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Astrology: Its Cancer Season!!!

Updated on July 15, 2013
The Zodiac Sign Cancer the Crab
The Zodiac Sign Cancer the Crab | Source
Cancer by Guido Bonatti
Cancer by Guido Bonatti | Source

From June 22- July 22 the sun is in the astrological sign of Cancer. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and the second water sign among the three water signs (which are Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, all in the order). Cancer is ruled by the moon. As I stated in my previous hub, Astrology: The Moon, the moon isn’t a planet (by science/scientist standards), but a satellite of Earth. This makes Cancer unlike most of the zodiac signs because it is technically not ruled by a planet. Even so in astrology the moon is considered a planet and not only that but one of the most important planets (or objects) in the solar system with the other being the Sun. Even so, since Cancer is ruled by the moon and the moon represents emotions our emotional natures.

Signe zodiacal du Cancer, Zodiac Sign of Cancer, by Francesco Bianchini
Signe zodiacal du Cancer, Zodiac Sign of Cancer, by Francesco Bianchini | Source

Cancer is a water sign and its element is water (obviously). Cancer is of the Cardinal quality and rules the fourth house. The fourth house is the house of the home and family. The fourth house represents one’s beginnings and early life in relation to the family. Cancer’s symbol is the crab. This symbol represents the nature of Cancer. A crab lives by the water so its fitting that it represents Cancer. Even so the crab has a protective shell. This shell is hard and tough and the crab can go into itself when it feels threaten or scared. The crab also has claws (sharp claws to add) so even when it doesn’t want to hide out in its shell these claws can be used to pinch and harm people that it feels threaten by. The crab can also disappear into the ocean, in conclusion the crab and more importantly Cancer has the means to fight, protect itself and run away when it feels angry, pressured, and confused. Even so, for those who manage to not feel the wrath and the ever-changing emotions of the crab, it can be gentle, its claws can tickle, its shell is strong and it can pull you into tide and into the depths of the ocean. Ok enough of the weird analogy.

Cancer is a water sign so it shares the characteristics with the other water signs, emotion/emotional, receptive/receptivity, and sensitive/sensitivity. Though Cancer’s own unique characteristics is that its nurturing, protective, sentimental and also can be moody, clingy/insecure, and too attached to the past. Cancer since its at its home with the moon and the fourth house, family and family history is very, VERY important to Cancer. The moon rules Cancer and the moon represents the mother, so in turn Cancer fits the role of the Archetypal (and stereotypical) 1950s mother; devoted, loving, and very maternal. Though Cancer is a feminine sign, male Cancers can exhibit these qualities too.

Sala dello Zodiaco, Sign of Cancer, by Palazzo d'Arco, 1515-1520
Sala dello Zodiaco, Sign of Cancer, by Palazzo d'Arco, 1515-1520 | Source

Home and family is essential and important to Cancer and strives to maintain, start and protect family and the idea of family. Cancer is very protective to those that they love and will do the most to help, protect and support their loved ones. This may include getting an extra job to support the family. Nursing and taking care of a sick or ill family member or friend. And preparing elaborate dinners and meals that tastes of love and home. Cancer strives for family and will do and collect whatever is needed for a family including money, food, and comfortable home and surroundings for its family. Being that Cancer is a family oriented sign, this sign is also very sentimental with a good memory too. Cancers tries to establish a sense of family home wherever it goes, whether it’s through making traditional food, scrap-booking, carrying around trinkets that reminds them of home and their childhood and carrying on with or starting traditions.

Les Signes du Zodiaque, Cancer by Jacob Jordaens, 1640
Les Signes du Zodiaque, Cancer by Jacob Jordaens, 1640 | Source
Cancer Glyph
Cancer Glyph | Source

Cancer’s phrase is, “I feel.” This phrase represents the purpose and expressive nature of Cancer. This sign feels and is very intuitive. Cancer often does things based off of their feelings, the feelings of others, and wanting to feel. This sign, though very protective also strives to be secure and protected, especially emotionally. They want to know if they can be taken care of, which is justified because Cancer is a very giving and selfless sign. Even so for those times where they don’t get there way and their wants and needs are not met, they can sink into themselves and become moody. When they’re not moody they may do the opposite and attached itself onto others, keep in mind its claws are not always meant to pinch but also can be used to attach itself to something. For this reason they can also be clingy and insecure.

Cancer Constellation by Johannes Hevelius
Cancer Constellation by Johannes Hevelius | Source

Though just like a tide or a phase in the moon, these feelings are not lasting and are ever changing. What they feel today is not a guarantee of what they will feel tomorrow. Cancer is always and internally motivated to get to your heart and soul. It’s for this reason that Cancer is very endearing, romantic and caring.

So Happy Cancer Season!!! Happy Birthday to ALL THE CANCERS’ OF THE WORLD, THIS IS YOUR ENERGY AND YOUR TIME!!! Thank You

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