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Astrology: The Tenth House

Updated on February 29, 2012

The Astrological 10th House is all about your ambition and drive in life. The natural ruler of this house is Capricorn, and no one is more determined or ambitious! Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that you will have a strong desire to accomplish something specific in your life -- it all depends on what aspects are present in your astrology chart. But whether you feel a strong pull to succeed at something, or a total lack of desire to do anything at all, this is the house that needs to be examined to help you in either respect. To learn more, please keep reading!


Were you born feeling as though you had a mission to succeed at something? Has that drive never weakened at all and continues to motivate you day in and day out? If so, you've got a lucky placement in the 10th House! If you're someone who can't seem to come up with an interesting career plan for yourself, or someone who quickly loses interest in pursuing your career goals, or someone who is always hopping about from job to job, you've probably got some conflicts going on in your chart. Lots of dreamy Pisces energy, or impulsive Aries energy could really turn this house on its head. So if you've got issues staying focused on your own personal success, examine this house and figure out what lessons are being taught. Once you overcome them, you will find yourself on the path to career success in whatever field you choose.


Duty and Honor

Capricorn is a very noble sign, and this house has much to do with the way you conduct yourself in terms of honor and dignity. Those with complementary aspects will take the high road whenever possible, fulfilling their duties no matter what level of personal sacrifice is required. Of course, it's possible to be too extreme in this respect -- you don't want to overdo it. But neither do you want to just run around not caring at all about what is right or wrong. People who have issues determining right from wrong, or those who simply don't care, probably have very conflicting aspects in this house.

Family Ties

Responsibility for family and keeping it all together is a very Capricorn trait. If you are 100% focused on the good of your family, you're in harmony with this house. If you have trouble staying focused on the needs of your family, or if you've got no desire to have one at all, you may want to examine this house in your natal chart to see if you can discover why that might be. Remember, there are lessons to learn from every chart and each aspect!


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