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Avoiding Psychic Fraud

Updated on March 10, 2013

Interesting Tidbit:
An experienced fraud wants victims he/she can scam for long-periods of time. The less victims he/she needs to hook, the less likely law enforcement will catch them. When a victim has less people to relate stories with, the more he/she will doubt his/her experience with that fraud.

If proper research is done, avoiding a fraud and scams is very easy, but many people don't do research or even ask someone more experienced. If you're searching for a Psychic, try following these few simple tips:


If you're looking for good services in a specific area, I recommend wearing out search engines, forums and social networks. There are hordes of resources for people like you! The Internet is an excellent place to ask for advice, get opinions and even find shops in your area! You could even gather information on different Psychics!

All Psychics tend to enjoy congregating with like-minded companions; in today's society, it's highly probable that you'll find them on a social network, website or forum and even at local gatherings. These social interactions are good for learning, practice and even personal health. (It's easier to stay grounded with people who understand—people communicate with on a intellectual and emotional level. It elevates the pressures of being psychic.) As a result, someone will know about them, or having something to say about them. (Some may even recommend a reader suitable for you.)

I recommend getting information that will help you search for them. For an example, many Psychics answer to an alias, rather than using their real names. It's simple to look for them through a search engine, using either their alias or real names as keywords. If you were given a website or business card, try locating social media icons and addresses. You could locate an existing customer, or ask around about them online. You may want to start with questions like these:

  • What types of cases is _____ good with?
  • Is ______ a good reader?
  • Are there complaints against _______?
  • Is _______ capable of giving professional readings?
  • Will ______ hurt me? Intentionally and unintentionally.
  • What do you think of _______?

A real professional Psychics will encourage you to carefully research and ask quuestions. These people are interested in helping you, so won't discourage you from protecting yourself.

*Properly Trained*and *Knowledgeable* Psychics

The general population tends to ignore “Paranormal” happenings, so many interesting facts and tidbits about Psychics are unknown. For an example, a person can share abilities with another, but each works differently with separate boundaries and limitations. It's very rare (if it ever happens) that 2 abilities are exactly alike. The testing methods like Zenner Cards are unsuitable for most abilities because it caters to a mold-maker's view of Psi.

Typically, an ability is shaped by training, circumstances, genetics and lifestyle. For an example, some abilities function best for cases like murder, abuse and even kidnapping—violent, emotionally chaotic situations. There are even abilities that work only for children or requires a degree of sense deprivation. Every Psychic has an area he/she is good with—a speciality, for lack of a better word.

As readers, Psychics should focus on areas that cater to their particular ability and specialty. Oftentimes, the excitement of new possibilities drives people to do things he/she aren't ready for. As a result, many "professionals" lack proper training for and knowledge of his/her own abilities—especially boundaries and limitations. (e.i: the horse is placed in front of the cart, not the other way around.) Believe it or not, that's a good reason many Psychics fail testing or are unable to handle simple cases.

There's more to being a professional Psychic than just giving a reading.

Help a Psychic

Some people are bound to be uncomfortable asking personal questions from a complete stranger—much less paying them to answer personal questions. While some will simply avoid that situation, others will be motivated by an insatiable curiosity or pressing need for help. As a result, these people could follow through with bad decisions or act thoughtlessly, only to regret it later.

It's good to ease yourself into everything by participating in a local or online community. A community will encourage discussion, answer questions, host gatherings and offer support to people that need it. In that setting, you have an opportunity to ask questions, observe discreetly and discuss any concerns, observations or suggestions with others. Your inquisitive mind won't be a burden or taboo, so you're more likely to find a friend or slowly adjust to the idea of psychic abilities.

A community offering training and/or practice opportunities to Psychics may schedule routine gatherings sessions that offer free readings. These sessions serve to help people practive an ability and offer real-world training and/or experience. Oftentimes, the sessions are arranged to be public, but you can choose to be given a private reading. Afterward, you could offer feedback and advice or discuss how you felt about your reading. (An experienced Psychic will ask for your imput, so you may wait for them to ask for it. You are welcomed to voice your opinions,though.)

