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Between Peter and the Wolf: What is Amoris Laetitia Saying to the Church in Africa?

Updated on March 22, 2017


The atmosphere in the Catholic Church at present is heavily perfumed and conditioned by the aroma of the Amoris Laetitia of Pope Francis especially the Chapter 8 of the encyclical that has underlined the roles of conscience and discernment in allowing communion for the divorced and re-married as well as for couples in same–sex relationships. But it is well understood why some strong repellents have been instituted in the African Church and in so many different corners in Europe and America against the aroma of Amoris Laetitia by those who consider it mischievous or outrightly poisonous.

Apprehensions are rife here in Nigeria as the Pope’s encyclical is coming directly behind the event of a sitting President Muhammadu Buhari making it clear to former U.S President Barack Obama that the prospects of legalizing homosexuality, lesbianism and same–sex relationships in Nigeria are very thin and remote.

This apprehension is very much defined by the delicate nature of the concept of “conscience” in African communitarian experience. African communitarianism is not equivalent to and must not be confused with collectivism. And it must be seen as being strongly opposed to and intolerant of individualism.

Extreme collectivism, individualism, secularization and relativism are factors that have maintained a strong hold on and conditioned the structures of modern day European/American society. Germane African recipes for growth and developments have always made efforts to avoid these influences, regarding them as poisonous and contagious with the resultant effect that modern day European/American society does not present an ideal but is rather taken to be a control experiment in the general research fields that deal with questions of growth, development and industrialization in Africa. Did the Latin American Church sell out on these in her match to the papacy?

For the Church in Africa, and in respect of the plot to re-design and transform today’s many different ecclesial communities into a new Sodom and Gommorah, the Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia is saying that the Enemy deserves some irrepressible rebuke.

It is to be noted that in its traditional nomenclatural value, “Mr/Mrs Omenihu Omenazu” is the name of an honorable Igbo, nay African personality. But in the customized usage to which it is put here especially as it pertains to the perverse and subversive sexual culture that confronts Africa, it behooves on us to say it out, loud and clear, that the name of Christians in Igboland in particular and in Africa in general is not “Mr/Mrs Omenihu Omenazu”, and that such names or the derivatives therefrom hold no attraction for the modern day African society nor for any of her religions, Christianity inclusive.

The prevalent sexual inclination in Africa is heterosexual, that is, “omenihu”. “Omenazu” is an abominable act.

The unity of the theological community in Africa seems to have become threatened. This is fueled and taken to a chaotic height by suspicions that some deceptions and infidelity were subtly built into and made to govern the struggle for the reform of the Roman Curia and the entire Church life on the part of those from Latin American bloc. The diminished positions which Africa’s Cardinal Robert Sarah and U.S conservative canonical giant, Cardinal Edmund Burke have been compelled to occupy in the context of the ongoing reforms at the Vatican has raised the question of the sincerity of Latin American Liberation Theology to a new height. The arising question is: can Liberation Theology which found its strongest echo in the African theological heritage in the form of ‘contextualization’ or ‘inculturation’ still be regarded as an ally to the Church in Africa in her quest for liberation, justice, peace, development and responsible social action after the publication of Amoris Laetita by a Pope from the Latin American bloc? Or, put in another, did the Latin American Church, in its march to the papacy sell out on the core values that gave it the special place it occupied in the history of theology in the 21st Century?

A piece published by Life Site Newspaper with titled “They gave Pope Francis four years to ‘make the Church over again. Here’s how he’s tried”, did not very much get me shocked, it got my theological mind greatly tasked and had it sent back to work.


A young girl from Aokpe, Benue State, Nigeria was privileged to have an encounter with the Our Blessed Lady far back in the 90’s. One of the reasons Our Lady gave why she (Our Lady) was not disposed to give the fullest details (or revelations) about the purpose of her visit then was because, according to the young girl, the whole place was filled with “maggots and worms”.

