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Beginners' Guide to Tarot-The Minor Arcana and the Meanings of Numbers and Suits

Updated on October 5, 2011

The Meaning of Numbers and Suits

The Suits
The cups represent affairs of the heart, emotions, love and family. The court cards of cups represent fair haired, fair skinned people, OR the personalities associated with each card.

The pentacles represent financial related affairs. The court cards represent fair to read headed people OR the personalities associated with these cards.

The wands represent industry and livelihood. The wands court cards usually represent dark haired people OR the personality associated with the card.

These cards are very negative, most of the time, representing conflict and struggle. The court cards tend to be dark people or personality associated to the specific card.

The Numbers
Aces represent beginnings.
Twos represent partnerships.
Threes represent fulfillment.
Fours represent structure and order. Think harmony.
Fives point towards sorrow, disappointment, and loss.
Sixes are positive cards meaning abundance.
Sevens involve courage, risk taking, and experimentation.
Eights represent movement towards goals.
Nines represent completion.
Tens focus on regeneration.
Pages represent children or young people. They are not gender specific.
Knights are young men old enough to know better and too young to care.
Queens represent an adult woman.
Kings represent a mature man.

Several court cards in a spread show festivities and celebrations. Several swords show a lot of struggling and difficulties, but they can be overcome. Several cups mean the question was about love or family or they are on the querent’s mind. Ditto with pentacles (money). When several wands come up in a reading, the querent is preoccupied with an endeavor.


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