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Astrology: It’s Sagittarius Season! Sagittarius Explained!

Updated on February 22, 2016
Sagittarius by Guido Bonatti
Sagittarius by Guido Bonatti | Source

From November 22nd-December 21st the sun is in the astrological sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and the third fire sign among the three fire signs (which are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius all in that order). Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Pisces is also co-ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter rules over luck and good fortune. This planet represents expansion, education (college level and up) long distance travels and ruled over the ninth house and is associated with the twelfth house. The ninth house governs long distance travels, traveling and philosophy. The twelfth house is associated with Jupiter but it is modern times ruled mainly by Neptune.

Sagittarius by Jacob Jordaens
Sagittarius by Jacob Jordaens | Source

Sagittarius is a fire sign whose element is fire. Sagittarius is of mutable quality and rules over the mainly over the ninth house. As stated above the ninth house rules over and governs higher education long distance travels, traveling and philosophy. It is how we approach life philosophically, how, why, when, where we choose to travel. This is constantly activated at different times and stages in our lives. It’s our style of how we choose look at life, how we express ourselves and inner being, in regards to life. Life as expressed with tragedies, and triumphs, ideals, values, philosophy, spirituality, and religion. It is also how we relate and contribute to society in a productive matter whether through our travels, education, and philosophical endeavors. These ideals make Sagittarius as a mutable fire sign an open minded spiritual being who seeks to expand themselves and the world around them through travel, education and intellectual, philosophical pursuits.

Sagittarius's glyph
Sagittarius's glyph | Source

Sagittarius’s phrase is “I understand” and Sagittarius’s glyph or symbol is the archer, the glyph being a bow and arrow in an upwards direction. This glyph is represented as a half- man, half horse, centaur who’s desire and destiny centers on going out and beyond its humanly, worldly existence. Knowledge and expanding itself in different ways is what Sagittarius strives for. Sagittarius is constantly looking for knowledge and they have an intense, passionate need to travel and obtain knowledge. This sign is very similar to the intellectual air signs, Gemini and Aquarius in the sense, because they all are very much collectors of information and knowledge. Even so, Sagittarius is different because the gathering of information is the key to its existence because it gives meaning to their being and identity. This is a life-long, constantly, changing search for knowledge that is used to give their life, surroundings and being purpose and motivation. This makes them optimistic, worldly, spiritual, and open-minded wanderers. The caricature of teacher and philosopher fits well with them.

Jupiter by Hans Sebald Beham
Jupiter by Hans Sebald Beham | Source

Sagittariuses are a very optimistic, happy go lucky zodiac sign with the gift of luck and a tendency to be gamblers at life and chance takers. A common saying for them is that money was made to be spent. A philosophy they practice as they bet their last dollar on a high stakes poker game. Its ok because for Sagittariuses they understand risks and are the most willing to take them because they know it will all come back to them eventually. This blind faith in turn creates a pattern of luck that can be seen as illogical and unfair, but its quite logic in that the most constant thing in life is change. Even so, this blind, sometimes unrealistic faith makes them pretty reckless, irresponsible, overly-self-indulgent, and excessive. They can also be seen as proud, tact-less, blunt, and vulgar.

Sagittarius are of mutable quality, meaning they are movable and have a changeable nature. They don’t get stuck in ruts, and they keep moving forward, outward, and upward like that invisible bow they secretly carry around and keep shooting. This is why they love and must learn and travel because the more they learn and travel the more their identity is being formed and re-formed.

Sagittarius is the most intellectual out of the fire signs. They combine the passionate, confident and energetic nature of a fire sign with their philosophical, spiritual, qualities of Jupiter. They are both physical and mental and make them well-rounded people. They are good in sports, well-versed in the world/travel, foreign languages and literature, and quite social, popular and charming.

Sagittarius by Johannes Hevelius
Sagittarius by Johannes Hevelius | Source

Overall Sagittarius in the zodiac wheel is the teacher, student, traveler, explorer and intellect. They like to travel, learn, explore and discover new ways of being and living, that allows them to form and reinvent their identities.

So Happy Sagittarius Season!!! Happy Birthday to ALL THE SAGITTARIUS’S OF THE WORLD, THIS IS YOUR ENERGY AND YOUR TIME!!! Thank You

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