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Updated on December 2, 2009

Takes Your Breath Away

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Beyond The Beyond

I believe God is here. Well, of course, my belief is subjective, and what is your concern about that? Ah ah! Not objective and therefore not scientific. Except that we do know, from our neurobiological studies of the brain, that the subjective is real and above and beyond measurable brain activity! Put that in your objective smoke and pipe it!

Our subjective experience, our consciousness of consciousness, the fact that you give one meaning to a perception and I another, is the one part of brain functioning that we cannot wrap around our need for objectivity. M-m-m. Our need for objectivity. So how objective is that? And does it matter? Perhaps, objectivity and subjectivity are not opposites after all, but simply the totality of how we take in whatever it is we are taking in. Perhaps, subjectivity is that element in system’s theory called summativity where the result is greater than the sum of the parts.

I don’t know where this is going! I just thought I’d throw out some food for thought to get us beyond the beyond into that part of the universe that is truly awesome. I mean how awesome is it to check out the chloroplast under a microscope running up and down and around almost like a freeway at 5 p.m.… Or check out the milky way. Yes, hard to see in "normal" surroundings. But when you see it, it is worth eating, worth chewing on.

So when I sit very quietly and still, when I’m walking around the block where I live, when I’m hiking the Vivian Creek Trail, when I’m standing on the deck of a ship and staring out across the ocean, when I stop for a moment when I’m in line at the check-out stand, when I "give up" my anxiety from having to wait, when I realize there is no point, I am going to be in line until I’m out of line or I’m going to be creeping and crawling on the freeway until I pass the accident scene, it’s at those moments that I realize I am not alone, nor are we alone. There is something deep inside my soul, okay, inside my brain, my intuitive self, that tells me I am not alone, AND that I am humbly small in comparison, but significant and important all at the same time.

When I am rushing about and the last thing I need is for the dog to run out the door and down the street, when I am totally into myself and unawares of the rest of humanity until a homeless person barges in requesting money, when I am minding my own business at a workshop and a stranger sits next to me and begins introducing him or herself and we discover any number of serendipitous "bits" of information about each other, when I’m wondering when the phone will ring again and it begins ringing until my practice is full, or when the phone refuses to ring and I have so much free time that I am able to reformat my book and upload it to Createspace so it can now be sold on Amazon and not just out of my office, it’s at these moments that I experience God and realize that there is more to my life than just me being behind the wheel.

And I’m not sure it’s about purpose, definitely not cause and effect. Cause and effect is such a Greek and linear concept. It hardly describes the way events come and go in my life. I’m not sure it’s about plan or even intelligence. Those are all useful concepts, but they don’t quite fit. I mean, for as insane as the schizophrenic mind might be, it sometimes makes more sense than anything else. That’s why I’m in favor of hanging on to every part of myself, even those parts that at times I might describe as bad, as evil, as insane. All those parts have a place.

And speaking of evil. I have witnessed folks doing evil things, but I don’t know if I have ever witnessed evil as if it is a separate entity. So I wonder if evil really exists or is it like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. As much as I am very very aware of the conflicts in our world today, I do not believe in the war between good and evil. Yes, there is some kind of conflict going on. I just don’t know, I am not convinced that good and evil accurately describes the events, probably the same way that God does not accurately describe, for some of you, all the experiences that I have mentioned here.

My final experience of God is having the privilege to walk any number of loved ones to death’s door. When I allow myself to get involved in that experience and even talk to my loved ones about their experience right up to the end, there are some pretty remarkable events that occur. They are there for the noticing. They tend not to fit into the material box, and of course, we are learning from quantum physics that perhaps there is no such thing as matter (as we normally know it or think it) after all.

Perhaps, I will share those precious experiences in another blog..

The books listed below have given me a ton of information about the existence of God. Siegle and Hartzell’s work on Parenting is really a book about neurobiology which, I think, tells us a great deal about the existence of God.

Well, we’ve chatted on here for a bit, and perhaps it’s time to rest!

What is your experience of your belief in God? Share with us. And Thanks for reading.



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