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Astrology - What is the Next Life for the Scorpio?

Updated on February 23, 2012

Scorpio Being Scorpio

What Is The Next Life for The Scorpio?

Its Not Learning, But Understanding. Where Will They End Up?

As a contemplator of "Reincarnative Process", I often wonder, what certain sun signs are processing as they march through life. What is their next step on the horary wheel? Astrology has theoretical opnions on this, and it is definitely a "take" in this Ancient Art. Today, we will contemplate the mysterious Scorpio, the Pulsating Power of the Zodiac.

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When you get to the Scorpio, you have to ask yourself "When they are done with this life, what will all of their intensity have done for them? You can't tell serious people to lighten up. It's like telling the "Leopard to change its spots". Everyone else does not get it. To the Scorpio, all the rest of us are out of touch. The Scorpio declares to the rest: "If you are blissful and happy, you are uninformed." Now, its not that their deep fundamental self does not permit them to laugh and be happy and frolic and live life to its fullest, its just that they have to ask themselves permission before they do it. If they are at an orgy in a dark room in some isolated spot in LA, filled with multi-millionaires and stars, and everybody has a mask on, and Tom Cruise is not there, they could be over indulged and immersed in carnality, but at least, they would be telling themselves: " I know what I am doing. The rest of these people have lost their minds!" The Scorpio somehow knows that this is an important life that is being lived. Scorpio knows this better than the rest of the human race. Sometimes this realization, however, can be absolutely overwhelming. Then, pleasure and dominance and atavistic impulses and animalistic issues sometimes become enthralling. It is in a sense a consciousness that says: "I know this life is serious, but oh, its so distracting and appealing and wild." Most of the time however, their minds are fixed on work, achievement, enemies, friends, obligations, social constructs, political happenings, movements, religions and "what is on the horizon".

The "Power of Circulating Self Reinforcement"

In fact, there is the "Power of Circulating Self Reinforcement" alive and well and making this world so compelling and hard edged. Everybody has it. It is the particular feature of life that your angle on things, your take on the world, your perception of life tends to be constantly reinforced, because your individual filter is gathering all the information. So you wake up each morning more convinced that you are right, and you should pursue your path. The power and confidence of each individual on this planet tends to be daily reinforced. This is good. This is the way of things. "Every man is right in his own eyes" because we could not survive and take care of ourselves if we did not. Scorpio tends to lie at the very center and core of this psychic and psychological spiral. There is so much on Scorpio's mind, that all kinds of floating and flying matters become grist for their mill. They awake every morning and say: "See, I was right!"

Between the Heartbeats - The Scorpio Needs Relief

Never think that just because a Scorpio is smiling and giggling and accidentally spilling their beer at the Sports Bar, that they don't have one eye on their own process. They sit at the beginning of winter. In the beginning of winter, you have feasted on the harvest, but you know winter is coming. Scorpio knows winter is coming. Scorpio knows we are all going to get old and die. Scorpio knows anybody could end up being their enemy. Scorpio loves deeply and powerfully, but always keeps their eye on the door as they are gripped in ecstacy. The wonder of being a Scorpio is that they are marvelous at succeeding, because they don't lose control. They are great at coming back, because falling was always on their mind, and know they can prove that their foresight has supplied them with power. Scorpio is special, but its also its own enemy. They carry a big bunch of stuff on their back. And when they put it down, they are so strong and in great metaphysical shape, that they don't feel good unless they have that bag on their back. Every once in awhile they will find themselves relieved of their own burden and get this elevating feeling. It lifts them so high that its almost terrifying. When this happens, they run to their burden and put it back on.

What Kind of Life Is Next For A Scorpio?

I pose that Scorpio's next life, is fun, happy go lucky, talking incessantly without real regard for how its coming across. I pose that Scorpio could use an entire life time where they are boisterous, free, nutty, out of their own control every once in awhile, and sometimes for months. Yes, Scorpio might do things that will get them in trouble, irritate people and make others wonder where they are coming from, and when they will shut up. Moving lightly on their feet and sure, accidentally bumping into people. Scorpio's next life will be "letting go" and yes, just not even thinking about what is going to happen to them next.

