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Await for the Second Coming of the Lord!

Updated on December 19, 2015

The Good Shepherd!

We need Jesus once again among us!

As the Christmas season is nearing, I contemplate on the compassionate and loving Jesus, who lived in humility, supplication and prayer. Intuitively he knew, it is not going to be easy to inculcate the thoughts of Father and his teachings to the society at large. Prior to Jesus, none could handle or attract the pious and spiritually inclined to Godward path. Though John has done lot of spadework before the arrival of Jesus, he was not listened to by the people in authority. He was fearless and criticized the ways of life led by the people in power. Filled with materialistic pride, they were steeped in evil habits. Naturally John was dismayed at the ways of people in the palace. For his wholesome advice, he was imprisoned and finally he was beheaded at the behest of ladies of questionable character.

John intuitively knew that the one who is going to come will anoint people with the spirit of god instead of river water. John anointed Jesus in the river and he saw that two doves from heaven sat on the shoulders of Jesus while he was anointed by John.

From ancient days, the noble hearted suffered innumerable troubles at the hands of distractors. It was not cakewalk for any of the saints, Sufis, prophets and incarnations of god. They worked their way inch by inch and people observed the ways of such people and started following them slowly. The life of Jesus was truly his message. If even after 2000 years, people fail to follow his great teachings, it is only a loss to the humanity. The tasks undertaken by great souls fructify only after considerable time. This was the case with Sri Rama and Sri Krishna, the ancient incarnations from Hindu epics. The one great quality, Jesus depicted is love. He loved his enemies equally as he loved his disciples. Hence he said, “If you are slapped on the right cheek, show them your left cheek. Only an egoless soul can exhibit such forbearance and tolerance towards people who wish to harm!

The teachings of Jesus are more relevant today in the atmosphere of terrorism and violence. Even the terrorists themselves knew that they are not going to achieve any goal through their activities. But they are simply incapable of showing compassion and love towards the people, especially women and children. Hence their atrocities extend to torturing womenfolk and killing innocent children in the guise of religion. What they profess is nihilistic philosophies which have no resemblance to spiritual texts of each religion. No religion has advocated violence in their scriptures. Their vision has become crooked, their mind full of cruelty, how can we expect human virtues from them? They are really animals in the guise of human which knows only hunting and killing. There is no point in trying to transform perverted minds. Jesus knew that his sermons will fall in deaf ears most of the time. Only after his crucifixion and ascension, he was honored and worshiped by many. Slowly, it gathered momentum and more than sixty percent of the population started adopting his teachings. His supreme sacrifice earned the entire honor from people and even after 2000 years of his advent, people pray and worship him for solace and comfort.

He has proclaimed to the people, “those who are burdened by the toils of earthly life, come unto me and I will bear your burden and give you rest! Even after many centuries, the teachings of Jesus will be revered since they are the sound of Truth and Wisdom. Many of his utterings are gems of truth. “All are One, Be alike to every one! Forgive seventy times seven! “Love your neighbor as you love yourself! He was really the Divine shepherd who shepherded his flock and took great care of them! We must imbibe at least a minute portion of the love and compassion; he has showered on people during his time. The main obstruction in our path is selfishness and ego. We are attached to a great extent to the bodies and we pamper it day and night. We run after comforts and pleasures. We exert ourselves to keep the body in good trim so that we can enjoy all the pleasures of the world.

Jesus never cared for comforts of body. He was roaming to many places so that people from different locations comes to know about the Father in Heaven and to ascend to the Divine Kingdom. He was praying not for himself but for the sake of poor destitute children everywhere. His mercy has cured many from blindness, deafness and physical handicaps. He multiplied few pieces of loaves and fishes to feed more than 5000 people who gathered to listen to him. Those who relied on his teachings and words were benefited immensely. Today, we need “second coming” as prophesized in the Bible!

Dawn of Golden Age!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Yes, I agree with you dear manatita44!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Another great article. Whether or not we need a second coming, I'm not sure. They come and serve and some notice, while others still wait for them to come.

      We most certainly need transformation of the lower nature, but that's another story for another day. I wish you a most pleasant and joyful season, and a life of continued inner opulence. Sai Ram!