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Basic Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

Updated on December 17, 2013
Both wind and water are important carriers of chi.
Both wind and water are important carriers of chi.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that can help to improve all areas of your life. The theory is that your environment has an impact on your thoughts, feelings, actions and life results.

Feng shui has to do with the flow of chi, or energy, through your home. The flow of chi effects every aspect of your life. It is influenced by your physical environment. You want chi to flow freely through your home, filling it with positive energy.So let's take a walk through your home and learn some simple feng shui cures to improve your health, wealth and happiness.

Red is the luckiest door color.
Red is the luckiest door color. | Source

Front Door

The front door is the most important part of any home because that is where chi comes in. In fact it is known as the "mouth of chi". First impressions are important so keep your entryway clean and inviting. Make sure it is easy to get into. The door should open easily. There should be no obstacles in your way, so keep it tidy. And make sure it doesn't squeak.

A brass doorknob is the best. Keep it shiny to attract money and luck, and to deflect negative energy.

Best Colors for Your Front Door

  • Red is the luckiest color for a front door. It will bring you more power, protection and good luck.
  • Green doors symbolize life, health and money.
  • Black also attracts financial luck.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the most important room of the house. It nourishes the chi of the adults. This affects the relationship of the marriage, rest and health. It is best located as far away from the front door as possible, so it will be quieter and more protected.The parents should take the biggest room of the house. Giving the big room to a child can cause the little one to be controlling of the family.

The bed should be in the commanding position of the room. You want it to be as far form the bedroom door as you can. So if your door is on the left side of the room, your bed should be on the far right. You should be able to easily see the entrance to the room from your bed.

Beware of beams above your bed. A beam can cause quarrels between partners, especially if it is right over the centre of the bed. You can choose to move your bed, drape the beam with a garland of dried hops, or pin soft fabric along the beam to soften the energy shooting down on you.

Color of Bed Sheets

  • Pink or peach colored sheets will attract love and romance.
  • Red will bring you passion.
  • Green will lead to good health, healing and money.
  • Yellow sheets are also healing.
  • Avoid dark or black sheets.

For all bedrooms:

Keep them tidy! A messy bedroom will make you feel tired. There should be no dirty clothes on the floor, or you will look at them and think of all you need to do that day. And avoid having your home office in your bedroom. You won't have a good night's sleep as your subconcious will always be thinking of work.

Children's Bedroom

The best place for a child's bedroom is in the front half of the home. Remember, the master bedroom should be in a commanding position in the house. Having a child's room farther back from the front door than his parent's puts them in the commanding position. You don't want your child running the household!

The Ideal Bed: If there is a headboard on your child's bed, make sure it is solid, not one with bars. And it should be firmly attached, not loose or wobbly. A wobbly headboard symbolizes a lack of support. The bed should be the right size for the child. If it is too small, it created physical discomfort and can stunt a child's emotional growth and lead them to fall behind in school.

Decorating a Child's Room

Blue or green are nice colors for a child's bedroom. They promote growth, improvement and a positive attitude. Mobiles and wind chimes stimulate chi and increase intelligence.

With this bright window and island, this kitchen has good feng shui. All you would need is a mirror behind the stove.
With this bright window and island, this kitchen has good feng shui. All you would need is a mirror behind the stove. | Source

Dinner Party Tip

Place your quiet friends near the head of the table so they are facing the main entrance. This is the power position of the table and will make them feel more confident. Your louder guests can be seated with their back to the door. This may make them quieter.


The kitchen holds a lot of importance in feng shui. It is the heart of the home.The energy of the kitchen should be fresh, gathering and bright. Keep it spotlessly clean.

The best feng shui colors for the kitchen are white and yellow, with small amounts of black and blue.

Your Kitchen Stove

The most important part of the kitchen is the stove. The chi of the stove relates to the family's financial state, the quality of the marriage, family harmony, and safety, security and protection of the home. It is the energy generator of the home. The energy of cooking, food and fire combine to create good health and financial success. Proper stove placement puts the cook in a powerful and protected position. This stimulates wealth and safety.

