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The Eternal Nature of God

Updated on September 7, 2016
Rodric29 profile image

Rodric has been a Mormon Christian since he was 15 years old. He has a lot to say about his religion.


The Nature of God

God the Father is a glorified being, a human being. In some verses, the scripture mentions God as a spirit.

God, Jesus Christ, was a spirit before He was born in the flesh; however, God the Father has now and had then a body of flesh and bone. This news is based on scripture through the testimony of a prophet,Joseph Smith.

Joseph claims to have seen God the Father and Jesus Christ in answer to his prayer to know the truth about which church to attend. One of the many things that Joseph learned is that God the Father and Jesus Christ are both glorified beings of flesh and bones.

Humanity is not limited to this sphere alone. Their potential for greatness is only limited by the vanity in their souls. Because human beings have the potential to be like God the Father, it is important that they conduct themselves in a manner that will prepare them for the series of events known as the final Judgement. This Judgement is where all will have to account to Christ for their misdeeds and He will decide if they will inherit power with Him.

The Father desires all to have glorified bodies as He does, hence the institution of His plan. God is a glorified man. In the scriptures Jesus Christ, while praying to The Father, reveals "...this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom Thou hast sent" as expressed in the King James BibleJohn 17:3. Knowing God also means knowing what He is and how we are connected to Him.


Importance of Gender

Gender is an eternal part of human nature as outlined in the official statement of the church through The Family: A Proclamation to the World released by the First Presidency of the church in 1995.

The roles of men and women in the plan of happiness are essential to the carrying out of the mandate to replenish and multiply in the earth--a commandment that has not been rescinded by God.

Men are to take a wife and prepare bodies for the spirits of the children of God in addition to expressing love in the act of creation.

God used the pattern of a glorious companion from which to organize the feminine pattern of the mothers, daughters, and sisters of humanity.

Few things have been revealed about the existence of a divine Mother in Heaven explicitly. There exists a number of believers in the idea of a glorified companion of the Father, supported implicitly by a canonize hymn, Oh, My Father.

Even with this precious bit of information, it must be understood that God the Father is the person to whom humanity prays and receive salvation and life through Christ alone. There is only one God or Godhead to worship.

When has there ever been a father and no mother? Women are equal to men for eternity. Without women, men cannot be anything but half of what is meant to be whole. Reason dictates a Mother in Heaven.

Males are patterned after the Father Himself. Humans have all the parts and passion of the Father, but none of the glory, perfection, and control as of yet.

Good to Know

The Godhead consists of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and can be referred to as God also and still be acceptable. There are three people separate in every way except purpose. The purpose of God or the godhead is to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" Moses 1:39.

Joseph F. Smith

Joseph F. Smith taught the concept of Adult spirits:

Apparently, there are no infants or children in the spirit world. All who reside there possess the stature of adult men and women, the same appearance they possessed prior to mortal birth. If infants or children die, their spirits immediately resume their former adult stature while in the spirit world. However, when they regain their bodies during the resurrection, they naturally come forth as children to be raised to maturity by righteous and worthy parents. (The Spirit World, Our next Home)

What do you think?

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John the Beloved & Moses

John the Beloved is a good example of a translated being, who obtained a blessing of Jesus that he would not taste of death until he saw all the things written in the Book of Revelations fulfilled.

Moses was a translated being and Lucifer argued over his body with Heaven stating that because Moses is not yet dead, he had the right to tempt him still. Adam, acting in his role as the great protector of mankind under Jesus Christ protected the body of Moses.


Angels come in many classes of which are listed a few here. First are those who are the spirits of humans who have not yet been born; second are the spirits of those who have passed away and have not yet been resurrected; third are resurrected humans; and fourth are translated humans.

Unborn and Post-mortal Spirits

The angels who visit this earth are persons who have been assigned as messengers to this earth: "There are no angels who minister to this earth but those who do belong or have belonged to it" (D&C 130:5).

According to God's design, messengers who have yet to be born will deliver messages from Jesus Christ to mortals. All of humankind lived in heaven with the Father before birth. From this group of people assigned to come to this earth, un-embodied angels appear.

God also uses the righteous dead to reveal His will. A deceased person can appear as they did when they died to deliver a message to a loved one, but tend to appear as adult in the prime of mortal life. Exceptions may occur in dreams or visions. On errands of the Lord, spirits both unborn and post-mortal tend to appear in full stature as they are, adult.

The spirits of evil men are occupied with other things that consume their time like fire and brimstone figuratively. Spirits of wicked men wish that their punishment was as light as burning in a lake of fire literally! They do not haunt or possess people or return as messengers for the Devil.

Translated Beings

Translated beings are people who have yet to die. A change occurs to the mortal body allowing it to exist until God calls the spirit home.

This change does not constitute immortality but is an extension of life. Translated beings serve special purposes at different times in the history of the world. Translated beings can serve in any capacity. Such a person could be involved in any person's life at any time for the Lords purpose.

