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Aurora, Los Angeles, Roswell: We Are Not Alone

Updated on November 24, 2017

People aren't Laughing Anymore

Most people believe that some form of life exists somewhere beyond Earth. According to polls, more than half believe there to be intelligent extraterrestrial life. Around a third believe Earth has been visited by intelligent extraterrestrials. About 10% believe they have seen a UFO and almost 3% believe they have had contact with intelligent beings from somewhere else.

What about you? Have you ever seen a UFO? Do you know someone who has? A surprising number of people will answer "yes" to those questions.

People used to get ignored, laughed at, made fun of, dismissed, or labeled as crazy if they admitted to seeing a UFO, but this is changing. People aren't laughing as much as they used to. Even those who used to laugh about UFOs are becoming aware that something unusual is actually happening. There would not be so much going on if nothing strange was happening. It is time for UFOs to be taken seriously.

We will never have an accurate understanding of history or current events if we leave out UFOs and aliens. Trying to understand the world without including UFOs and aliens is the same as trying to put a puzzle together with most of the pieces missing. You can't do it. You can never solve a puzzle if most of the pieces are missing.

"The universe is a pretty big place. If it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space." - Carl Sagan
"The universe is a pretty big place. If it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space." - Carl Sagan

We are Missing Something

There are all kinds of strange things that are part of the historical record. Many anomalies exist that do not fit into our understanding of things. All ancient cultures and religions recorded someone coming down from the sky and strange things happening.

The Sumerians recorded aliens, called Anunnaki, coming down from the sky. Anunnaki means "those who came from the heavens to Earth." The ancient people of Sumer must have been in contact with someone who had knowledge beyond their own. Thousands of years before Pluto was discovered they knew the size and position of all the planets in our solar system. How could they have known that?

The Vedas texts are the oldest Hindu scriptures of ancient India. These texts describe a weapon capable of destroying an entire city. What could this have been? This was before ancient Egypt and the Bible, what could they have been writing about?

Ancient legends from all around Earth contain stories of flying objects. Something was flying long before anything should have been. Ancient Chinese flying dragons, Egyptian flying boats, Sumerian flying discs, and Ezekiel's Biblical wheel within a wheel do not fit into the version of history we have been taught.

There are abnormalities all over the world that just don't fit into the version of reality we have been conditioned to accept. Depictions of jet planes that are thousands of years old have been found in Columbia. The Egyptian Temple of Seti I contains an inscription that looks exactly like a helicopter. What were these people drawing? Is this all just coincidence, or is there something more to it?

The Antikythera Mechanism, discovered in 1900, is an ancient computer more than 2000 years old. The London Hammer was found in London, Texas in 1936. It is old enough to be partially encased in stone. This is not possible unless we alter our understanding of ancient history.

The Paluxy Footprint is a Human footprint believed to have been formed at the same time as dinosaur footprints. Depictions of dinosaurs have been found in caves all around the world. Are we missing something? Have Humans been here longer than we thought? Evidence suggests that we may have been.

Ancient perfectly round stone spheres were discovered in the 1930s off the coast of Costa Rica. These perfect balls are over 1000 years old and could not have been created without modern technology. Perfect spheres cannot be created by hand, this is impossible. How could they have done this?

The Baghdad Battery proves that Humans had electricity long before what is recorded in history books. If nothing else changes the way we see history, the Baghdad Battery must. They had electricity in ancient times. This is a fact that cannot be denied. If there is this, what else might there be?

We do not know our true history. It appears there are many things that we don't know anything about. One of them is UFOs.

UFO Compilation 2015

Something is Going on

People have always been interested in UFOs. There is an enormous and overwhelming amount of information on this subject. It would be impossible for one person to keep track of it all. Hoaxes and lies have made it extraordinarily difficult to get to the truth. Researchers have spent an enormous amount of time and energy to get through all of the information concerning UFOs.

If we discount all sightings and encounters that are not credible, we are still left with a huge number of events. This is significant enough that we should all be aware that something is going on.

The government used to tell us that nothing was going on. They would say people were crazy and were having hallucinations. They would say UFOs did not exist, it was all imagination. After that stopped working officials called it some type of group mass psychosis. They don't use excuses like that anymore because everyone knows it's not true. People don't accept these excuses and weak explanations any longer.

Too many people have seen too many things, and people know you can't post hallucinations on the internet. New videos are posted everyday showing strange things in the sky. Now that we can all see the so-called "hallucinations" for ourselves, they can't say that nothing happened anymore. Now they have to admit something happened, so they call it a misidentified flying object.

