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Beyond the Imagination of a Sci-Fi Author: Bermuda Triangle One -o- One

Updated on December 1, 2019

On 17th October 2003 Gary Lisk, 61, Neil Eddleman, 47 and their son, Neil Allen Eddleman, 13 left for a fishing trip from Gordon Pass, Florida in their boat named “What’s Left.” After entering the Bermuda Triangle, the boat went missing. Then in November that year the wreckage was found on a beach near Cape Canaveral 530 miles away from the original launching point. What made the event most mysterious was that the capsized vessel contained a human remains of just one of the family members. How did the body manage to get there in a capsized boat while the other two drowned, remained a horrific mystery.

This was just one of the most recent cases of the Devil’s Triangle. Today even the strongest of the critics as well as the scientist agree that there are some unusual conditions that undeniably exist in this part of the ocean. There are a definitely a lot of forces natural or unnatural at work here.

The Bermuda triangle is the name given to the triangle formed by the lines made by joining Florida, Puerto Rico and the Bermuda island. The area covered by this triangle is responsible for several accidents and taking many lives. It is believed that this triangle gobbles up many boats, ships or even air-planes wandering in or above it.

The most ASTOUNDING Bruce Gernon incident.

One of the most bizarre and unsolved cases is that of the veteran pilot Bruce Gernon. He lifted off with two others from Andros Town Airport in a Beechcraft Bonanza A36 at around 3 p.m on December 4, 1970. Shortly after takeoff, he saw a lenticular cloud which was unusually low. After getting stuck in this cloud and struggling for more than ten minutes and rising at an altitude of around 11,500 feet, the Bonanza was finally out of the cloud only to find another one looming in front of the airplane. After being engulfed by the cloud, the pilot observed decreased visibility and extraordinarily bright flashes of light, lighting up the whole surroundings intermittently. Thirteen miles later Bruce Gernon noted an opening in the cloud. In his account later on, he noted, “The break in the cloud now formed a perfect horizontal tunnel, one mile wide and more than 10 miles long. We could see the clear blue skies on the other side.” The insides of the tunnel contained spiral formations all the way up to the end.

The most bizarre happenings ensued. As the pilot entered the tunnel it started transforming silently into a shorter, much smaller tunnel and what looked like a 10 mile plus tunnel earlier, ended in just 20 seconds. As the airplane emerged into a breaking gray fog, the tunnel exit collapsed. The electromagnetic instruments of the airplane started malfunctioning at this point. As the fog cleared Bruce was astonished to discover that he was flying over the Miami Beach instead of being 90 miles away from it. The most flabbergasting fact of all is that how could he cover 100 miles of distance in 3 minutes with an airplane capable of top speed of 200 mph? The plane went off the radar of the ATC operations only to reappear near the Miami Beach.

AFTER 2015

The terror of this triangle started to build up in 1945, when U.S. navy planes which took flight from Florida and were flying above the Bermuda triangle, disappeared. An extensive search was carried out but the triangle had more surprises in store for the U.s. navy. Even the airplanes sent out to search the 5 U.S. navy bombers disappeared without a trace. The U.S. navy or anybody for what matter had no explanation for these unusual occurrences.

The real nature of the events taking place in this area is not very clear. There have been a lot of rumors and many kinds of speculation after the incidents of the U.S. navy planes. According to the official reports about eighteen airplanes and forty ships have so far disappeared in this triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle has come into prominence due to the high number of ships as well as aircraft that have vanished into it in the past 57 years, that too under such mysterious conditions.

Before the aircraft belonging to the U.S. navy had disappeared in 1945, the pilots had radioed the ground control that their gauges and other technical appliances were failing.

There have been a lot of theories regarding the explanation of the events taking place at the Bermuda Triangle. Some suggest that it is the work of some mysterious sea monsters, which of course seems a little farfetched; the others suggest the hand of alien creatures behind this. But the theory that seems most probable is that there might be some anomalous magnetic fields in the area. Thus the increased magnetic field might be the one attracting things towards itself.

Whatever might be the theories, extensive research in this matter has suggested that the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is more of a hyped one than a real one.

If that is a fact, then why the reasons behind the disappearance of so many ships and aircraft could not be found and why is this mystery still unexplained?

As there are tons of mysterious reports pouring in since almost eight decades now there are also numerous possible scientific explanations which include:-

  • Sea gasses
  • Freak waves.
  • Whirlpools.
  • Methane bubbles releases from deep beneath the ocean surface.
  • Instrument malfunction.
  • Gulf Stream with a surface velocity of 2.5 mps.
  • Human error.
  • Tropical cyclones.
  • Downdraft of cold air.

The vanished fleet
The vanished fleet

The fact still remains that the ships and the planes that disappeared completely and those which were wrecked causing huge loss of human life over the years were real and whatever happened really did happen. In all these years there have been over 1000 incidents which are all well recorded. It is undeniable that something sinister is at work in this area and according to the latest reports the area covered by the Bermuda Triangle is expanding.

High resolution satellite image of extremely stormy weather over the Bermuda Triangle
High resolution satellite image of extremely stormy weather over the Bermuda Triangle

Before reading this article did you know that the incidents of the Bermuda Triangle have continued through the 2000s and still continue to happen?

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Piper Navajo Solo

The most shocking incident so far has been that of the plane Piper Navajo Solo piloted by Irving Rivers an experienced pilot. On third November 1978 he left St. Croix and was making a solo flight to St. Thomas. After a seemingly uneventful flight he reached the St. Thomas airport where he was cleared for landing. As the plane reached one mile of the landing strip and the landing lights became visible, suddenly the plane went out of sight, it disappeared into thin air, never to be found again. After numerous extensive search operations nothing was found. How could a plane disappear like that remains a mystery till date. This is one of the most bizarre incidents of the Bermuda Triangle. The book on the Triangle cannot be closed until someone finds the truth or else this dreaded area will keep on claiming more lives.


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