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God and Men

Updated on June 5, 2014

God and Men

Between God and Men
Between God and Men | Source

Between God And Men

The old saying is, “if you got the condition, and you can’t change, you live with it”, well that’s between God and Men and their toys and their technology. We can’t even imagine what God has in store for those who try to follow his lead. I am not a fanatical Christian, but a Christian I am. God ‘s power is evident in everyday life , and death , and there is nothing that God does not know , therefore what happens in your life tomorrow has already been written , what takes place in your life tomorrow has been noted and seen before you have experienced it, that is if you truly believe in the spirit of the God.

God made us all equal and no one is better than the other, though some may have more or less money, In his image, God and men are the same. I wrote about a nudist resort not too long ago, and there is no doubt in my mind that God had intended on us to possibly be this way through life. Why I say such a thing, easily when the clothes come off the true self is emitted.With all clothes off, one can’t tell a trucker from a millionaire, a housewife from a mother, to businesswomen. When all is off and you’re bare naked in front of God, we are all alike, just the style of body is different. The mentality is also different nude or clothed, this is what separates us, yet one thing we must have is a common belief in God. Your God may be different than the one I worship. Between God and men we seem to have a problem with God in the Bible, which I can’t pick up and read fully, because of ignorance on my part. Have you ever noticed this, one of the top selling books in the world is the Bible and yet we have wars and fight over it constantly.

I read over the scriptures for men and God relies upon pastors to deliver. I understand a passage or scripture to its definition for me, and maybe you do this also. There are parts in the Book though that are to be adhered to and they don’t ask much of us, I believe they are called the Ten Commandments. I have broken these several times, and through the years I have prayed for forgiveness for being human at this. Those who are spiritually designed to believe in a power greater than them are welcome to believe in the Bible’s God If you confess whatever way feels right. There are interpretations that God and men do not agree upon and why fight it? It has been fought over by churches and humans alike for centuries.

I know there are certain times in my life I could not have made it without the spiritual connection I have with God, such as car accidents.The near fatal miss every now and then. I am not preaching, but teaching that” Yes” we have problems beyond human control, but those are given to the God I worship and though times do not come out like I have prayed, they do in other ways in which I call miracles from God. Men are human as women and we make human mistakes in life and one of them is our faith to someone other than a being ourselves, and since no one has seen God, that I am aware of. People have a hard time with spirits and though we drink them daily and watch them with glee on television. Most have had Godly experiences or miracles. Words are a good example of the power of God; words can harm, kill, make one happy, sad, or just make your day tolerable.Again between the Godly experiences and man;s ability to screw life up we have become increasingly closer to each other in recent years.

So if you’re not spiritual I understand as I was not a few years ago. I was brought up in a church and I don’t go now, yet I believe in God and find most that go to church may not understand the power of God’s real spirit toward men and women. Those who let go of their will and pray for relief will receive it if they believe. It use to sound dumb to me to let go and let God, yet it is now the way I live my life, and I am a better person than I ever was, I have my days where you don’t want to be around me, and that’s when I have forgotten God. I pray every day for God to direct my life the way he sees fit, and nothing more than to bless those I know and don’t know and hope some are doing christian living; Between God and man we have to began to understand that man is not a God and that playing God is wrong . We have no power over so many things, just voices and prayers, maybe that’s enough to change the world in harmony and in despair. The differences between God and men are evident in our lives. There are some whom overpower others with words they say or actions done, we can only pray that those in power of money, finances and prestige don’t abuse their own self-image and think they can over throw such a God that is in the bible.Between God and men I think life can be livable , yet so much of the spirit of the bible has gone to Satan in recent months that the true outcome is biblical at this point.


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