Generally speaking, these beings provide physically related service on God's behalf when a resurrected being is not available. Moses as a translated being appeared to Jesus Christ along with Elijah to confer upon Peter, James and John authority on the Mount of Transfiguration.

Also, translated beings perform ordinances and service that only a mortal is authorized to perform since translated beings are still mortals.

Translated beings were used before the resurrection to give blessings to mortals that only could be accomplished by authority from heaven called priesthood and physical contact. Heavenly Father only allows people who will be born on this earth or have lived on this earth to administer blessings and messages.

Once the body is translated, the person's place in heaven is made sure or calling and election automatically. He or she is above temptation because through Christ they have overcome all in this life. Having one's calling and election made sure is not a common thing during mortality, but possible.

Resurrected People

God uses people that have risen from the dead to give messages to humans. A resurrected being or translated being will be willing to embrace or touch and there will be substance or flesh and bone to feel. Spirits do not have substance that mortals can handle. They do take up space and possess finer materials that is matter. Resurrected people are limited to the heavenly realms and are not generally on the Earth unless for the purpose of fulfilling a special assignment.

Joseph Smith claims to have seen Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, Peter, James and others as resurrected beings giving him instruction and messages.

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A resurrected person has received judgement and is assigned to his or her state of eternal glory promised by Jesus Christ. When Christ returns, there will be massive resurrections called the first resurrection and another called the final resurrection of the wicked at the end of the reign of Jesus Christ on Earth.

Demons and Devils

The one third of the spirits of heaven that rebelled with Satan fell to the earth after the war in heaven commenced. These spirits are siblings to humanity and were deceived into thinking that Satan actually had a plan that could work.

They rebelled against the Father with the idea that the Plan of Salvation was a choice and not the standard.

These spirits would not forget the life of heaven.

These spirits would never be born with bodies of flesh and would never know the glory of God because they rejected Him before He could even institute the plan.

These spirits became demons and devils. They tempt men away from the truth and tell them lies.

These spirits remember each human and know things about them that they do not remember.

These demons hate all things that God has created and have turned from any good and are eternally lost--all because they used their agency to follow the great deceiver who even deceives himself, Lucifer who became Satan.

Demons, human siblings, are not strange alien creatures depicted in movies or written about in books. They are people who will never get to be born and have the option to reach their full potential.

Not having a body is damnation, so these lost spirits spend existence trying to possess mortal bodies. These spirits will promote any depiction that humans can imagine to deceive them away from the truth.

Their purpose is to make all mankind as miserable and hateful as are they. These spirits also understand the Plan of Salvation. They whisper to all humans things that help them to doubt. They cannot make people believe things they do not wish to believe or do things they do not already want to do. They are familiar with people, and will use all that knowledge to pull them away from the truth--even telling the truth to get one good lie in their belief system.

Demons Do These Things

  • Pose as dead relatives and appear to Family
  • Pose as Angels and deceive Believers
  • Convince people to focus on supernatural phenomenon to prevent them from focusing on the truths about God
  • Imitate all the gifts of the Holy Spirit save peace or love because they do not know these things being in conflict.
  • Encourage Dispute and religious persecution

Their greatest triumph is to persuade a human to believe there is no God or Devil and all that exists is mortal life.

If they can convince people of that, it is easier for them to tempt them because there would be no reason to avoid doing evil things.

Ultimately, their goal is to have all worship Satan as the chosen son of God, because that was Satan's purpose from the very beginning: to be adored and worshiped without putting forward the love required to persuade all creation to worship as did the members of the Godhead.

These spirits are terrible and dangerous, but anyone who possesses a physical body has power over evil spirits, and the name of Jesus Christ will usually send them howling.

These dark brothers and sisters do hate all of humanity. It is their desire to take their bodies. If they can bend a person's will to their designs for a moment, they will take the opportunity. They never rest.

Points to Remember

God is fair and just

He will not interfere in the affairs of men against their wills individually.

As a group, He will always warn humanity before He blesses them or pours out wrath for wickedness. Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost, or in other words, the Holy Spirit will be present and carry their words to human hearts.

They deliver words in person or by way of the Holy Spirit to prophets to tell all of humanity, who then has the choice to accept or reject those messages.

The spirit of a just person will not try to touch a mortal because that is a sign of deception.

It is a key to discern if the spirit is one sent from God or a demon posing as a messenger from God. Joseph Smith taught that if an evil spirit is offered a hand to shake he or she will take it and reveal themselves because they are so desirous to connect with living flesh.

Just or righteous spirits will make no movement towards fleshing know they have a right to it through Christ. Evil spirits desire flesh too much to avoid contact with it in some way.

For official teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints you may go to or

President Thomas S. Monson is called by God as His representative on the earth and authorizes him to speak on behalf of the church and to ordain others to do so. All references to "the church" are to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

© 2012 Rodric Johnson

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