It is not an un identified flying object, it is a mis identified flying object.

We no longer accept their pathetic excuses, but we still have to be wrong. It cannot be a UFO with an alien inside, we must be confused somehow. Yes, we are confused, just like Native Americans were confused when they saw Europeans for the first time.

If you have ever seen a UFO, you must be confused about whatever you saw. There is just no other possibility. It has to be something else. It cannot possibly be a real UFO, it cannot be that.

We know better than that. It is possible that UFOs could be alien craft under intelligent control. It is possible that real people are seeing real UFOs. It is possible.

"Of course it is possible that UFO's really do contain aliens." - Stephen Hawking
"Of course it is possible that UFO's really do contain aliens." - Stephen Hawking

Aurora Texas UFO Crash

A Windmill Demolishes It

A newspaper article in the The Dallas Morning News, April 19, 1897 written by S. E. Haydon.
A newspaper article in the The Dallas Morning News, April 19, 1897 written by S. E. Haydon.

Aurora, Texas 1897

The Aurora UFO crash of 1897 is a very compelling story. 1897 was before anything should have been flying around in the sky above Texas.

Apparently, the craft crashed into Judge Proctor's windmill and destroyed his flower garden. According to the people who were there, the pilot was not Human. They were absolutely convinced that it was not an inhabitant of Earth. The people who were there, the ones who saw it, said it was an alien.

Something happened, because whatever the pilot was or was not, it was buried in Aurora Cemetery. Surely, if they buried something in the cemetery then someone must have died. Something had to have happened in Aurora.

Mary Evans was there, she said it was real. Charlie Stevens was there, he said it was real. According to the Dallas Morning News it was real.

Maybe it was a hoax as some have suggested, but the Dallas Morning News ran sixteen different stories about the cigar shaped craft flying above Aurora. They came up with all kinds of stories about it, but never did they suggest it was not real or that nothing happened.

Everyone who was there knew something happened. They knew something not of this world happened.

UFO Battle Of Los Angeles Original Footage & Broadcast February 26, 1942

Los Angeles Times, February 26, 1942

Los Angeles, California 1942

The Battle of Los Angeles took place on February 25, 1942. Two months earlier was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the beginning of American involvement in World War II.

In January of 1942 a Japanese submarine came to the surface near an oil refinery off the coast of California. This brought about fears of a Japanese invasion of the West Coast. People were very uneasy and generally afraid that something was going to happen. They were right, something did happen.

On the night of February 24, 1942 radar picked up 11 unidentified flying objects above Los Angeles. The air raid sirens in Los Angeles went off until around 2am, but the "all clear" was not given until after 7am. An enormous amount of weaponry and gunfire was fired at whatever was above the city. Huge .50 caliber machine guns were unloaded on the flying objects and nearly 1500 anti-aircraft shells were fired into the sky. Several people were killed and falling debris caused considerable damage. Everyone knew something serious had happened and they thought it was a Japanese attack.

The following day Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War, announced that it was a false alarm. He said nothing happened and that it was just war jitters. The media went along with that explanation and quickly buried the story. People forgot and moved on because World War II was heating up. Soon, no one cared about whatever happened over Los Angeles that night.

Officially nothing happened, but pictures prove otherwise. There was something there. Something happened. It was not just war jitters, something was really there. We may not know what it was, but we can be absolutely certain that something was in the sky that night. Real people shot real weapons and took real pictures of a real thing that was really there.

In a Department of War memo delivered to President Franklin D. Roosevelt by General George Marshall concerning the recovery of unconventional air craft, the Department of War stated that the cause of the air raid over Los Angeles was an unidentified plane that defied conventional explanation. Defied conventional explanation? What could defy conventional explanation? A weather balloon? A Japanese plane? Any kind of flying craft they had ever seen before? No. They knew they were dealing with something very unusual. They knew, in 1942, that these craft were like nothing that should be here. The memo goes on to say that there should be further investigation into all unexplained flying craft since 1897. Since 1897? 1897? The Aurora, Texas UFO crash was in 1897!

This resulted in Project Sign, an official government investigation into UFOs. Nearly all of those who participated in Project Sign believed UFOs were extraterrestrial. This didn't go over very well with the people running things, so Project Sign was restructured and renamed to Project Grudge. They did have a grudge, and they needed an official organization to conclude that there was nothing extraterrestrial happening.

