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Believe One Believe All.

Updated on April 2, 2012
Live to Love, Love to live.
Live to Love, Love to live.

Journey Of Love

I hail from South Indian Iyer Community belongs from orthodox family but my parents were neutral they were also orthodox to some extent but they taught me to respect all religion above all to respect humanity and to believe in myself. Since my childhood days whenever i have some problem or in dilemma i take help of my guru whom i cannot describe as god but his teachings and philosphy taught me to live life in positive way and always enlighten my path.He's in shirdi and his name is Sai.

I really don't know how far it will help in your better living but if you also share some views like this then please join the journey of Love.

What is Devotion? For me devotion means Love of God. Devotion should be without any expectation. The almighty who is the creator of this beautiful universe who is taking care of this universe as a Garden has just brought us in the world and blessed us as Human life. It's we who make difference in religion and fight for it not only lands up in human riots but family riots too. We are blessed with beautiful life rather living for that moment we end up on casteism , racisim and all. Question comes of society it's we who made society sure we need to follow things but certain things not all. We forget that above any religion there is only one religion who by birth a person get that is Humanity but that itself is missing. I've seen people going in temple, reading lots of philosphical books, at times talking about it but no one wants to imply this on their life then what is use of such reading, visiting temples. God is inside our heart. I still remember my Mother's word once she said when i was very small " A Person heart is like a temple of God, If your speech which is wrong hurts him/her it's like you are breaking a God's temple and so always watch on your words before you speak. " We should act lovingly towards all being as god is every where above all he is in you. He pervades all living, he creates,he protects, he maintains and he also have the right to destroy us. Always do good deeds as it is well said "if you act in a good way,good really will follow" also "in this Kaliyug(Kali's era) Everyone reaps what he sows. People should knock down the wall of discrimination. Death is an irrefutable reality of life. One who is born, is bound to die one day. So, Live and let others live with Love. God has gifted every person with five precious gifts, Truth,Service,Simplicity,Religious congregations and Remembrance. It's well written in gita "Whatever Happens happen for Good, and what going to happen is also for Good". Live to Love, Love to live.


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    • Sharda Sriram profile image

      SHARDA 6 years ago from Singapore, Singapore

      Thank you so much chris for stopping by and reading this.

    • Chris Achilleos profile image

      Chris Achilleos 6 years ago

      I really enjoyed reading this beautiful hub Sharda. God is Love :) Voted up and beautiful!