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Are We Better Than Angels?

Updated on February 25, 2015

Who thinks that they are better than Angels, have you ever thought as to why God made people better than angels.

When God made angels this we don't know the time, as we know they been there from the beginning of time, but not the time as we know it.

Angels as we know about them are in spirit form, and they do many things, They sing praises to God every moment of each day and night.

At times in the world as we know it, it is said when we get in to a problem and we come out of it unharmed, people will say to us you must have had an angel watching over you.

There have been times when someone knocks on your door and gives something to you that you have been in need of, that person at your door can be a stranger or was it an angel.

How many times have you been in trouble, some one is there to help and when you go to thank them they have gone just as quick as they came.

God has reasons for all what happens to us, many times it is to show to us that we need help from others as we can't do all things on our own.

God said that what we can do we need to do it, but what we cant do He will do for us, just like when He sends to us angels to help us.

Many years ago the devil was one of God's trusted angel's but as he had many other angels under his care he became jealous of God and he started to battle with God, but God banished him from heaven and he took many angels with him and he said to God he will take away many people and inflict wounds on them and get them to hate God.

Are we any better than angels as once many were in a battle with God and they lost, how many people of today are still in battle with God, yes they will be lost as well unless they turn away from the devil and they take up their cross and follow Jesus.

The word teachers us to help others, and by doing this we become more loving and kind to others, and we become closer to God.


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