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Why Direct Your Actions Towards Spirituality?

Updated on February 20, 2020
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Connecting with one self is what I always preach about and this is what comes with spirituality

Spiritual Healing

Nowadays, people believe more in Yoga, Pranic Healing, Reiki and Meditation not only to cure our physical body but also to enhance a deeper healing for our soul. The most important reason is that all of these spiritual healing concepts work on one principle which is the connection of one's soul with self. This is the beauty of spirituality. Psychologists, doctors, mental health practitioners in different specialized fields have started believing in spiritual healing. If spiritual healing works so deeply, then why not have our own body feel the true sense of spiritual being?

What is spirituality to you?

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Meaning of Spirituality

Spirituality is a broader concept. As per Oxford Dictionary, spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. It is the shift in priorities which allow us to embrace our soul in a more profound way. Different people perceive spirituality in different ways. Some might involve religion in this whereas some might affiliate it with self-identity. Some find spirituality to be non-materialistic or even consider it to be inclined with certain universal beliefs. These days rather than having its own identity, spirituality gains its definition by the perspectives of humans.

My personal experience about spirituality

I visit a less crowded temple whenever I feel down and it feels like I am the most free soul on this planet and completely devoid of all problems in my life. The moment I visit such less crowded places and sit there for a while, it truly has calming effect on my mind. The thought process gets an appropriate direction and clarity. And hence this thought entered my mind that what exactly happens when you visit such divine places. What is the connection of our mind with such places? Me and my family started this year with the feeling of what spirituality actually is and so I would like to share with you all the benefits of a spiritual touch in our daily life.

1. Solution to difficulties

Every person is facing some or the other problem in life. A kid worrying about exams, an adult who is sad because he lost his job and an elderly feeling embarrassed being dependent on his family members. Try observing people around you and you will realize that despite of their age, everyone is trying to seek solution to their issues. Giving a start to something with spiritual belief gives your brain a different direction to think and it becomes easier to find solution to your difficulties all by yourself. It truly is like a miracle. The moment we feel that all doors are shut and suddenly we realize that we ourselves can create a new door! Isn't the power of spirituality amazing? Sit quietly in a temple, church, mosque or even a meditation center. Close your eyes and list down all your problems one by one in your mind. You will realize that your problems are too tiny and you have already got solutions to them instantly.

2. A Calm Mind

Different place gives us different vibes. Similarly, our thoughts have certain vibes too. If subconsciously we have negative thoughts, then we are bound to give away negative vibes. Spirituality imbibes positive thoughts and tends to keep our mind more calm by drifting away all the negativity. A sound and calm mind is open to more desirable thoughts. Meditation, self talk, appreciating silence for a moment are some ways to connect with self and inculcating some vibes of spirituality within ourselves. It is said that meditation opens your 6th sense. And the actual mechanism behind this as proven by researches is that, meditation works on your mind, making it calmer and which inturn works on the areas of your brain. So a calm mind is always a key to a thoughtful decision!

An idle mind can be a devil's workshop

But, a calm mind is a always a room for divine thoughts

3. A Ray of Positive Hope

It is difficult to predict the kind of surprises that life has for you. And these surprises can be good or bad. It is human to experience the feeling of grief when you go through bad situations. And at such moments, the spirituality within you helps you to be positive despite of the worst things going on in life. Trusting the process seems to be really tough if you are already stuck up in worse situations. At such times, the thought keeps entering our mind that 'how to feel positive when everything around is getting even worse'. But spirituality helps you see the other side of the difficult situations.

4. Faithful Attitude

Keep working and have faith in the process which leads you towards the success! Even if it takes days, months or years to achieve something despite of all the hard work, spirituality teaches you to have patience and be faithful till you reach your goal. Your actions become more purposeful and your thought process gets an appropriate direction. Faith in yourself, people around you and whatever is going on in your life is strengthened by spiritual being. Having positive hope and being faithful are two slightly different terminologies. Being positive is finding a plus point in everything. Whereas being faithful is trusting the path.

Somewhere there is a divine power which is protecting you and guiding you towards the right direction

5. Connect with Self

Last but not the least and the most important point. Connecting with people can be easy if you have great communication skills. But connecting with self requires practice. Enjoying your own company even in silence, being aware of your thoughts and having your actions towards what is better for you is the actual sense of being connected with yourself. Spirituality helps you choose what is right and not what you desire. Our life is a car and you are the driver of this car. Spirituality makes you aware about when to accelerate, apply break or change the gear so that you drive through smoothly in every aspect without stumbling.

I hope you this article could bring some value to your life and hopefully you have understood the importance of your actions being spiritual. Understanding everything about spirituality is really difficult. Even I have not been able to untill now. Soon I shall write about the different ways to inculcate spirituality within yourself.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Natasha Tungare


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