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Best Diets and Food Choices For Each Sun Sign

Updated on July 29, 2014


Each sign of the zodiac has special food preferences and how they feel about their own diet.. Each zodiac sign has different food preferences and also seeks a different method of losing weight when the scales show some serious weight gain.

I have kept records of all the charts I compiled for my past clients, and found certain zodiac signs often did not have weight problems in general and other signs were more prone to gain weight easily. Some signs preferred junk food and others enjoyed gourmet dining. So follow along and see how this fits you in your life style and choices on your astrology horoscope.

Food Preference for the Signs

Aries Love those french fries
Aries Love those french fries
Taurus: lots of food
Taurus: lots of food
Gemini snacks are in order
Gemini snacks are in order
Cancers love the sweets
Cancers love the sweets
Leo Elegant cuisine
Leo Elegant cuisine
Virgo Lots of fresh produce
Virgo Lots of fresh produce
Libra a wide selection to choose from
Libra a wide selection to choose from
Scorpio Love seafood
Scorpio Love seafood
Sagittarius Get out the trail mix
Sagittarius Get out the trail mix
Capricorn Chicken is good and economical
Capricorn Chicken is good and economical
Aquarius  Fruit and nuts will work fine
Aquarius Fruit and nuts will work fine
Pisces Love soup especially with seafood
Pisces Love soup especially with seafood

Learn About Astrology and You

Aries March 21-April 19

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac with a very demanding and adventurous personality. In the food preference department they are often into casual dining and love what is considered junk food. All you gourmet Aries people are going to be annoyed with me. However, your moon sign has probably been a factor.

of course whenAries diet they want immediate results, and sometimes go to extremes in the dieting arena. Aries people do well with the high protein route and add lots of spices and herbs which are healthful and make the food taste good. For a good health measure be sure to eat lots of produce which is a good suggestion for everyone's astrology horoscope.

Taurus April 20-May 20

Generally speaking Taurus people enjoy generous portions of food. Being economical they order the doggie bag before dinner at restaurants. Going on a diet can be a painful thought. However, once the goal oriented Taurus gets into the rhythm nothing will stop him until the weight is gone. They do need to follow a continued healthy lifestyle of eating, that will take some discipline and help. Make sure to eat many large salads that will keep you busy eating. Don't forget to exercise along with the diet plan.

Gemini May 20-June 21

Many Gemini people do not have to worry about losing weight. They are blessed with lots of nervous energy and work off most of the calorie intake. Exercise helps Geminis to rid stress and stay balanced. The love of snacking and eating all the time is part of the Gemini personality. When choosing a diet plan, should you need one, eat often. Have lots of fresh veggies and low fat dips in the fridge for quick snacking, as well as fresh fruit cut up and ready to eat.

Cancer June 22-July 21

Cancer people really enjoy tasty and wholesome food. They also have a very definite sweet tooth. You may find these people baking whenever they have an opportunity. Next time when you are at the grocery store and see a cart full of sweet foods ask the person if he or she is a Cancer. Best diets for the Cancerean would include lots of fresh and sweet fruit. It is a good idea to take that sweet tooth and put it to healthy use.

Leo July 23-August 22

Deciding on a diet with Leos is pretty easy as they like the best of everything. The best restaurants are on speed dial. They always enjoy top quality of all foods whether on a diet or not. You will find many Leos at the best gourmet grocery stores. And the good news is that they love to stay in shape to fit into their best clothes. So a diet of fresh seafood (probably flown in) and the best produce is on the Leo agenda.

Virgo August 23-September 22

Virgos are a sign that appreciates being in good health and often adhere to strict diets. However I have known a few Virgo people who stop at every fast food place along their path. Virgos are another sign that takes care of the body, and being fat is often not an option. So following a healthy diet of fresh produce and low fat protein is on the agenda. They will almost always take an array of vitamins for good measure.

Libra September 23- October 22

Libras rarely like to dine alone. Sociability and friendship are musts for enjoying a good meal. I am a Libra and when I am home alone or dining alone I eat very little. Keep a balanced diet and try not to fall for the quick weight loss diet plans. Libras love the fad diets as they are easy to follow and no-brainers. Favorite foods are often steak and seafood and a glass of wine is always a nice addition.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

Scorpios will attack a diet with a vengeance. The weight is on and it is going to be off. They will get into a challenging exercise program to take those pounds off. Spicy and hot food selections are good for Scorpio diets as they love most ethnic food and the hot peppers. They just have to remember to get those veggies in to stay healthy.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

Sagittarius people tend to gain weight easily. They will go on diets that have a lot of variety and flexibility. Some of the outdoor Sagittarius people could live on a variety of trail mixes. Sagittarians tend to eat only when hungry, but can grab almost anything when the hunger hits. They also like flexible exercise routines and enjoy trying new types of work out routines.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

Serve the meal with silver and china and the Capricorn will enjoy the dining experience. He will research out the best possible diet for quick weight loss and also be interested in the health benefits. They also enjoy well prepared food and if it is not to their liking back it goes to the home kitchen or restaurant. The Capricorn will hire a personal trainer to help with weight loss.

Aquarius January 20-february 18

Aquarians are another sign that often do not have a weight problem. If they decide to go on a diet they also will load up with all the appropriate vitamins and minerals. Smoothies and dried fruit are favorites with this sign. Drinking a meal is efficient and they can get back to their work or play with a bag of dried fruit that goes everywhere with them.

Pisces February 19-March 20

According to the Pisces astrology horoscope they do love fish and seafood, and even like to catch their own when possible. Give Pisces people a large bowl of soup and they will be happy campers. Most Pisces love legumes and vegetables and often meat is not a top priority in their daily diet. Pisces can also gain weight easily and have to find a diet that offers tasty and delicious choices. Exercise has to be a fun activity for the Pisces to indulge regularly.

My Bio

Today I am currently a writer on HubPages and other Writing Sites. I was a professional Astrologer for many years. During my time as an Astrologer I did many charts for well known celebrities. I authored columns in several local newspapers in Phoenix, Arizona, along with Phoenix Magazine and the Arizona Republic. I was part of a small newspaper syndication for several years. I hosted my own radio show and had regular TV spots, as well as appearing regularly on a major radio station in the city. I was keynote speaker for many conventions and also put together compatibility charts that appeared in mail-order catalogs. I designed a graphic interpretation of each sign (shown above) and they went on T-shirts and tote bags which I sold throughout the United States. I also did complete personal graphic astrological pieces for special orders.

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Astrology is for entertainment. Please check with your health provider before making any changes in your diet.


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