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Astrology: The Sixth House

Updated on February 25, 2012

The astrological Sixth House is the house of service and giving back. It also includes the little things you do on a day to day basis, and the way you interact with everyone and everything along the way. Diet, health and exercise are also located in this house, so this particular part of the natal chart covers quite a lot of ground. And, of course, pets come into play in this house as well! To learn more about how it can influence your own life, please see below!

Diet and Exercise

The Sixth House has much to say about how well you take care of the physical you. Are you someone who just goes through life without putting much thought about what goes into your body, or do you make conscious decisions about such matters? Strong positive aspects here will result in health-conscious people who strive to take care of themselves. Less positive aspects could result in people whose health and general level of fitness leaves something to be desired. Face the lessons this house puts forth head on, and you can overcome them and join the healthy-living club.


General Health and Well-Being

Whether you're someone who actively tries to take good care of their physical being, or someone who rarely gives such matters a second thought, specific health issues could arise either way if certain placements are present. When these manifest it is important to remember that there is a lesson to be learned, or perhaps even taught to someone close to you.


This is the house that influences your interaction and relationship with those around you in the community. Do you give back? How do you do so? How *often* do you do so? This house teaches a very important lesson to those willing to study it -- service is, without a doubt, one of the most important things we can give in this life. If you're someone who has not yet awakened to this realization, take a long look at your chart and try to understand what is blocking you from it.


The role you play with pets comes into focus in the Sixth House, too. Have you got pets? Have you got an aversion to having them? How do you interact with other peoples pets? Small animals, or even large animals, have much to give and share with us if we are willing to let them teach the lessons they bring.


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