Project Blue Book was created in 1952 and officially concluded that there is nothing extraterrestrial about UFOs. How coincidental and convenient is that? This conclusion remains, despite the abnormally large number of UFOs that Project Blue Book could not explain. They will never be able to explain some of the events without admitting that some UFOs are real, but they will never admit it. If they admit that some UFOs are extraterrestrial, they will suddenly be faced with questions they are not prepared to answer.

How long have you known? Why did you not tell us? What else have you been lying about? Many more questions would emerge and their credibility would become completely void right in front of everyone and for all to see. This is something officials are never going to willingly admit.

This is why we need to know truth for ourselves. We should never allow the so-called authorities to dictate to us what is true and what is not true. We need to know the truth for ourselves.

UFO Crash Evidence Roswell New Mexico

Roswell Daily Record July 8,1947

Roswell, New Mexico 1947

We don't know what crashed at Roswell. Who knows what happened there? The official story has changed a number of times and many questions remain.

General William H. Blanchard, commanding officer at Roswell Air Field, confidently stated in an official Army Air Force press release that they had captured a flying saucer. Then, with no evidence, Brigadier General Roger Ramey, head of the Eighth Army Air Force in Fort Worth, Texas, said that General Blanchard was wrong and that it was a weather balloon.

General Ramey wasn't even there, how would he know? Why do people who were not present always think they know what happened better than people who were actually there? Personally, I was not there, how would I know? What would make me think that I should know better than someone who was there? Why would I believe an explanation by someone who was not there instead of an explanation by someone who was there? This makes no sense at all.

How could it have been a weather balloon? General Blanchard said they captured a flying saucer. Captured. This does not mean he just saw something flying around. He said "captured." This means it was in their possession. They would have been able to get up close and fully examine anything they had captured. Anyone would know the difference between a weather balloon and a flying saucer if it were captured, but we are still supposed to believe that General Blanchard was somehow mistaken.

Blanchard was the commanding officer of the 509th Atomic Bombardment Group at Roswell. The 509th was the only military unit to be equipped with nuclear weapons at the time. These were the people who dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. The 509th were the absolute best military people the United States had. You would not trust someone with atomic bombs if they were not the very best. We are supposed to believe that these guys could not tell the difference between a weather balloon and a flying craft. This is an insult to the intelligence of anyone who has two brain cells to rub together.

In the military, someone who makes mistakes does not rise in the ranks. How someone advances in the military is by following orders and doing a good job of it. In the military, if someone makes a huge mistake it will end their career. From the perspective of General Ramey and those who think that what crashed at Roswell was a weather balloon, General Blanchard messed up. He really screwed things up big time. Blanchard came right out calling this thing a flying saucer. However we look at it, this is an enormous mistake. If what crashed at Roswell was a weather balloon, General Blanchard screwed up terribly. What he did should have been the end of him and his military career, but it was not.

The guy who was incapable of telling the difference between a UFO and a weather balloon, obviously incompetent, went on to be promoted into high military ranks and was given many awards for his exceptional service. How could this be?

After publicly and officially reporting that they had captured a flying saucer, Blanchard went on to become Director of Operations at Strategic Air Command's Eighty Air Force Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. He directed the training of crews for the B-36 bombers, which were the first intercontinental bombers of the United States. In 1953 he was promoted to Strategic Air Command's Deputy Directer of Operations for the B-50 and B-36 bomber units. In 1956 Blanchard was trusted to accompany the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force, General Nathan Twining, on an official tour of areas of military interests in the Soviet Union. In 1957 General Blanchard was promoted to Commander of Strategic Air Command's air division in England. By 1960 the guy who had idiotically misidentified a weather balloon became Director of Operations at Strategic Air Command. This was a very high level position. Does this sound like someone who would not be able to identify a weather balloon? Obviously not, this makes no sense at all. After serving for 15 years at Strategic Air Command, General Blanchard was promoted to lieutenant general and became Inspector General for the U.S. Air Force. In 1963 he became Deputy Chief of Staff at the U.S. Air Force Headquarters. Later in 1963, he was Senior Air Force Member of the Military Staff Committee for the United Nations. In 1965 he was again promoted, this time to Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force. Over the course of his career, this lunatic who saw the UFO at Roswell, was promoted many times and received a multitude of awards. General Blanchard's decorations include the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit with two oak leaf clusters, the Distinguished Flying Cross with oak leaf cluster, the Bronze Star, the Air Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Presidential Unit Citation, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with six bronze stars, the Missile Badge, and the Command Pilot Wings Badge.

