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Aura color meaning of YELLOW

Updated on August 3, 2011

Yellow aura

THE YELLOW GROUP: In this group of astral colors seen in the human aura we find as many varieties as we do in the red group. Yellow, denoting intellect, has many degrees of shade and tint, and many degrees of clearness.

An interesting shade in this group is that of Orange, which represents different forms of "pride of intellect," intellectual ambition, love of mastery by will, etc. The greater degree of red in the astral orange color, the greater the connection with the physical or animal nature. Pride and love of power over others, has much red in its astral color, while love of intellectual mastery has much less red in its composition.

Pure intellectual attainment, and the love of the same, is manifested by a beautiful clear golden yellow. Great teachers often have this so strongly in evidence, that at times their students have glimpses of a golden "halo" around the head of the teacher. Teachers of great spirituality have this "nimbus" of golden yellow, with a border of beautiful blue tint, strongly in evidence.

The paintings of the great spiritual teachers of the race usually have this radiance pictured as a "halo," showing a recognition of the phenomenon on the part of the great artists. Hoffman's celebrated painting of the Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane shows this nimbus so accurately depicted that the occultist is convinced that this artist must have actually witnessed a similar scene in the astral light, so true to the astral facts are its details. The images of the Buddha also show this radiance.

The rich golden shades of intellectual yellow are comparatively rare, a sickly lemon color being the only indication of intellectual power and found in the aura of the great run of persons. To the sight of the occultist, employing his power of astral vision, a crowd of persons will manifest here and there, at widely separated points, the bright golden yellow of the true intellect, appearing like scattered lighted candles among a multitude of faintly burning matches.


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    • profile image

      Dawn 5 years ago

      thanks. I'm a would be writer with my fingers crossed for the future and ex teacher - spot on!

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      I've heard that I've got a golden yellow aura... but dunno if that is even true

    • profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago

      I just had an aura photo taken a day ago and Ive a golden orange halo, Kinda looks like the sun above me. My body aura is still orange but murky.

    • profile image

      Kevin 6 years ago

      I have a yellow halo, but the rest of my body appears blue. What does that mean?

    • profile image

      hubert 7 years ago

      Very nice Article thanks

    • profile image

      hola:D 8 years ago


    • perfumer profile image

      perfumer 9 years ago from California

      You are welcome Kenny

    • Kenny Wordsmith profile image

      Ashok Rajagopalan 9 years ago from Chennai