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Astrology: It’s Libra Season!!!

Updated on October 22, 2013
Balancing the Libra Scales: Zodiac Representation of Libra
Balancing the Libra Scales: Zodiac Representation of Libra | Source
Libra by Guido Bonatti
Libra by Guido Bonatti | Source

From September 24nd -October 22th the sun is in the astrological sign of Libra. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and the second air sign among the three air signs (which are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius in that order). Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus also rules Taurus as I covered in two previous hubs. To recap a bit, Venus rules over love and our relationships with others (such as family members, children, spouses, friends, etc). It shows what we choose to find pleasure in, our possessions and represents beauty, and what we interpret and value as beautiful. Venus in both of its ruling signs is sensual, but Libra represents the more intellectual side of Venus, while Taurus shows and presents us the more physical side of Venus. We’ll get into this a bit later.

Libra zodiac sign glyph
Libra zodiac sign glyph | Source

Libra is an air sign whose element is air. Libra is of Cardinal quality and rules over the seventh house. The seventh house rules the relationships and partnerships. Its how we approach, collaborate and act in relationships at different stages in our lives. It’s our style of how we choose to express ourselves and inner being, in regards to relationships. It also the house of marriage, business partners/partnerships, and times in our life when we seek out and need other people. Libra as an air sign is naturally social, and natural collaborator who seeks to be in a union with others whether romantically or professionally.

Libras phrase is “I balance” and Libra’s glyph or symbol is the scales. Balance and seeing both sides is what Libra strives for. They are constantly weighting things in and deciding if something is logical, if it makes sense. This makes them considerate, fair and balanced. This however can also lead to indecisiveness. Unsure where to go and worrying about whether it is fair or balance can leave to them being unable to make a decision at all.

Venus woodcut by Guido Bonatti
Venus woodcut by Guido Bonatti | Source

To get back to my earlier point that Libra shows us the more intellectual side of Venus. Libra is in an air sign, so they are naturally cerebral and smart. So they would probably go for and be attracted to someone that is smart and that can keep their mind agile and stimulated. They are not so much physical but mental, unlike their other Venus counterpart, Taurus, who expresses their Venusian qualities in a more physical, earthy side way.

Libra expresses its Venusian qualities in an intellectual and clever way. Libras generally look for partners and friends that are intellectually beautiful that can complement them and keep them and their active mind interested. Whether its an art exhibition, a forum devoted to new scientific discoveries or a good documentary, Libra enjoys past-times with their friends and partners that allows them to stimulate their brain-cells. Libras in a sense have both brains and beauty, so its natural for them to look for it.

Libra in the zodiac wheel is the socialite, the ever so charming, suave, person at a party or event that is pleasant to be around. They are definitely people pleasers that know exactly what to say. Even so, people pleasing can lead to the suave Libra feeling used and worn out, not to mention compromising themselves for the sake of peace and harmony.

They are tactful, classy, and are very diplomatic. They have grace and style and are witty and entertaining. As a Venus native they’re motivations are aligned with pleasure, harmony, and happiness and they are constantly seeking it out. This can lead them to crave an expensive wardrobe and lifestyle. So they may surround themselves with rich, beautiful, and fancy people. This can make Libra a bit superficial, especially the less mature Libras. Not everyone is physically beautiful, not everyone has nice, trendy clothing, and not everyone leads rich, sophisticated lavish lifestyles. Though Libra in a desperate attempt to balance its scales, will realize this, and will keep that in mind as they make their way through the crowds.

Libra, like his (or her) fellow air sign counterparts (zodiac signs Gemini and Aquarius) are known to be flaky, detached, a bit superficial and uncomfortable with displays of emotions. This can make Libra seem even more superficial and airy (though compared to the other air signs), Libras understands the need to and willingly express their emotions in order to function within a relationship.

Venus as Libra's ruling planet is focus on pleasure principles, and the thing that Libras want and feel that they need all the time is a partner. Someone to share their world. This can make them seek out, at times with desperation, partners (boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, etc,). There is logic for this "need". First Libra is an air sign, so they are naturally inclined to be social and to pick brains of those around them. Second Libra is ruled by the scales that always needs to be balanced, and with a partner, their counterpart, their complement, their other half, it allows them to tip the balance. Third is that its ruled by Venus, the sign of love. Even so, there is a danger in constantly needing to be committed. Libra may lose their sense of self in a relationship and with their harmony seeking tendencies, will most likely ignore their own feelings to make a dying relationship work.

Libra zodiac sign on the Saint-Austremoine Issoire Church facade in Auvergne, France
Libra zodiac sign on the Saint-Austremoine Issoire Church facade in Auvergne, France | Source
Libra zodiac sign constellation by Johannes Hevelius
Libra zodiac sign constellation by Johannes Hevelius | Source

Even so, Libras have the ability to balance themselves out and the ability to see all sides. Overall this is the sign for pleasant, elegant, stylish, diplomatic and suave individuals.

So Happy Libra Season!!! Happy Birthday to ALL THE LIBRAS’ OF THE WORLD, THIS IS YOUR ENERGY AND YOUR TIME!!! Thank You


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