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Benefits and incentives

Updated on October 21, 2013

How would you like to work for a company that gave you a five-week paid sabbatical after you had been there five years, or a £50 gift card when it's your birthday, or free meals and snacks? Perhaps you would prefer £750 towards eco-friendly home improvements? Or what about a recreation room with arcade games, table tennis and even a hammock?

These are just some of the benefits and incentives offered by companies featured in Fortune magazine's “50 Best Small and Medium-Size Companies to Work For”.

The benefits of being a Christian

That got me thinking, what are the benefits of being a Christian and working for “God Inc.”? Interestingly, although when we become Christians we are encouraged to work for God, we don't earn our salvation by what we do. Rather it's as simple as believing that Jesus was God's Son, that He died for our sins and that He was brought back to life after 3 days. And the amazing thing is that we don't have to wait years to qualify for God's forgiveness, we get it as soon as we declare our belief in Jesus. Or on the day we join “the family firm”, if you like.

Fruit of the Spirit,  Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
Fruit of the Spirit, Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin | Source


Some of the companies provide healthy snacks for their employees. St Paul said that we too would get fruit, but not as we know it. He spoke about our receiving the Fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Out of this world, man

Many employers also offer opportunities for staff to develop, learn and plan their personal and professional goals. We can learn about how we should live from The Bible, the company manual, which also tells of the promise of eternal life in heaven with our “CEO” and all the other partners working for God.

Jesus said, “In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. “ John 14 v2

Now that's a benefit that no other company on earth can match!


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