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The Rose

Updated on January 14, 2018
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I am a personal support worker/writer in Ontario. Born and raised on the east coast. Happy reading!

The Rose - A Beautiful Creation

"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb." - Psalm 139:13

Closely examine a rose, and you will see how all the delicate sweet smelling petals, are layered and so intricately designed. When a newly bloomed flower opens, it is so beautiful. All the colors, the twists and turns, curves, even the imperfect parts. When the Rose is crushed apart it gives off the most potent fragrance, which is why the rose is so often used in potpourri.

“A rose trampled on the ground.” is used to describe Jesus dying on the cross. “He thought of me above all,” the song writer wrote. It’s amazing how much thought God put into his creations. He knew what we as humans looked like in the darkness of the womb, just as he saw the flower before it ever sprouted from the seed. He loves us, cares for us, and waters the seeds he plants in us. He works through the tough soil of our hardened hearts at times, removes the harmful weeds that hurt us, and helps us to grow to be our most beautiful.

What a smile he must have had when putting of His beloved creation together and the vision he has for us from beginning to end. So did he see the beauty that could arise from the ashes, when Jesus the seed of David, Son of God to all the heaven and earth, was nailed to a wooden cross for all to see. The cross was a symbol of His undying love for us. The Rose could also be thought of as a symbol of love. God is a romantic.

Jesus is also referred to as a Lily of the valley. (Matthew 6:28-30) God must love flowers, as he uses them to describe and teach us many things. Consider the lilies and how they toil. We need not worry for a single thing, but to trust in His hand. We are Gods creation just as the grass of the field. If he loves it so, how much more does He love us? He gave His own son, just as He gave the Rose as a symbol of His undying love. (Song of Solomon 8:6) Even after Jesus death, He rose again to give us a gift. His love never dies.

“I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.” – Song of Solomon 2:1

Only when Jesus gave His life, did we see His true nature of Love scattered, leaving behind the sweetest fragrance, that of the Holy Spirit.

“How beautiful the Hand that created a Rose.” - Amanda Batten

Above All Michael W Smith


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