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Benefits of Ramadan

Updated on June 29, 2013

You may be familiar with the countless advantages of fasting, specially during Ramadan. As muslims, we do believe in these advantages, but if you go for logic, then you should be happy that most of them are scientifically proved as well.

Energy with dates in ramadaan:

As Ramadan, the month of blessings, approaches we have to prepare ourselves in such a way that we can gain the countless benefits of this month. Firstly it is necessary to get the right amount of energy in this month and dates are the best source of getting instant energy. Our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. starts his iftar with 3 dates. Dates are full with the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and anti-oxidants etc. They are also rich in dietary fibers which help in digestion during Ramadan. They are also a good source of iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and B-complex vitamins. Delicious dates are the most perfect fruit that can boost energy levels instantly in Ramadan.

Strengthen Your Brain:

Another incredible benefit of Ramadan and fasting is that it enhances our social intelligence levels as well as our spiritual intelligence levels. Fasting also improves memory, by increasing the levels of brain's Necrophiliac Factor, increases production of ketones, reduces stroke chances and it is also effective against the physical trauma to the brain.

Fasting impacts on neural growth by which new neurones grow and as neurones grow, memory improves and the chance of depression decreases. Therefore, fasting improves memory and strengthen brain not only in Ramadan but also after this Holy month is over.

Quit Your Bad Habits:

Ramadan helps you in quitting your bad habits. During fasting you learn how you can leave your bad habits. A smoker can not stay away from cigarette for a long time but when he is on fasting, he manages to stay away from it until iftar and this feeling of achievement should be used to get rid of any bad habit.

Heart Health:

In Ramadan through fasting it is very easy to loose weight. Cut out junk foods and take balanced and healthy meals. High fiber diet can reduce high cholesterol and improve your lipid profile. The risk of heart attack decreases by reduction of bad cholesterol in blood. By taking high fiber diet in Ramadan and after it, you can prevent your body from heart diseases.

Less Food But Healthy:

When you eat little, extra weigh lost could be quickly put back on, not only in Ramadan but after it. When you eat less during this month because of fasting your stomach shrinks slowly, and the amount of food it requires decreases. In this way your eating habit will change and you will not eat excess food.

Remove Toxins Of Your Body:

The month of Ramadan cleanses us physically and spiritually. In Ramadan, our body's toxins are removed. As we do not eat and drink throughout the day, our energy level drops down, to maintain it, body burns its own fat by which harmful toxins are also burnt and when your body is healthy then you can live a healthier lifestyle.

Efficient Metabolism:

During fasting in Ramadan, the metabolic rate of your body becomes more efficient because the absorption of nutrients from the food increases. A protein hormone "adiponectin" which modulates a number of metabolic processes is also increased in Ramadan. Because fasting in the day and eating late at night produce this hormone in extra quantity. As the absorption of nutrients increases, the body becomes more healthy.


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