Oftentimes, you'll encounter Psychics that are highly sensitive, anxious and/or even lacking self-confidence. By allowing them to give practice readings, you help them mature, gain self-confidence and (most importantly) explore their abilities. By helping them, you may nurture a friendship that benefits both of you.

These practice sessions help Psychics learn how to deal with people on a personal and professional level, which helps them remain grounded and stable. You gain a perspective of an aspect to psychic abilities that mainstream society rarely sees, but also offer a semblance of normalcy to someone that may need it badly.

If not for a humanitarian reason, then look at it as a free reading. Either way, you'll be paying with a little feedback and advice in lieu of money.

Avoid the Outrageous

A majority of frauds will capitalize on stereotypes—especially stereotypes that enhance their own importance. For an example, some may claim to be 100% accurate or cure any ailments and solve any disaster. A few will adapt titles, or claim legendary abilities without proof and even claim a prestigious reputation without a way to verify it.

If or when confronted, they'll either be offended (even make you seem guilty), offer placating excuses or even lies to avoid the situation. A few clever frauds will employ someone to vouch for them, or point out successful cases they've done. Anything offered will (most likely) not be free because their aim is to drain as much money from you as possible.

In recent years, a popular hook was telling someone a curse or angry spirit haunts them. Of course, they could offer help and advice, but you'll have to pay a price for it. As you solve your problems, you'll be presented with another problem that has a solution with a higher price.

Your 1st reading may be cheap, but the price will steadily increase after that. It may seem like you're being helped, but nothing will actually be done.

While hauntings do exist, curses are very rare; you're more likely to be hit by lightening riding a pink horse than to be cursed. The signs of a haunting, however, are very obvious—to everyone, not just you. Oftentimes, it's easily remedied by moving to another area/home or discarding the item you purchased prior to the haunting. You could choose to cleanse your home, or offer a truce with the spirit haunting you. (Every haunting has a reason, believe it or not. Sometimes, it's easier to find out what the spirit wants, rather than fighting them. In Asian culture, food and other gifts are offered to spirits to appease them.)

You're unlikely to be haunted or cursed, though. Anyone with that particular problem will seek out help, with full knowledge or some idea of their problem. These situations are frequently self-induced, though, so you can avoid them by not tampering with powers best left alone.

If you genuinely need help, a real Psychic will not charge you for aid. A genuine problem isn't preventing a divorce or finding your soul mate, either. Those are problems you could easily solve yourself, if you'd simply apply yourself properly. A genuine problem is a situation you can't resolve by normal methods and cannot find help for elsewhere. Anyone that charges for aid of that nature is despicable.

A Psychic may earn a living offering their services, but nobody would hang you out to dry (and potentially die) for a few dollars.

There are Psychics with titles and/or strange aliases, though, but asking about it won't offend them or be discouraged. There are stories behind every name they've collected; feel free to ask them about it. (If they didn't want anyone asking, they wouldn't have used it.) For an example, I was called Thaumiel, for the duality of God. I earned the name through an order following the Dark Tree of Life. It was a position of honor, so I gladly accepted the name as mine. Oftentimes, unless it's necessary, you won't find Psychics advertising their titles or aliases.

A real Psychic won't be interested in emphasizing their own self-importance or impressive power. They'll try to make you comfortable—feeling welcomed and cared for. As long as you respect them, they'll treat you as nicely as possible.

Be *Respectful*

A Psychic can percieve information through non-average senses. As a result, many will be able to feel your emotions or know information that others don't. A few will be able to feel events that occured in an area long after it's happened. As a result, many Psychics will seek to make their environment as healthy and undisturbed as possible.

Please be respectful. Do not mock them or feign understanding and knowledge you don't have.

Good Luck

Good luck with your search. For whatever reason that has you seeking a Psychic, I hope it works out for you.


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