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Atheists Losing Their Religion

Updated on June 19, 2013

Posted by an Atheist on Facebook

Atheists in College

Back when I was in college, I met several guys that were atheists. They all had one thing in common, other than the obvious fact that they didn't believe in a higher power.

They all seemed to have an inordinate amount of free time on their hands.

So much free time that they spent most of it playing World of Warcraft. All of them.

Another shared characteristic of their video game addiction was that I don't know one of them that actually got their degree at this college. One flunked out and joined the Navy. The other didn't know what he wanted to do with his life, and joined the Army.

The last one couldn't pay for school anymore and dropped out.

Not one of the three had any direction in life, as long as the direction was away from God.

Author's Note: I want to point out that these are just three atheists. My experience with these three guys does not mean that every atheist acts like, or even believes what they believe. I am not here to paint a stereotype of the atheist. You are free to read and draw your own conclusions.

The Evolving Atheist

Atheists Don't Believe in God

There is one thing that is true about atheists - they don't believe in God, or at least that's what they claim.

The one atheist that I still have connection with through Facebook happens to be quite interested in conspiracy theories. He likes to quote Old Testament passages under Mosaic law, and that a loving God would not command such laws of his people.

Some atheists like to say they believe in the flying spaghetti monster, and most believe in evolution.

Secular humanism is the proper term for one that puts their faith in evolution, which requires a lot of faith. Life had to come from either the rain, or the life-devoid planet covered in hot magma.

Well, which is it?

You might want to take a moment to read my previous Hub, titled: Does Water Give Life, or Does God Give Life?

Night Car Ride to Theater

A Ride in My Car With Atheists

One evening the atheists decided to go to a movie at the local theater. Somehow, we all managed to ride in my car over.

They knew I was a Christian. The topic naturally morphed into all of them telling their account of "How they lost their faith."

I found the conversation revealing about them, because they each seemed to have either a bad religious experience, or at least one of their parents was a hypocrite, or the death of a parent meant that God does not exist.

While I won't discredit their life stories, God does not abandon someone that becomes an orphan.

There are many hypocrites that go to church and call themselves Christians. That doesn't mean that God doesn't exist.

And lastly, bad religious experiences happen all of the time. That doesn't mean God doesn't exist. It is unfortunate that these experience happen, and turn so many away.

I believe the more plausible explanation is that none of these guys had a true relationship with God in the first place, they hit a bump in the road, and decided it is much easier to live a life of unbelief.

Angel & Devil on Shoulders

"Atheism" Makes Perfect Sense

It Is Much Easier to Life Without Accountability

The honest truth is: It is much easier to be accountable to no one, and be your own god.

If you have to answer to no one, you can make up your own rules. Live accordingly to how you want, and don't have to be sorry about giving in to every fleshly desire.

It is not easy being a Christian.

Sin is anything that is in rebellion against God's perfect standard. If you sin, you have to answer to God. It is much easier to not say you are sorry, and keep heading south.

But guess what? These are the same kind of people that will not say "I'm sorry" to the wife when an extra-marital affair happens, or be held accountable to anyone when their lifestyle of living starts to affect others.

If you are unwilling to humble yourself before God, there is no one that can keep you from getting your sin on.

Every man and woman will have to bow before God on the day of Judgment, and I guarantee you will see that day before you see any living animal on this Earth evolve.

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    • peeples profile image


      5 years ago from South Carolina

      "It is much easier to be accountable to no one, and be your own god."

      Why do believers assume we answer to no one? I answer to my husband and my 3 children. I am guided to do right for the sake of them. I have morals to teach and must set a positive example for them to learn. My life has no rule book written for me, you are correct in that aspect. However what believers seem to not know or forget is that we live good, respectful, moral lives without a book telling us to. We do it simply because it is right.

    • zeke2100 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      May I ask that readers not go back and forth. Comments should be about the Hub. If you want to have a private conversation, use the HubPages messaging system.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      "Why would you equate me with an "armed burglar?" I am only attacking ignorance and prejudice. Or is your prejudice that precious to you?"

      Jonny, This is a noble endeavor, I applaud your intentions. Attacking ignorance and prejudice is a good thing. I am glad that we agree you are on the attack.

    • jonnycomelately profile image


      5 years ago from Tasmania

      Us "jonny's of this world" - ??? well, in my case I certainly don't come here to "attack," only to defend. Defend myself against ignorant, self-appointed christians who feel they have the monopoly on what is right and acceptable conduct, and claim they have the power of an almighty, omnipotent god on their side against me if I don't accept their religious teachings.

      You are welcome to and have a right to believe those things, regardless of whether I accept the beliefs or not.

      However, your assertion that what you believe is in any way superior to others who do not believe is sheer arrogance.

      Why would you equate me with an "armed burglar?" I am only attacking ignorance and prejudice. Or is your prejudice that precious to you?

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      It would seem that a very common cry from atheists is to be left alone. That sounds fair enough until you look at the flip side. Check out the HOW movement which is reflective of so many movements of good. The exact premise of such movements is reaching out. Caring what others think and how they feel, and then doing something for them. This leave others alone perspective is the opposite of Humanity or Humanism. Leave others alone is akin to "do not love others." Even if you take it as a one person just saying it for themselves -- it is a denial of letting another care for them and is loveless and selfish. I am starving and homeless and the idiot put mustard on the sandwich he is handing out to me and I hate the wool coat he gave me to keep warm, I like down. Of course I say the same when you offer me friendship and love. “that is not the kind of love I want and I will not be friends with a Jew”.

      Johnny boy come lately teaches us well the frustration of trying to help someone. There are good chances that something inside them cannot comprehend that what is being offered is not condemnation, judgment or doctrine, but simply trying to share what has enriched our lives.

