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Updated on July 27, 2009

Living God's way is never a simple task. To know the way of God we need to know his words and for that we are blessed with "THE BIBLE". God has blessed us with a wonderfull companion that is "THE BIBLE" that tells you the solutions to your each and every worries but what you need the most is faith in God.

Being a Christian i think that everyone should have one, this book is not merely a book but "The Word Of God". So each and every christian should definetly have one.

Bible is just a wonderfull book explaining us our relation with God.

The word of God is definetly the fruit of life. Apart from physical needs our body does need spiritual food to keep us alive and working. The well being in us to do good comes through the holy spirit vested upon us by our God Almighty that all alone makes us survive in our busy life with all fast and advanced world around us.

The old testament consist of events from different great men who were his chosen ones like Moses, Abraham, Joseph, David, Daniel and others it just shows how these people lived as Servants of God and obeyed him whatever he told them to. The old testment shows the blessings given to men then, offcourse which cant we have now for instance having two or three wives, destroying kingdoms etc etc for it was the way for the people living then God had to put such rules for people living in those times, but now that we Christians today are purified through the blood of Christ we have his words and new set of rules given to us through Bible. In new testament Jesus Christ our Saviour teaches us the way to attain salvation and tells us that we are his Sons. I never mean old testament is of little importance but both the testaments have equal and important place. If at all we have to trust in God we have to equally trust in Jesus Christ [John 5:23, Hebrew 1:6, John 6:35].The old testament shows the miracles of God Almighty through his servants, but later in the old testament God shows his miracles through his one and only Son Jesus Christ. If at all you believe in the father you have to believe in his son that is Jesus Christ

So wherever you and whatever time feel free to call the name of our God cause he is always there for you.

For it is written in the Bible Mathew 7:3-4 "ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the doors will be opened to you. For every one who asks recieves, he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, the door will be opened"

So its high time for us to wake up from our sleep and get ready for our lord. He is always calling us its only us who is turning our ears from him. Walking the way is not a simple thing but what lies ahead is something more precious than gold, diamonds or any other pleasure or valuable in this world. We are his children and no father likes his children go astray.


"the LORD is my shepherd I shall not want"

psalms 23.1

have faith in LORD my brother and the world is yours to play


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    • dennithompson profile image

      Denni Thompson 9 years ago from NEW GLASGOW

      dear phylicia.threats reading a bible is not like reading a novel or reading a textbook what you have to keep in mind is its a word of god. to believe in the word you have to believe in christ. aby problem you have whatever it may be trust in god, believe that he has the power to make it right pray for it and then take a bible value it, understand it and then stamp it to your heart you wont ever need any motivation. only thing you need is FAITH.......

      JESUS be with you

    • profile image

      phylicia.threats 9 years ago

      Any ideas for making reading the bible or learning the bible fun? For those times when you should be reading but you don't want to, or you can't seem to get yourself motivated?