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Chakra Meditation for Healing & Balancing

Updated on November 27, 2010

Most people tend to go through life without having a clue as to what the chakras are and whether or not they really serve any function. I'll save you a lot of time and just tell you that they do exist, they do serve a purpose, and you can only benefit from getting them into alignment. In other words, you've got absolutely nothing to lose by trying a meditation designed to open, heal, and balance your basic 7 chakras. And you don't even have to be New Agey or eccentric  -- it'll work on anyone! I'm someone who tends to find most types of meditation rather annoying and unpleasant. Yes, I realize how that sounds, but that's just how it is. This particular Chakra meditation, however, is one that I really love and have no problem putting myself into the right space to achieve the best results. And yes, there are clear, positive results!

copyright Gil Dekel
copyright Gil Dekel

This particular chakra meditation involves listening to one chakra tone at a time (each chakra has it's own tone) while a chorus of toning takes place. You don't have to participate, but man, it will be far, far more effective if you do. You don't need to do it perfectly, you needn't be a great singer or anything of the sort. Just follow along as best you can and you'll feel the difference. Alternatively, if you'd rather just listen, that's perfectly fine, too. Note that these videos are a bit long and you can go on to the next one when you feel you're ready. I usually listen to 1 for about 3 minutes and then go to the next.

Root Chakra Meditation

The Root Chakra is your base chakra. Just picture a red glowy area of energy spinning near the base of your spine, and extending to the front of your body as well. (In other words, it's not just on the backside!) To do this meditation, it's best if you just think about that particular area, and think positive thoughts about it as you bring it into alignment. You don't have to imagine anything extreme, and don't worry if you have trouble imagining it at first. Your chakras will be sorted regardless. If you do tone (which sounds a bit like open-mouthed humming) you should do it on the note you hear in the video, while making the sound "uhhhh" (similar to "uh-huh") because this is the sacred sound and sacred tone the root chakra is associated with. If you don't want to physically make the noise, then just do it in your head along to the video.

Sacral Chakra Meditation

The Sacred Chakra meditation is similar to the first, but you'll be focusing on your sacral chakra. Imagine an orange ball of energy in the navel area. The tone will change slightly for this and if you are humming along, you'll be using the "oooh" vowel sound (as in the word "two") Again, you needn't listen to the entire thing unless you're of a mind to.

Solar Plexus Meditation

The Solar Plexus chakra is a yellow color and it's located in the area above the navel but below the chest. If you're a woman, it's just under the base of your underwire bra. If you're a guy, well, you're probably familiar with bras by now and can suss where I'm talking about! When you tone along to the solar plexus chakra chant, you'll want to use the sound "oh" as in "show". As with all chakra toning, breathe in deeply through your nose and out slowly through your mouth.

Heart Chakra Meditation

For the Heart chakra, you'll want to imagine a green ball of energy in the middle of your chest. This is one of the most important chakras to balance, especially if you're a 'sponge person' or an Empath or anyone else who might be sensitive to other people's emotions. This is often where we suck it in, so if you're one of them folks, you'll want to give yourself a heart chakra tune-up whenever the need arises. The tone you'll be using for this one is "ah"

Throat Chakra Meditation

The throat chakra is a blue color and it's located at the throat. So imagine a blue ball of energy spinning in that area as you meditate. The sound you'll be making for this meditation is "eye" . Remember, you do not need to sit through the entire mediation unless you want to. As long as you do it 3-7 times, you'll be good to go unless you'd prefer to do it for the full duration of the video.

Third Eye Meditation

The Third Eye chakra is located just a tad above the area between the center of your eyebrows. Most people will instinctively touch the correct place when asked where it is, even if they've never thought about it before! The color for the 3rd Eye chakra is indigo and the tone you'll be using for this (if you do the toning part) is a long "a" as in "may"

Crown Chakra Meditation

The Crown Chakra is the last of the 7 basic chakras (there are plenty more!) that people meditate on most frequently. It's located right at the top of your head in that same spot the kids at school tapped you during the game Duck, Duck, Goose! It's violet in color, so try to imagine a spinning disc of dark purple energy during the meditation. The sound you'll want to focus on is a long "e" as in "he or she"


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