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Bad Moon Rising: An Astrological Look at Close Encounters of the 4th Kind

Updated on March 29, 2015
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Has studied astrology/historical seismology since the late '70s in San Francisco. Published in the ISAR International Astrologer in 2012.

Abductions & Missing Time Examined Through Astrology

In the early days of my interest in UFOs I shied away from the subject of abductions or Close Encounters of the 4th Kind or CE4s for short. Like many old style UFO researchers my opinion in regards to abductions was to analyze the facts as critically as possible and assume guilt before declaring innocence. In other words, I was a bit skeptical of almost all such cases. I am no longer as dismissive of that angle of UFO research, but I still want my data to be as credible as possible.

The following cases were discovered through Larry Hatch's comprehensive and useful *U* UFO Database program (unfortunately there is only a DOS version which can not run on an XP or later PC). On his web site is shown a map that filtered out the most credible of the abduction and missing time reports in his database (185 abductions out of 18,552 total reports or 1%) but he also stated that "..*U* is not an abduction database." My version of his program (99.1) has more than twice the number of such reports shown in his map illustration (442 out of 17549 or 2.5%). The map that Larry created with the filtered results for such events is shown below with blue dots representing missing time reports with an abduction only a possibility. It should be noted that since suffering a stroke a few years back, Larry is no longer involved in the UFO field and he can not be reached via email or through his web site (which is being kept running by his brother). For those who would like to investigate a vast number of sightings from the internet I would recommend the following site:

On a 16 point scale (hexadecimal from 0 to F) for Strangeness and Credibility, Larry would often give a much larger rating to the former than the later. The ones presented here had a strangeness rating of at least A level, but as the strangeness rating went up, the credibility rating went down. In other words, his standard opinion was that the more fantastic an encounter was, the less believable it was as well. The CE4s used here had a strangeness rating of D, A, & B and a credibility rating of 7, 9, & 8 on that scale (respectively and in the chronological order as presented below). For UFO sightings with a strangeness rating of at least 9 on his scale, only 40 entries were found with a credibility rating of 9 or above (20 were rated 9, 18 were rated A, 1 was rated B, and 1 rated C). Of the reports used here, only the one from 1968 was one from that elite group. I plan on examining and presenting the other C9 and above reports in the near future.

Two out of three of these CE4 reports occurred during a peak of both my discovered cycles that are measured in days. Those cycles are just over 7 days in length so they occur on the same day of the week, but one cycle skips a day after 1.5 months and the other does the same after a roughly 3 year period. The experiences used here also peak during either a 63 month cycle (5+ years) or a 38 month cycle (3.19 years). In the case of the one in October 1973, it occurred during a peak in both those monthly cycles as well as when the planet Mars was closest in its orbit to earth (but does not occur during a peak of the day cycle that advances one day every 3 years). That sighting also occurred in the midst of one of the greatest waves of UFO activity in the United States. The other two sightings also occurred during years of heightened activity (but not as concentrated as it was in October 1973).

I intentionally sought out reports having a time of occurrence aligned with these cycle peaks because that, in my opinion, makes them even more credible. The reason I feel that way is because of what I learned from the great 1952 UFO wave in the United States. Blue Book, the Air Force project dedicated to investigating UFO reports at the time, was swamped by all the activity so they didn't have much time to take it all in. But when the dust settled they discovered that the reports they accumulated were three times normal and the "Unknowns" doubled from the usual percentage in a non-wave period. They found that the credibility of the witnesses in that group was higher as well (see The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects by Edward J. Ruppelt and Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14).

Of the three abduction reports covered in this article, the first one is perhaps not the most credibile (not in the top 22% of Mr. Hatch's database for events with 9 or greater strangeness, but not in the bottom 55% either), yet it is one of the most well known abduction cases in the UFO field. It goes by the name of the South Ashburnham, Massachusetts abduction or "The Andreasson Affair" after the book of that name by Raymond Fowler (1979). It started off during a blackout on the night of January 25, 1967 (Wednesday). Betty Andreasson was at home with her family when it occurred (chart based on a source that gave "shortly after sunset"). Not long afterwards she noticed a glowing light outside her window and the indoor lights flickered back on soon thereafter. She then realized that her family appeared to be frozen in suspended animation while she remained unaffected. Four 3.5 feet tall aliens with pear shaped heads then walked into the house through a closed wooden door. They had other strange features such as a holes where their nose and ears should have been and scar-like slits for mouths. The leader communicated with her telepathically and exchanged a small blue book for a Bible. She was then taken to an oval craft and submitted to medical tests. She may have been administered hallucinogens during the exam because her experiences after that seemed dreamlike (symbolic and extremely vivid). She was then returned to her home where her family members were still statue like. She went to bed with an alien watching over her till she slept. When she awoke everyone was back to normal. Two of the family members had faint recollections of what happened when the aliens were in the house (partially confirming her story). The blue book given to her by the alien leader vanished shortly after the incident.