The placement of the stove has importance and can affect how the stove affects your life. An island is ideal. This way you can see the entrance to the kitchen clearly. If it is against a wall, you will have your back to intruders. Use a mirror cure to prevent anything bad. Just place a mirror above or near the stove so you can see the door while you are cooking. Be sure to use heat tempered glass.

Keep your stove clean as old food particles hold stale energy that mixes with the chi of new food. Keep your sink clean too, and unplugged. The plumbing of the house relates to your intestines and your finances. So a blocked drain can lead to blokes intestines and financial problems.

For more good luck, hang a wind chime or crystal halfway between the door and the stove will deflect the chi of the door away from the cook's back for the protection and safety of the cook. You can also hang crystals from the window, especially if you have an ugly view. The crystals will draw positive energy into the room, and reflect away negative energy.


As with all the other rooms in your house, keep your bathroom sparkling clean and clutter free. Your bathroom door should be closed at all times. Keep your toilet lid down and plugs in your drains. Open drains literally drain money away from the home. And you want to keep from flushing away all your chi.

Basement & Garage

Basements and garages tend to be messy, dark, dirty and cluttered. This is very bad chi! This will affect your home's air quality and the health of your home. So try to keep these areas as clean and dust free as possible.


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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      3 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great hub, Daisy. I'm so new to feng sui. I have light grey and lavender bed sheets. What does that color mean or represent to me? Very insightful. Voted up!

    • daisyjae profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Canada

      I am so glad you found my article helpful, Caitlyn!

    • Caitlyn Ramos profile image

      Caitlyn Ramos 

      3 years ago from Albany, New York

      You have no idea how much this helps me, I'm moving in a few months and I have a book on Feng Shui but I've never read the whole thing. I love the idea of colors attracting things in life, I use colors to inspire me and I will refer to this article when I move into my new place!

    • daisyjae profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Canada

      Thanks, peachpurple. I hope new sheets help you!

    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      thank you very much for yr feng shui hub. Most of the things i need to know are well written here. No wonder i had been having nightmares at night! Gonna discard the black and white bedsheet today! Voted useful

    • daisyjae profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for commenting on my hub, anna maria.

    • profile image

      Anna maria 

      5 years ago

      This is a very well written and interesting article on feng shui, daisyjae.

    • daisyjae profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Canada

      I found that interesting, too, dirtfarmer. Thanks for reading and commenting on my hub.

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 

      5 years ago from United States

      Interesting! I particularly enjoyed reading about the meanings of different colors.

    • daisyjae profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Canada

      Clutter is big in feng shui, Millionaire Tips. I need to declutter too. Thanks for commenting.

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 

      6 years ago from USA

      This is really interesting, I had heard of feng shui, but I hadn't really read into it to see how to apply it to my home. I need to decluter some more as well!

    • daisyjae profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Canada

      Thanks Rusti! I appreciate your comments.

    • Rusti Mccollum profile image

      Ruth McCollum 

      6 years ago from Lake Oswego, Oregon

      Going to pull up this article, and my husband and I will go through your advice, my master bedroom is before my son's room. I have a green door house is a green color. I loved thishub. When hubby gets home we sill come back and follow your steps. Voted up! Great job!

    • daisyjae profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my hub, guys. I appreciate your comments.

    • samnashy profile image

      Sam Graham 

      6 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for this hub, may try some of this great ideas.

    • visionandfocus profile image


      6 years ago from North York, Canada

      Excellent advice! I'm interested in feng shui and know I need to keep de-cluttering so the chi can flow properly. It's probably the only reason I try to stay tidy! I enjoyed reading your hub and will look around at any others you may have written about other aspects of feng shui, as it's always nice to know more.

      Voted up!

    • greeneryday profile image


      6 years ago from Some tropical country

      Very useful tips! I use some of these, but was not aware of others. Blessed


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