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Astrology: It’s Virgo Season!!!

Updated on August 25, 2014
Virgo the Virgin?
Virgo the Virgin? | Source
Virgo by Guido Bonatti
Virgo by Guido Bonatti | Source

From August 23th – September 22nd the sun is in the astrological sign of Virgo. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and the second earth sign among the three earth signs (which are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn in that order).

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury also rules Gemini as I covered in two previous hubs. To recap a bit, Mercury rules over all forms of communication and can be seen as someone’s intellect and how they communicate on an intellectual level. Though both logical Virgo represents the more practical side of Mercury than Gemini. We’ll get into this a bit later.

Virgo is an earth sign whose element is earth. Virgo is of Mutable quality and rules over the sixth house. The sixth house is the house of work and health. It’s our style of working/getting things done and our professional environment. It also rules health, how we get illnesses how we take illnesses, what illnesses we can be prone too, and how we address health and fitness. Virgo and the sixth house promote health and health initiatives.

Since we spend most of our adult lives working, we can also neglect and put aside our health. Virgo sees health and efforts to remain healthy as a way to boost and maintain productivity. That way they can focus more on other things like working.

Mercury by Guido Bonatti
Mercury by Guido Bonatti | Source

Mercury and Virgo go hand in hand and Virgo excels in thinking and logical. Mercury is rules both Gemini and Virgo, though it is exalted in only one sign, Virgo. This is because Virgo thinks and communicates in a more practical, realistic, and stable way.

As an Earth sign they are much more focused on the here and the now. The five senses, the “what you can see”, “what you can prove” cold, hard facts. Gemini equally logical and smart, but they can’t stay on one thing too long. Virgo on the other hand often finishes what they and oftentimes other people started.

Stable and hard-working Virgo loves to be busy. Whether its self-improvement projects, running errands, cleaning, exercising, or organizing, a Virgo loves to keep busy. Nothing can slow them down and they can be workaholics, rivaling that of Capricorn. Even so, they can get burned out quite easily, which leads them to shift focus on their health and well-being.

Virgos take pride and have confidence in their abilities to get the job well done. And if you have a Virgo on your time, you can rest assure that they will get the job done, probably better than anyone else. They have an innate understanding that you must work hard in order to achieve results. They don’t believe in short cuts and avoiding hard work. This makes them good with research and working with details; and overall a good worker. They also have an innate sense of great work ethics, professionalism and accountability.

Vierge Méridienne de S. Maria degli Angeli by Jean Pol Grandmont
Vierge Méridienne de S. Maria degli Angeli by Jean Pol Grandmont | Source

Like other earth signs, Virgo is practical, disciplined, and highly logical. Their discipline is very strong and they can follow through with great focus and tenacity that is very appreciated and admired. Virgo also has strong sense of responsibility and duty and service to others is also an important trait of Virgo. Virgos are very giving, giving of their time and energy to those they deem worthy of their talents and generosity.

This is similar to Pisces selflessness, but with Virgo its in a less emotional, more logical and practical way. They have that “if I don’t get the job done, who will," type of attitude. Even so, unlike Pisces, Virgo is a very discriminating sign and they don’t take much from anyone. They show their love through action, but if it doesn't make sense anymore and if it isn't logical anymore, they have no qualms about dropping someone. Of course with their nature they will try to work things out and improve it before they decide it’s a waste of time.

An interesting and fascinating quality in Virgo is their duality. Like other mutable signs (Gemini and Sagittarius) Virgo has two natures that oppose each other. So in turn you get a complex contradiction, like the virgin/whore, the victim/aggressor. An example is the lady in the street but a freak in bed (excuse my French!). The person that can be seen as a strewed prune but who can also surprise you in a lot of ways. Even so, Virgos tend to reject this side of their nature because its unpredictable and frankly doesn't make any sense.

"Le zodiaque anti-clérical. La Vierge : Isabelle-la-Catholique." by Spaeck, 1881
"Le zodiaque anti-clérical. La Vierge : Isabelle-la-Catholique." by Spaeck, 1881 | Source

A great fallback of Virgo is that if something isn't logical, can’t be seen or proven or doesn't make sense they are quick to rule it out. They lack faith in people and ideas and this leads them to be falling into a routine. In a sense Virgos can be controlling, not in the dictator, power hungry, bloodthirsty way, but more in the “devil in the details way.”

Also if something doesn't fit into their plans and routine they will put up a fuss about it. Virgos are not open to new ideas, new ways to doing things, unless they feel they are backed into a corner or if it has a positive interference with their work.

Virgo's lack of faith also stems from being critical which borders strongly on judgmental. As above they are very discriminating. They don’t care about your feelings; what you’re planning or wanting to do; they care about actions, what they can see. They won’t take a chance on you unless they sincerely believe you’re worth it. Along with this criticalness is that they can be naggy, nitpicky and prone to perfectionism. They have very high standards and know how something should be done. This also makes them class act know it all’s whom are hard to please.

They claim to know everything and 90% of the time it’s true. Even so, there is still that 10% chance. It is hard for them to be wrong or accept that they are wrong because they honestly believe they are right all the time. This belief leads to bit of arrogance and a superiority when it comes to facts. They don’t mind taking orders (most actually prefer that) but they don’t like someone claims to know more than them, point out their flaws or criticize their way of doing something. Remember only they can be their own critics and they already (and are working on) their flaws and imperfections.

Virgo constellation from Uranographia by Johannes Hevelius
Virgo constellation from Uranographia by Johannes Hevelius | Source

If you can keep a Virgo focus on a task then you’ll have a happy Virgo. Virgos are meant to have their minds and bodies moving. If not they roll over and dry up (just kidding). Even so, Happy Virgo Season!!! Happy Birthday to ALL THE VIRGOS’ OF THE WORLD, THIS IS YOUR ENERGY AND YOUR TIME!!! Thank You


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