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Baba takes devotees to Chitravathi river.

Updated on September 12, 2011

Baba and Chitravathi River.

Saibaba has once told the devotees, that the first 16 years of his life will be 'mahimas' or inherent powers. The second 16 years will be miracles and manifestations. The remaining years of his incarnation will be devoted to Teachings. At the same time, miracles and mahimas will be interspersed throughout his life on earth! Initially none will be attracted to any man if he do not exhibit some rare powers. None will relish mere teachings. To prepare the heart of the people to receive his teachings in their heart, some preparatory work is needed. That work is what is called miracles or inherent powers of Avatars. They are not acquired by practice of any discipline. Avatars possess the powers from the birth itself since they are the true embodiment of Godhead. Hence they have all the powers attributed to God. But they use it sparingly to announce to the world that they are not ordinary human beings. Saibaba prepared the mind of initial visitors by taking them every evening to the River Chitravathi which is about half a mile from the old mandir.(temple where Baba resides).

Those initial devotees are the most fortunate one so to say. Baba's way are very jovial. Though he is an incarnation of God, he moved with all and at times crack jokes too. In the uphill adjoining the river bed there was a tamarind tree which is a blessed tree. Saibaba performed many miracles with the tree as the center. The way to the tamarind tree is very steep and risky. Once Baba asked the youngsters among the devotees to run up to the tamarind tree in a competition. Baba signaled start! At once, Baba was looking at them from the top of the hill near the tree.Others have just started climbing. Then Baba has said; "Look at me, I am going to show the third eye of Shiva(God). Immediately, every body looked up. Baba's face was covering the sky. From the brow suddenly a huge slit opened and there were rays of fire emanating with effulgence. Many of them swooned at once unable to bear the heat and radiation. Immediately Baba was standing by their side. With grains of rice mysteriously manifested, he showered them on the heads of the affected. Immediately they all rose up as though from sleep! Finally, he took all of them to the tamarind tree and he asked them whatever they want. Many told him, mango, apple, orange, some specific sweets, even chocolates and peppermint. Baba asked them to look up and pluck the fruits. Lo! each branch contained a different fruit and every body was happy. Some even got sweets and chocolates! Hence the tamarind tree was known "wish yielding tree"(Kalpataru in sanskrit). Rest in next hub.


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