      It is good to note that the Johnny’s of the world came here to this hub to argue and attack and yet complain of being attacked. Pretty hard for an armed burglar to claim self defense.

    • jonnycomelately profile image


      5 years ago from Tasmania

      Just remember that your entire premise is that there is a god looking down on you and judging your every move, and that there is some kind of existence for you after your death.

      Without these two things in your mind the whole of christism collapses around you like rubble. They only exist in your mind.

    • zeke2100 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      I have the right to write about any experiences in my life. You also may write about whatever you want.

      I didn't provide names, so there is no personal ridicule on any individual in this article.

      These three guys I knew. I didn't write about them because they were extreme cases. I personally don't find them to be extreme.

      If you haven't noticed, the Hub following this was about "Christians that Give Christ a Bad Name"

    • jonnycomelately profile image


      5 years ago from Tasmania

      I did read that, yes. So, why do you paint a picture of 3 rather outlandish examples? Don't you suppose those examples will be very appealing to anyone who wants to pile ridicule on people who are atheist?

      I have been accused of trying to take a few extreme christian points of view as common to all christians. I have stood corrected, and admitted that where appropriate. There are some warm, friendly, non-judgmental christians in the world, who will stand up for my rights to arrive at my own conclusions. I am grateful for those people.

      There are some atheist people who denigrate christians for whatever they believe, period. I do not support those denigrations.

      All I seek from people who have a christian belief is to allow me to be totally free of the "god" factor, and not have someone praying for me as though they know what I "need" in my life.

      I know that is a tall order, because god chose christians to be top dog, ...didn't he?

    • zeke2100 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      The first paragraph ends with a note that says not all atheists act as the ones described and that this Hub is not to paint a stereotype. Did you read that?

      This Hub does not state that God is the only way to live. It appears that you think I am out to change atheists into believers.

      You don't have to be sorry about the way you live. You will experience life as you choose, and will find out when its over what comes next.

    • jonnycomelately profile image


      5 years ago from Tasmania

      Further, your statement "The honest truth is: It is much easier to be accountable to no one, and be your own god.

      If you have to answer to no one, you can make up your own rules. Live accordingly to how you want, and don't have to be sorry about giving in to every fleshly desire." which has gone unquestioned by your other responders, needs to be questioned.

      That statement could not be further from the truth in my own case. I am not atheist in order to excuse my bad conduct. I do have a heightened sense of responsibility towards my neighbour. I do care for people, especially those who find themselves on the receiving end of religious banter.

    • jonnycomelately profile image


      5 years ago from Tasmania

      Zeke, I said "me" because your hub is directed at me as being one who is of an atheist opinion. Like so many christians you presume to have a moral and religious superiority over me by virtue of your belief system.

      Of course you will make your own choices in your life. That is respected.

      But the presumption that christians and their beliefs are to be seen as the only road to travel in this world is a common one.

      If christians were always willing to let me have my opinion without praying for me to change, then I would not be here.

    • zeke2100 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Sir jonnycomelately,

      I can't sort out my life. It is full of sins. The verdict is Hell without God's intervention.

      By the way, you came to my Hub and read my observations, telling me to leave you alone. Sounds a bit hypocritical saying that I have to have the open mind. If your mind was open, then you would have room for Christians to exist and believe in God.

      I have no interest in holding your hand and making choices for you. I take it you can do that without my help.

      I will seek God for help with my choices in life.

    • jonnycomelately profile image


      5 years ago from Tasmania

      Zeke, I suggest you keep your mind open to many other possibilities for the next 50 or so years if you want to get the most out of life.

      Keep you mind closed and skewed in the manner you display here and you will waste so much of the beauty in this tapestry.

      Then at the end you will find nothing beyond your deathbed.

      Meanwhile, instead, don't worry about me and what "I believe in," (that is a christian expression, by the way; so baseless no one else uses it) because it's no business of yours or anyone else. Just sort out your own life, do the best you can. Leave me to my own choices. Ok?

    • dakis profile image


      5 years ago from Athens

      Hi, zeke2100. I totally respect your beliefs. So, I will stick only to your first paragraph, where you re talking about your atheist friends. You correlate atheism with bad economic state, WOW and loss of interest in college studies. That is really very wrong. Let me tell you this. your friends may were real loosers. But this doesn't tell anything for atheism in general. These correlations are wrong and dangerous. They help to discriminate and judge people from the outside. Because an atheist can be the best person, as long as a christian can be the worst.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      "I believe" or "I do not believe" followed by a "because" is usually quite lame. But what I liked most about your hub was your interest in your fellow man regardless of faith. Good for you.

    • zeke2100 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @Caleb - thank you. @Claire - Noted. @North Wind - I agree.

    • North Wind profile image

      North Wind 

      5 years ago from The World (for now)

      Thanks for sharing your experience with atheists with us. I found the picture funny too. I find it hard to believe some of the things atheists believe and yet they find it hard to believe in God. I honestly am not certain that there are people who do not believe in God. I think that they would prefer to lie to themselves about it so that they can be a god unto themselves.

    • Claire Evans profile image

      Claire Evans 

      5 years ago from South Africa

      Unfortunately, a Satanic ideology is to not being held accountable to anyone that extends to all people regardless of their beliefs as demonstrated by Satanist Aleister Crowley's, "Do what they wilt" motto. It is the complete opposite to making God's will your own.

    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 

      5 years ago


      Voted useful, interesting, awesome, and funny. Had to plug in the funny because of the first picture( hilarious what an atheist will believe), last picture( his expression), and second( ain't is the truth).

      Actually, the first picture is easier to believe than what an atheist truly does believe; i.e. random processes made it all happen---everything God created in His omniscience and omnipotence.

      Yes, judgment day is coming, and then it is heaven or hell for eternity, as Scripture clearly teaches.


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