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Be Aware and Choose Well

Updated on March 9, 2016


Welcome again one and all and I do trust this finds you well. Come along and gather around the Fireside on this winter day that has again turned my world white.

Take up a seat and get comfortable and lets just have a chat about something hanging heavy in the air this morning. Social media and the way it can be used to steer people, almost as a form of control. Forgive me but when I see others hurt I really need to stand up and be counted.

© Quill Collection
© Quill Collection

Hugs Abound

First to those who have been hurt in the vast array of Social Media accept this meagre offering of flowers from one who has had the same experience. You are not alone.

Do you remember the school yard bully the one who hunted you down daily just to flex their muscle and pretend they lived in a little kingdom they controlled. We have all seen them, they are the ones who know everything, comment on everything and yet deep inside they do not have a life other than to prey on the kindness of others. It is the way life can be even as what we call full grown adults yet we get hurt and that is so sad.

I have been taught to not judge, turn the other cheek and all but there are times when I need to stop and direct my words at those who choose to direct their anger and frustrations at other. You see for me the bully chased me until one day I stopped his rein of terror on many. Sadly enough he discovered what it was like to be on the receiving end of pain and humiliation. As it turned out he became one of my better friends in life.


Social Media

Lets look at the same happening in the Social Media we find ourselves in, no matter the format we see the dominant people. As often as not we do look up to them because of all the hard work they have invested in gaining respect and position, It is admirable to see success in what ever endeavour they have chosen. I admire those who have rightfully achieved the position.

I think the stumbling block for me is when I can see they have gained notoriety by means other than their accomplishments in what ever the endeavour they choose. Lie many I have seen this in action and truthfully it makes me step back and say why?

Most Social Media sites offer incentives to people to do well. They recognize them through accolades, merits and encourage people to do their best to reach good standing. It is a wonderful way to gain followers and get your name out there. I think it is great for people to have a place to show their talents like photography, writing sharing their interest etc. Think back a few years ago and it was not available. We do live in a wonderful age and it is amazing to think at the click of a mouse we can be anywhere in the world and be connected.


Can we and Do We

When we place our accolades and earnings before the heart and soul of Social Media I do think we have an imbalance that happens. It is where we forget about the other person and place the claim to fame over relationships. Again I mean not to be condescending or judgemental but stop and think before you blaspheme or hurt the other. Maybe stop and take a look in the mirror and be honest with what you see.

As a struggling writer, photographer and many other interests I have many who follow and I love them unconditionally. I stand by and support them in areas I know best and the true blessing of doing so is I get the same in return.

When we befriend people on these sites pay attention closely if you support them through comments and visits to their sites. Do they do the same for you. If not maybe it is time to look at the way you interact. Can you agree to disagree, of course and you move on. But when you do disagree do you find yourself under attack. If so then it is unhealthy and time to cut the strings and move on and stand back and watch the slow burn. The true colours do come out.

When I accept a friend I will stand by them at all costs until they prove me wrong through their actions. "Care not and be not cared for is a good rule." Choose well my dear friends. The accolades mean nothing when you end up standing alone.

Lets all take the time to look in the mirror.... it may enlightening.



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