As is the case in all of the charts for the three events explored here, the Moon is rising in the east at the time of the encounter. It is also conjunct Jupiter and full (in opposition to the Sun). Other striking features of this chart is Saturn in Opposition to Uranus and trine Neptune with Mars at the midpoint between Uranus and Neptune and trine Venus which is itself square Neptune and quincunx Uranus. Mercury is in a not very tight conjunction with the Sun and not doing much of anything else. The Sun itself is lacking in aspects with the exception of the 4 degree aspect with the Moon and the over 5 degree one with Mercury.

The second event occurred on Wednesday, August 7, 1968. At just past 8pm at Buff's Ledge, a private camp for teenagers on the shore of Lake Champlain near Milton, Vermont, two adult counselors were relaxing by a dock on their day off. They then spotted a large cigar shaped craft which had three small objects exit it and depart while a domed craft embarked from it as well that moved towards them. Two gray aliens were visible within it. The craft grew closer to them while the beings communicated telepathically. They then lost memory of what happened for the next hour. Years later, hypnosis uncovered that they had been bathed in light which caused them to go into a trance state. They were then given a medical exam onboard one of the craft. There was an independent witness who also saw the craft depart after the two had been placed back beside the dock.

Similar to the last chart, this one not only has the Moon in opposition to the Sun, but again Saturn is aspecting Uranus and Neptune, this time opposite the midpoint of the two. Jupiter is also quincunx the Moon (the later also opposite the midpoint between the Sun and Mars) and again is rising in the east. Venus is also conjunct the midpoint between Mars and Uranus. Mercury is in a pretty tight conjunction with the Sun, but both don't relate much to anything else except for the fairly loose opposition to the Moon.

In the last encounter which occurred on Tuesday October 16, 1973, at 11pm in Lehi, Utah, an adult woman was abducted from her home where three of her children as well as a neighborhood boy were also staying (it is not certain whether they were also abducted). Several independent witnesses observed an object that was near her home for 45 minutes while she was given a medical exam by several coldly efficient aliens who were accompanied by two human looking assistants. The aliens were about 4.5 feet tall, had no nose, three claw like fingered hands, long fish like mouths, and large oval eyes that wrapped around their heads containing large darting pupils. They communicated telepathically with her and gave her a shot to make her forget before she was returned to her home.

For this last event we have a very busy chart. Although the Moon isn't full, it is again rising in the east and almost exactly conjunct it's south node (very close to the earth in its orbit and with very fast daily motion). It is also strongly conjunct Saturn with the midpoint of the two in a tight quincunx with Jupiter. Saturn is also opposite the midpoint between Jupiter and Neptune, in a strong sextile with Mars, and an even stronger square to Pluto. The Sun is in a tight conjunction with Uranus and semisquare with Venus (but isolated from everything else), Venus is in a not so tight conjunction with Neptune, and Mercury is sitting pretty much alone (conspicuous in that it is absent any major aspects to planets or luminaries).

What does all this mean? Well, what all of these seem to have in common is the Moon dominating the scene, but also strong outer planet influences channeled by Saturn. Besides Saturn, Mars is also strong, but Mercury is pretty weak or isolated (except being linked to a fairly weak sun in two of the charts). It is also noteworthy that earth signs play only a small roll with the exception of Virgo in two charts and Taurus in the other. The planets that fall within those signs (Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars) are typically not at home in earth signs. What this spells is that the other worldly is in the forefront and rational thought and individuality are going to take a back seat. We've got alien consciousness in the drivers seat and what becomes real is the unreal. Under these circumstances what would be considered normal in our day to day world would become absent and the witness would enter a distorted dimension that we know as the twilight zone. I couldn't resist that (I grew up in Upstate New York, just like Rod Serling).

© 2012 Joseph Ritrovato


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