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Being Who You Really Are Is Easy, Being Less Than That Is What Causes You Problems!

Updated on September 21, 2018
Universal Laws profile image

Linda is a published author of channelled material. Her first book was published in 1995 by Gateway Books..

Mother Earth

From the Higher Beings/Watchers/Guardians 18/01/11- we are you, you are us .......

There is a storm brewing on Earth. This storm is not brewing on the physical but is brewing on the more metaphysical areas of your earth plane. We cannot stop this happening for it will be through this metaphysical storm that you will be able to clear away any debris from your minds and from your auric fields.

These happenings have much in common with the physical storms which are now a regular occurence within the planes of your Earth. She has many areas of her auric field which have become polluted and are very out of balance. You too as the humans who inhabit the Earth plane have many of these same contaminates. Each and everyone of you has the auric field around you as does your Mother Earth. She is your mother as much as she is the mother of all of the sealife and animal life that swells within in her bounds. All of you are being looked after by a mother that needs a thorough cleansing. This has to come about in many diverse ways. Some will in fact come through the storms that you have felt lately within the areas that have become flooded. Some will come through much more of a physical disruption within the earth magma fields. These fields below the surface are brewing now also.

Within the rainfall are many different elements. The rain is the cleansing instrument but it is also the rain elements which fall which have the other cleansing effects. Much debris collects within this rainfall when it is being blown around in the atmosphere of your planet. It collects dusts and debris within its own fields but it also collects debris from the more metaphysical regions. These metaphysical regions are much more directly connected to the energy of your planet and as you now know water has a memory. If water has a memory then as she collects the more metaphysical energies she is cleansing on a more energetic and thorough level. This is why many of the storms are occuring. This cannot be done thoroughly in any other way. We wish that we could cleanse without so much chaos ensuing from our methods but it is not possible. The most important cleansing energy is the one of water.

As we speak of water for your planets cleansing we now speak of water for your own cleansing rituals. Many of you know that water has a memory and is indeed an incredible substance to be used with care but you do not then allow this knowledge to play the appropriate parts in your own lives. Why would you not bless the water before you allow it to enter any parts of your own energy field. We are not just speaking here of the water that comes in contact with your digestive systems, but we speak of the water that you cleanse your bodies and your utensils which form a part of your lives. Everything, we hear you say, is energy. Yes you have this correct as an assumption then why not allow this assumption to rule your lives with every task that you complete. Before you bath or use your showers, use your own breath and energetic intent to complete the "washing" process for it is not just the physical dirt that you need to be removing but any energetic interference which does not allow your real self to be in attendance. Anything that is "unclean" does not support your energy fields let alone allow you to begin to be more of who you really are. We are allowing you here a morsal of wisdom which needs to be calibrated into its rightful position within your knowledge banks. You have all of the relevant pieces of this knowledge but have not yet begun to activate it together as one useful resourceful activated wisdom nodule. We smile, for we know that you will say "Ah" of course when you read this and understand how it has to be in fact calibrated into one piece of integrated knowledge. Not two separate pieces of information - everything is energy and water has a memory these are the two most important pieces of information you will ever understand.

Now we come to why it is so difficult for you to become as you truly are in your mind set. If we state the obvious, it is much more difficult to be who you really are when you are trying to be someone else. We will address how to drop the idea that it is indeed difficult to change. We are not asking you to change. We are asking you to acknowledge who you really are. There is a big difference in these two. If you were to change then you would have to imagine you understand the difference. We know that whilst you remain at all asleep you cannot in fact acknowledge who you are. When you awaken it is easy to say, this is who I am, for when you are awake in that now moment, how ever brief, you do in fact acknowledge yourself. Then what is it that then breaks this moment. An idea or a thought comes into your head and there you are again in your mind, and tightening your mind set every second that you remain within that realm. Be as little children who know much of the now, until they are asked to prepare for not knowing the now moment. Regimented into a so called education system that requires immediately for them to stop being who they really are. You know not what you do when you educate your children to become those monsters of a system which rejects honesty, creativity, inspiration and diversions from your so called reality. But we digress, we will come back in our teachings again to the education or so called education of your children.

Being at one in the moment can be a daunting process when you are scared of yourself. Many people who are not awake to this now moment are in fear of what they will and will not find if they allow themselves to be who they truly are. They are forbidden as children to be anything of themselves and therefore the honesty of life is left aside. Being honest with yourselves when you are alone is the starting point for this journey for those who are in fact adults but have never also been as children. Playing can begin the process, allow yourselves the time to have nothing that has to be done, but much that could arrive through allowing your minds to be free and creative. In order to do this you will need what you call "time", this indeed is much more precious to you as the years have gone on on your planet. Much time has been in fact wasted on preparing yourselves to be who you thought you should be. Now is the time to be who you really are. If you acknowledge yourself in the moment you will then be open to the banks of energy and inspiration that rests within the higher minds of your energetic beings. This portal exists just above your heads within the auric field and is accessed from the higher mind when you are not pretending to be who you have trained yourself to be.

We would suggest that you spend sometime every day accessing this space which can be felt when you plan nothing and expect nothing and do nothing. By accessing this space you will in fact know everything and have exceptional access to everything on this planet and beyond. It can be accessed so much easier now that some of the cleansing of the planets auric field has occurred. We hear many of you suggesting that the energies are becoming higher frequency, they are indeed becoming easier to access therefore you are enjoying much more of a higher frequency accessible from your own auric field. It is not us increasing the frequency but it is you being able to access more of it. It has been cleansed but not raised in energy. When the particles of debris, both physical and energetic are cleansed from your planets atmosphere then the energies only feel higher, they are not in fact higher but are easier to access. We are attempting here to enable you to understand the dynamics of what is occuring on your planet. It is about frequency but it is more to do with how much of this frequency you can access for yourself. When you are attemping to not be who you are then you are covering up the access points for your own energetic connections. Be as one, as one in yourself and then with your native friends and your environment. We come as friends, we come as you truly are. We will be with you on a more energetic basis very soon, we come now as a vibrational entity but have more of ourselves to uncover to you.


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    • rebekahELLE profile image


      9 years ago from Tampa Bay

      There is great wisdom contained in these writings. It certainly makes sense that we spend time daily accessing the space which keeps us in tune with our true being.

      The noise of the world, including our thoughts, keeps us from finding that needed space. Thanks for sharing these messages with us.

    • profile image

      Gus Lobuono 

      9 years ago

      HI,Linda I Want to thank you for be for here for me I think this program could help it has already helped with my grammer.I hope to follow up in the future.Thanks Gus

    • profile image

      isthis for real 

      9 years ago

      wish I could do more but need money. :( everything is so expensive.

    • sir slave profile image

      sir slave 

      10 years ago from Trinity county CA.

      The only way to find out who you really are is to live more. do more, and have more "projects"

      especially with regards to the earth, as there are so many facets to explore.

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      10 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Great being in contact with you guys and good to get feedback, we are on the home run, routing for us all. Namaste

    • Green Lotus profile image


      10 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Another wise and compelling Hub. During the big snow storm in Atlanta last week everyone had the opportunity to plan nothing,expect nothing and do nothing. Some said they went a bit stir crazy, but I'm certain that many, as I did, took advantage of just being there.

    • emohealer profile image

      Sioux Ramos 

      10 years ago from South Carolina

      I keep an open eye for your continued channelings and reportings. I recognize the usefuleness and validity of this. Thank You as you continue to share uninhibited. Namaste'

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      10 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Being who you really are - a very interesting subject indeed!


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