General William H. Blanchard had an incredible military career. He was very important, reliable, and credible. If he made such a huge mistake, how could he have such an impressive military career? Why would they have repeatedly promoted someone who was foolish enough to think a weather balloon was a flying saucer? Because, he was not mistaken, that's why. General Blanchard was right. He was right when he said they had captured a flying saucer at Roswell Air Field. If he had not been right his career would have been over immediately, but it was not. His career was long from over, because he was right and the people above him knew it.

In 1994 the Air Force released a report about what happened at Roswell. They declared that the case was closed and officially announced that after a comprehensive investigation they found no evidence of anything extraterrestrial. This was the same type of language used in the Warren Commission Report concerning the assassination of President Kennedy. They "found no evidence" of conspiracy. "Found no evidence." They Found no evidence? No, you won't find any evidence if you don't look. Even the most ignorant and incompetent people can find evidence in either of these cases. This means the people in charge are either extremely far beyond any imagination of what severe incompetence must be, or they are hiding something. Just because they found no evidence does not mean nothing happened and it does not mean there was no evidence to be found. It only means they didn't find any evidence.

The Air Force officially concluded that what crashed at Roswell was a balloon from Project Mogul. The Mogul balloons were supposed to be something special, but they were nothing more than modified weather balloons. General Blanchard would have never mistakenly identified a Mogul balloon any more than he would have mistaken a regular weather balloon.

The Air Force released another report in 1997 concerning the eye witness accounts of recovered bodies at Roswell. The report concluded that the bodies were crash test dummies similar to what was used in Operation High Dive. Anthropomorphic dummies used in official projects like Operation High Dive were tagged with information about who they belonged to and how to get a reward for returning them. The dummies were made to resemble the Human form and to simulate what might happen if some unfortunate accident were to take place. Since the dummies were marked with information and were the size, shape, and proportions of a Human, no one should have thought they were aliens. If United States military personnel are this incompetent we are in serious trouble. There is a big difference between a six foot Human and a four foot alien. They would have been able to tell the difference, but this scenario is actually not even possible. Crash test dummies did not exist in 1947, they didn't come around until the 1950s. If there were bodies at Roswell, they were not crash test dummies.

There are a huge number of witnesses to what happened. The people who were actually there say it was real. How many eye witnesses do you have to have to win a case in court? In the end, people will believe whatever they want to believe. Do you believe the Air Force's story that nothing happened, the debunkers, and the mainstream media? Or, do you believe the original press release, more than 600 witnesses, and thousands of government documents? It's whatever you want to believe.

The government said nothing happened, so nothing happened, right? Should we trust the government? How many times have they lied to us?

UFOs are a Matter of National Security

After Roswell, in July of 1947, the National Security Act was passed. This Act separated the Air Force from the Army, changed the Department of War to the Department of Defense, formed the CIA, and created the National Security Council (NSC).

The National Security Council is extremely powerful. Anything deemed a matter of national security is overseen by them and they can bypass Congress, the media, the people, and the Constitution whenever they see fit.

Officially UFOs pose no threat to national security, but they are classified Top Secret under the National Security Council. If UFOs pose no threat to national security then why are they a matter of national security?

This makes no sense at all, none what so ever. Unless, we are not alone.


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    • Jason Horne profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Horne 

      4 years ago

      I certainly do appreciate your comments, but I have barely scratched the surface of the surface. There is so much more. I am not trying to go in and turn on all the lights, only trying to point at the door. Thank you for reading.

    • hubber8893 profile image

      Sourav Rana 

      4 years ago

      I had been uncertain about the mystery of UFOs as I have just read about them through internet and newspapers. After getting know about the concrete facts and figures provided by you I am feel lesser skeptical about the concerned subject of Unidentified Flying Objects and extraterrestrial life.

      Thanks for such an information presented in a well organized manner.

    • Jason Horne profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Horne 

      4 years ago

      Thank you Paula. I always enjoy your comments. Thanks for reading.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      4 years ago from Carson City

      Jason...Awakening & fascinating. We are not laughing and should not be. There is much too much about all of this alleged mystery to dismiss. The reality of life beyond "us" is a stunning & vital concept to be continually studied & researched. We are quite simply, not alone.

      Wonderful work Jason. I thank you for your tireless effort in sharing this with your readers. Paula


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