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Benefits of Vishnu Sahasranamam

Updated on September 2, 2012

The Vishnu Sahasranam (“Sanskrit Vishnu Sahasranamam, a tathpurush compounds translating literally as the thousand names of Vishnu”) is list of 1000 names (Saharsnam) of Vishnu, one of the chief god in Hinduism and the personal supreme god for Vaishnav (followers of Vishnu). It is also one of the most sacred and commonly chanted stotras in Hinduism. The Vishnu Sahasranam is founded in the Mahabharata is the most popular version of the 1000 names of Lord Vishnu.

The Horoscope

This is a horoscope of a boy popular in his locality because he is doing well in sports and other cultural programmes. This could be early seen in his horoscope because ascendant Lord Mars is in the sixth house in his own sign Aries with ninth Lord Moon and it is aspected by Jupiter the fifth Lord.

In about the first week of October 2009, one day when he came back form school he had high fever, his family took him to physician who gave him some medicine and took a blood sample for test. The next day the lab test report revealed that the boy has “Dengu Malariya”. His guardian admitted him to the Santokba Durlabji hospital, Jaipur. It has excellent facilities and equipments. But day after day his condition become serious. The medicines were not working and the number of platelets was getting lower. It was really a frightening situation for the boy’s family.

The boy’s mother came to me to get his son’s horoscope read. I took the birth detail and examine / analyze everything carefully and minutely. Looking at his natal chart we can observe the following aspects.

1. Scorpio ascendant Lord the Mars is placed in the sixth house in the nodes Axis and is aspected by Saturn. But both the planets Saturn and Ketu are in Pushkar Navamamsha.
2. The moon is placed in the same house but it is also in Amrit Ghatis
3. The eight Lord Mercury is placed in the eight house but it is in Mirtyubhagya and is aspected by Jupiter, it has just entered in Mirtyubhagya so its aspects is not saving factor for the boy. From the Ashtakvarga system there are only 24 points. From my point of view this is one of the most dangerous position that can be found in someone’s chart and requires a lot of caution on the part of that person.
4. An interesting aspect of this chart is that all the beneficial planets are placed in the malefic houses (6th, 8th and 12th ). It is a bad planetary combination for any native.
5. In Trishansha Chart (misfortune) the eight Lord. Mercury is in Sagittarius with its Lord Jupiter and is aspected by Saturn from the eight house.
All the aspects indicate high danger for the boy.

All there major planets Mars, Moon and Mercury are in difficult positions in his chart.
Vimshottari Dasha Venus / Saturn / Mercury – from 1.09.2009 to 12.02.2010 The Dasha running is that of Venus the twelth Lord and the seventh Lord is placed in the eight house with eight Lord Mercury and the AntarDasha Lord Saturn is placed in the fourth house as 22nd Dreshkana Lord but it is in Pushkar Navamamsha and the last Pratayantar Dasha Lord Mercury is placed in the eight house of which Mercury itself is the Lord it is set in Mirtyubhagya.
Trishansha Verga Chart is seem to find out the prospect of misfortune. In this case the Dasha-AntarDasha-pratayantarDashaLords are in strong position. Especially the PratayantarDashaLord Mercury is placed in the second house with its Lord Jupiter (our strong position). In this case an interesting thing happened in those weeks. The PratayantarDasha Lord Mercury was transiting exalted in the Trishansha chart of the boy. The boy’s mother come to consult me on 17/10/2009. At that time the Mercury The Pratayantar.Dasha Lord and the eight Lord of the boy was transiting in VishaGhatis That time the boy was in the serious condition because the platelets in the blood were going down rapidly.
I calculated the day of the transit of Mercury out of the danger zone. On the 19th of Oct, 2009 transitting Mercury was to come out and change its sign.

I also used the special technique Pataki Risht Chakra. It is for finding mishaps in the lives of young people up to the age of twenty-four. Pataki Risht Chakra Now let us take a look at the Pataki Risht Chakra regarding the boy.

Balarisht Indication

1. Moon is aspected by Saturn who is the 22nd Dreshkan Lord.
2. Moon is placed in the sixth house with its Lord Mars, who is ascendant Lord Moon is in the axis of nodes.
3. Eight Lord Mercury is in the eight house but it is in Mirtyubhagya and 64th of Navamamsha Lord.
Yamadandhadhipati hasn’t caused Vedha to Lagna or moon, so no permanent damages is done. Malefic Yamaardhipati Sun caused more harm, because it Vedha the ascendant.But the most important thing is that in the boy’s horoscope Mars is the ascendant Lord and has not made any connection with Yamadandhadhipati (Venus) and Yamaardhipati(Sun). So Pataki Rishta Charka doesn’t indicate any serious threat to the boy’s life.

Then I felt relief.The expected eyes of the boy’s mother were looking at me hopefully, within me, I thought of my Guru and then advised her to say over and over Vishnu Sahasranam, the mantra of Mercury, unfavorably of that time. I told her that the boy’s condition would improve rapidly after 19th of Oct. 2009. She and her family began saying The Vishnu Sahasranam from that day. The blood report the next evening showed an amazing and extremely increasing increase in plate-lets. That very evening the boy’s mother telephoned to say that the health of her son was improving fast. That was a very happy moment for me. I silently saluted the Lord Vishnu and had, in this case, concert experience of the Charisma of Vishnu Sahasranamam.


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