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Before You call Yourself a Christian

Updated on December 20, 2012

Before You Call Yourself a Christian

Think about this before you call yourself a Christian. How many times have you cringed when someone claiming to be a Christian does something so totally against scrpture that they expose themselves as a fraud. So many people have been turned off of Christianity by people claiming to be Christians doing most unGodly things.

We have probably all done things we should not have but the sign of a real Christian is that when they realize what they have done they repent of it- first to God then to those they have offended.

Its no wonder so many people laugh at Christians because so many do not understand the responsibility involved. Unfortunately so few churches teach the important aspects of Christianity. The majority of churches do not teach the simplicity and the responsibilities that come with calling yourself a Christian. They are concerned with

numbers, keeping people (contrary to scripture) and money and the real Word will offend people and disrupt the growth pattern they desire.

You are responsible to study the scriptures yourself, yes its good to have help but you must have a correct understanding that you are sure is scriptural. If everyone would do this there would be many healthy church splits to divide those seeking truth from the feel gooders.

Calling yourself a Christian brings with it responsibilities.

You become responsible to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Which will give you the power (ability) to do the rest of it. Read Acts

You become responsible to God to live in a Christlike mannner.

You become the only manifestation of God that someone may ever see.

You become responsible to examine all things that profess to be Christian against the scripture.

You become responsible to make right the things you have done wrong.

You become responsible to love your brothers and sisters.

You become responsible to learn and understand the scriptures taken in context.

You become responsible to not believe what ANYONE , YES ESPECIALLY YOUR PASTOR, Tries to teach you until you have compared it to scripture and with the help of the Holy Spirit (not a human) become convinced it is scriptural truth.

If your pastor insists that you believe him without question—GET OUT OF THERE

You are responsible for what you believe , he is responsible for what he teaches

You become responsible to share the truths of God. But it starts with being an example yourself.

You become responsible to speak the truth whether it is welcome or not.

These are just a few of the responsibilities of a real Christian.

Going to church does not make you a Christian.

Repeating a prayer after someone does not make you a Christian.

Giving money to the church does not make you a Christian.

Helping your neighbor does not make you a Christian.

Praying does not make you a Christian.

Being a good person (bible says there is not one) does not make you a Christian.

There is not a thing you can do that makes you a Christian. Though these are things that a Christian might do.

What will make you a Christian is UNSEEN. But once you do it it will be reflected in all that you do and all that you are.

To become a real Christian you must

You must first believe in Him (remember the devil believes in Him as God's son also), and that he is the son of God.

Then you must admit you are a sinner. We are all sinners until we become Christians.

Then you must renounce and repent of your sins.

Then you must accept His payment for your sins too.

Then completely surrender to jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit to lead all areas of your life.

Then you must daily nourish the personal relationship

You will not immediately become a perfect creature it is a long process. But because you are no longer a sinner (yes you will sin still but you will immediately go to Him for forgiveness) , it will no longer be your lifestyle. And you change daily to become more like Him.

So many people believe all the church myths and stories that are not scriptural and are never really having a true born again experience. So many people go to church, are led in a prayer that supposedly makes them a christian without ever really undertanding that they are sinners and need to repent. They are told just accept this fairy tale jesus and all is ok. But that is not what scripture requires. It requires acknowledgement of being a sinner in need of a savior and repentence as well. They are also told they are now “saved” for life so it doesnt require change as they now have their fire insurance. But the scriptures say to work out your salvation with fear and trembling |(yes salvation is a free gift) but it does have requirements. Scriptures also say those that endure to the end SHALL be saved. So these requirements have consequences if not followed.

The majority of churches do not teach about the baptism of fire you will experience or the Baptism in the Holy Spirit that is essential to give you the ability (power) to endure to the end. So many become disheartened and fall away because they are not properly taught these things and others that are essential to being a Christian. Thats why being baptized in the Holy Spirit is so essential, the scriptures say without the help of the Holy Spirit you cannot properly understand the scriptures. And then of course after you are to read your bible and understand the requirements and principles that God wants you to live by.

There is so much garbage in the name of christianity available these days that it more essential now than ever to have the infilling of the Holy Spirit to discern what is truth.

Entertaining the faithful church goers on sunday morning with cute stories and making eveyone feel good is not doing a service to the Body. If no one is upset by the message that is being taught then it most likely is a useless teaching as the scriptures tell us our ways are not God's way and His way is not ours. And that the message is offensive to the natural man.

Likewise if in reading the scriptures you are not convicted about anything you probably need to stop and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand the depth of what you are reading. And yes some scriptures have several meanings, all correct. But remember the most important thing in reading and understandin the scriptures is that you always must be sure to keep the actual context and also compare your understanding with the scriptural principles within. After 40 years I am still frequently convicted when reading the scriptures—and that will help you change and also keep you from feeling superior no matter how well you know the scriptures. I would be much more concerned if I never felt convicted of my shortcomings.

This of course is just the beginning. I hope I have stirred you up so that you start being more responsible-- or not call yourself a Christian.

May God richly bless you as you grow closer to HIM.


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