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Behemoth, Dragons and Unicorns...Oh My!

Updated on April 16, 2012

Today we are going to look at animals mentioned in the Bible. One of the many contentions I get from atheist and skeptics is that the Bible mentions animals like unicorns, dragons and other animals that have the descriptions of what we now call dinosaurs. So let's look at these animals and lay to rest some of these baseless assertions from the evolutionary/skeptic camp.

First up unicorns!

Next we have dinosaurs like with the unicorn we have to go back to when the word first appeared and see what it really means.

Dinosaurs literally means terrible lizard. The word dinosaur was invented in 1841 and the first English Bible was completed in 1611 so we should not expect to see the word dinosaur. In fact, before the word dinosaur was coined dinosaurs were called dragons or terrible monsters.

You must watch this vid on youtube, so watch it and then come back please.

It's all about worldview, Biblical creation vs secular (evolutionism), not facts. We both have the same earth, the same fossils, and the same science when it comes to observational. But we have different worldviews that gage how we interpret those facts. For example, we have found fossilized hammers and hats and a ham, which would suggest that fossils don't long to form. But evolutionists ignore these facts to save face.

The biblical worldview WINS!

What an Awesome God we serve!!!


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