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Reading Your Aura Color: Orange

Updated on June 20, 2007
Oranges are the daredevils and risk takers of the aura spectrum.
Oranges are the daredevils and risk takers of the aura spectrum.

Written by: Jaclyn Popola

STEP ONE: What is your Life Color?

Click the link to take the test to discover your "Life Color". Auras are composed of many different colors that may change from time to time depending on your mood or environment. But the band of colors closest to your body, referred to by some as your Life Color, is fixed in place. It does not fluctuate, and because it is closest to you, it reveals the most about your personality and life purpose. Try to answer the questions as honestly as possible; respond with how you truly do think and feel, not how you want to feel. At the end, the category with the highest number of "yes" answers will be your Life Color. Most people will score a markedly higher number in one particular category. Take note, however, if you score high in two different categories. As this Hub progresses, we will be getting into the Combination Colors, and what it means if you scored as such.

There are three categories of Life Colors: PHYSICAL LIFE COLORS (Red, Orange, Magenta, Yellow) process information through their physical bodies, through touch. MENTAL LIFE COLORS (Logical Tan, Abstract Tan, Sensitive Tan, Environmental Tan, Green) are the intellectuals who progress through life by gathering information and then analyzing it. EMOTIONAL LIFE COLORS (Blue, Violet, Indigo, Lavender, Crystal) process life through their feelings, emotions and intuition.

If someone scores highest on two Life Colors that are in the same aura family (physical, mental or emotional) -- for example, a Blue/Violet or Red/Orange -- this person may be living the equivalent to two lifetimes in one. These lifetimes may be running concurrently, if the person feels she has a lot to learn and a great deal to accomplish before she passes into her next life, or they may run consecutively. For example, at a pivotal moment in her life, this person may actually be switching lifetimes without switchin physical bodies, and her personality will change accordingly.

Combination Colors, on the other hand, are when someone scores highest on two Life Colors that may or may not be in the same aura family -- for example, a Yellow/Green or Blue/Yellow. In that case, the colors either come together in that individual's personality to work in harmony, or operate in conflict.


Oranges are daredevils and thrill-seekers who love physical challenges. They love to rock climb, bungee jump, ride dirt bikes--anything that allows them to push the limits of physicality. They are usually adrenaline junkies who find excitement in the face of danger. Excitement is what is essential in life. Oranges are realists who prefer to conquer physical reality rather than sit around discussing abstract philosophies. Oranges are fierce competitors who plan their actions accordingly and are capable of seeing through the eyes of the opposition. They are resourceful, powerful and bold. They will also risk their lives to save others. To stay balanced, Oranges need to understand that body, mind and spirit must all equal out. To be excessive in one area is to be deficient in another. Oranges must risk exploring their inner world as well.

RELATIONSHIPS Oranges are not interested in family or marriage. They tend to be loners, too wrapped up in their own adventures to be able to make a commitment to stability. Living in suburbia with a 9 to 5 job would be torturous for these risk takers. Because of this, they do not need or want bonds with others. They can't relate to sensitivity or compassion, only to courage and daring. Because of their physical fitness, oranges have no trouble drawing mates to them, they are just unable to maintain these relationships.

SEX Sex is not a priority to Oranges. They tend to use others sexually and then toss them aside when it's time to set out on their next adventure. Sex is fun, but the real world is out there waiting to be conquered, and that is more important.

PARENTS Oranges are not usually parents. Child-rearing is too restrictive and cumbersome for these adventurers. They do not set good examples for their children and do not bond emotionally with them either. They are also not concerned with providing a good standard of living.

MONEY Because they are daredevils, Oranges seem to sense they will have a short lifespan, and so they are careless with money. Money allows them to purchase the products that will enable their journey, but that's it. It facilitates their adventures. Saving for retirement or a "rainy day" is not for them. They would rather spend their money while they are here to enjoy it.

OCCUPATIONS Race car driver, skydriver, wild safari hunter, explorer, mountaineer, rescue worker, firefighter, bounty hunter, trapeze artist, hang-glider


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    • profile image

      Tony 6 years ago

      Pls what is my astra color.june 22

    • profile image

      Tony 6 years ago

      All the color candles i have use befor, black is only one that gave me good result.pls is black my astra color.born on june 22

    • profile image

      Tony 6 years ago

      How can i know my aura

    • profile image

      Donna 6 years ago

      You are absolutley right! I had 2 aura readings and a printout sheet and I was told i was creativive , caring giving and nothing like the above describtion!

    • profile image

      Emma Blake 7 years ago

      I also find this is the first description of orange colored auras of its kind and it is very innacurate considering it does not validate where it is coming from or why orange would mean this ALL AF A SUDDEN. In fact, for me it discouraged me that web pages can be put up with such conflicting information and there is no explanation as to why. It is not valid information as it stands due to the lack of explanation.

    • profile image

      Myths 7 years ago

      Thanks for the aura-related link. It looked like an interesting site. I enjoyed taking that aura test and, after reviewing the results, it seems that I scored high for more colors than I originally thought, albeit I don't feel like some freakin' rainbow... LOL!

    • profile image

      James Peter Burton 7 years ago

      neon orange

    • profile image

      susan cunningham 7 years ago

      I agree with Wayne. My daughter told me she was 'orange' when she was about 3 and this fits her perfectly. The other does not at all.

    • profile image

      Wayne 8 years ago

      The desciprtion of orange in these paragraphs is very inaccurate. Orange people are socialable people who have a good understanding of others people. Thay have a lot of friends and have warmth caring heart. They relate to the emotions and therfore have empathy, caring and give a lot. Sometimes too much and that would be a negative, not what was said above. And as for sex, orange is the colour of sexuality, saying it's not a priority is incorrect. VERY POOR DECRIPTION INDEED! I wouldn't recommend people who are beginning out in the spiritual field to take the above information literally. Have your own aura photo done and then compare how how you are as a person, not by this.

    • Kimberly Bunch profile image

      Kimberly Bunch 8 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

      Great Stuff! Here's a good one too:

    • profile image

      kelstar 8 years ago

      i saw a lady tonight who told me my aura was pure white, apparently i have some sort of gift!!! can anyone help me??

    • retirementhelp profile image

      retirementhelp 8 years ago

      Very interesting!! I did the test and I am abstract tan (13) and Violet (10). Thanks for sharing!! Great hub for thought!!