On the Other Side

"Look upon all you have done"; said the Older Brother to the newly arrived Scorpio, on the "other side". The Scorpio looks back and sees it's whole existence, and says: "You mean most all of this stuff I was processing was going to happen anyway, and I couldn't have stopped most of it? You mean, I could have just enjoyed breathing and living most of the time?"

The Scorpio will just sit there for the longest time and loosen up their stiff shoulders from a life time of not letting go. They will tend to minimize their successes, just because that's what you do on the other side. You get perspective. And with this perspective, the Scorpio says: "Did it help to be me? Or was I just too aware of life's powerful flows to understand that we are in the canoe, we are not the river, we are not the boat, we are not the sky, just in the river in the boat?" Then the older brother says: "It was good for you Scorpio to be burdened with your powerful mind, because you learned so much. Your next life is for trying out what you have learned."

"Yes, this is Based Upon a Multiple Life Model"

Of course, this is based upon a returning existence for the soul. If you can not accept that, or do not wish to think about it, because it is irrelevant and superstitious, then this is not for you. However, the psychological ramifications are still there. Each life lived in its own fashion, carries with it obvious psychological aspects which would be helpful or therapeutic to a given life. One Rich Actor once said, on a talk show, "You know, everyone should do, would do, therapy if they had the money and the time. Its for everyone you know." The Scorpio should not be offended that letting go, being unreasoningly joyful and developing a habit of giggling is a repudiation of their life. Remember that the POWER OF CIRCULATING SELF REINFORCEMENT will make you doubt your next life's goals. In a psychological sense, it is like sitting in front of a Therapist who tells you you need a vacation, and you laugh at them and refuse to pay them their fees.

The Eagle and Shakespeare

In a deeper sense, how serious and intense can you be and really understand life in its fullest: a puppy leaping up for food, a humming bird doing its thing, a cloud floating across the celestical heights between two peaks that have been their for aeons. There is so much in the world to make you light hearted, that you the intense Eagle can just stop and say: "I am just an Eagle, I am not God." There is so much more to the world that my Eagle eye can possibly see. The Scorpio creates a character on the stage that is largely its own making. But oh the character you color in the script. A Scorpio creates great lines for a good author to write about. Shakespeare said that "we are all actors on the stage, reading our dialogue, playing our part, and then we exit stage left" (Paraphrased). Scorpio is one of the Meaninful Actors on Life's Stage, and they virtually guarantee and require a "next life" for letting go.

When you lie completely exhausted some night, and you accidentally don't have something to do. Don't link yourself into your next thought pattern. Take some time for you and your soul. Go inside for a moment and ponder the texture of your heart, map the terrain of your brain. Try to understand that sometimes our programming can cripple us. We use too much wattage, too many amps, too much voltage. There is nothing wrong with being the powerful Scorpio, but there is a way out of your own skin for brief times. Nothing will be hurt, and maybe you will be so much happier and at ease. Take off your Scorpio clothes some night and call up friends for a frivolous trip to some only guitar-strumming place, where they stick limes in their beer, where people are just being. Enjoy.

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    • Christofers Flow profile image

      Christofer French 5 years ago from Denver

      Excellent contemplation. And, it makes sense. All the Best and Blessings.

    • KrisNick09 profile image

      KrisNick09 5 years ago from Kentucky

      "...They carry a big bunch of stuff on their back. And when they put it down, they are so strong and in great metaphysical shape, that they don't feel good unless they have that bag on their back. Every once in awhile they will find themselves relieved of their own burden and get this elevating feeling. It lifts them so high that its almost terrifying. When this happens, they run to their burden and put it back on..."

      Can't even begin to describe how true this feels. But ya know, it's not just that it's terrifying. What else can you do when you are in such great shape, but try to be in better shape still? There is nothing to DO, but pick the burden back up. You could leave it sitting on the floor, and take a deep breath or two. You could stretch your arms, crack your neck even, but eventually you look around.

      I almost feel like I can't control the intensity of my thoughts, like I can't force my attention on only one thing. And so when I come to that point of looking around, it just seems too easy. Like I need something else to occupy my mind in the background because without it I wouldn't be working as hard as everyone else. Almost like, the difficulties of just living are harder for others than for me, so I need something more to level the playing field. I NEED that burden, to ground myself so to speak, so that I can focus and so that I can view life almost like everyone else.

    • profile image

      Anastasia Chavez 7 years ago



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