Signs Compatibility

One of the most well known astrologers and many bestseller authors is the late Linda Goodman. Her most ambitious work include was "Love Signs".

This book took her seven years to produce but the result is almost perfect. It was not only beautifully written with depth insight, it also touches the part of human soul.

Each sun sign is given a biography and which Goodman analyze each possible combination of signs from there. This is an Astrological Signs Compatibility that explored in a way of lyrical prose. She looks into almost every aspect of relationships which covering romance, work, friends and between parent and child.

Another Goodman's book which had has a great impact towards her reader is "Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs", which was specially written based on the Astrological Signs Compatibility subject.

Linda wrote this book because she received many requests from her fans to chart out their birth diagram. These were simply too many to do and for that she came out with this book that teaches the reader on how to create their own astrological chart in sufficient detail, based on theirs date and time of birth. When this exercise if carefully done, could then be used to examine the qualities and any difficulties within a relationship that is going on.

Summary of Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart

Beyond Sun Signs: Astrological Compatibility and Connection


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