Personally, I am not a virgin. I am not even a saint. And I have had my lowest moments in my relationships with God and my fellow humans which has led me to a new discovery about Divine Mercy. But I am also very much aware that I have a radical and uncompromising attachment to Our Blessed Lady. And I have experienced many direct, one-to-one life–encounters - if you like – visits from or apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary – as a seminarian at Seat of Wisdom Major Seminary Owerri, as the Parish Priest of the Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Umuagbai, Obohia Road, Aba and as a Doctoral Student at the Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA), Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Notably, in May 2005 at CIWA after a six–hour visit to the Blessed Sacrament and just at the time the chapel was being locked, I was drawn to the statue of Our Blessed Lady Queen of the Most Holy Rosary in front of the Chaplaincy. Sitting down there on a small stone for about ten minutes and looking towards the main entrance door to the chaplaincy Church building that had already been locked presented a totally different scenario. From where I was seated, I could see the entire chaplaincy Church building fully enveloped in a very bright light. On top of the Altar Table stood a big ball of light of about 18 inches in diameter - the source of the brightness. Suddenly, the ball rolled off the Altar Table and came to the central aisle - rolling down the aisle towards the main entrance door, increasing in diameter as it came nearer. At the instance of the disappearance of the ball of light, a woman in blue apparels stood in front of me. Everything about her was shinning to the extent I could not raise my eyes to look at her. The situation was adjusted in a matter of seconds. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life – both in my contacts with real life persons and in pictures. I reached an agreement with her to come there and wait for her at the statue for the next seven days between 1.00 am and 3.00am. And I did. One of the things she told me was that there was a powerful and an influential plot to kill the new Pope (Pope Benedict XVI) and that if Pope Benedict XVI dies, the Fatima message – especially the one that concerns the 3rd Secret – would not be allowed to see the light of the day except if it is taken up by a priest and a theologian who behaves like Fr. Karl Rahner. This is because, according to her, many Christians, especially priests, bishops and cardinals are “sleeping on mattresses of maggots and are covered with blankets of worms”. Consequently, she would need someone from Africa, precisely from Nigeria, with the status of a General in the Fatima Army who does theology like Fr. Karl Rahner to work with. And that this is the request she is making of me. I started a heavy argument with and voiced my strong reservations before her. The rest is history.

Fr. Ken Evurulobi, PhD/ Pages 1-5 of Photos of Letter to CDF


Amoris Laetitia as a Pastoral Bridge: Implications for Africa and the Fatima Message

As events have unfolded, I have come to the conviction that there is no need getting involved in controversies – whether necessary or unnecessary – about apparitions. Even here, there is no appeal to apparitions and no solicitations are made in their regard. Facts – in this sense, theological facts - are sacred, self-assertive and equally have the capacity to stand on their feet without leaning on the crutches provided by apparitions. The SACRED DEED is a theological fact.

Before now, I had sent this letter (see photo box), together with a copy of the SACRED DEED, to Cardinal Muller's CDF through Archbishop E. Kutz, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). A copy was sent to the Apostolic Nunciature in Nigeria.

Again, last week, and pursuant to the same cause, I had another note (see also photo box) sent to John-Henry Western, Editor-in-Chief of Life Site Newspaper via e-mail.

Generally speaking, the apparitions have contributed a lot in building a strong basis for the method I have adopted in my approach to sensitive events and issues that have strong theological significance for the 21stCentury Church. For instance, in 2006, I was challenged to choose between the priesthood and Our Blessed Lady. I choose Our Lady. And through her powerful intercession and strong interventions, I am still focused and resilient as a Catholic Priest and a theologian. It suffices to mention that while Nigeria’s former military dictator retired General Ibrahim Babadamosi Babangida planned a come–back to the office of the president in 1999 and was fully conscious of and developed every conceivable means to actualize his life–presidency ambition; and whereas he did this in alliance with the members of a Church cabal which was later found to be a branch of a wider deadly network that cuts across political, economic, religious and social platforms, the Church cabal struggled to have a stamp of authority and legitimacy stamped on the illegality it represented and the chronic prodigality it confessed. The cabal did this by exploiting their closeness to the Bishops and wielding their heavy philanthropic muscles in the affairs of the ecclesial community. Do the Bishops need the closeness of the members of the flock? Yes! Does the ecclesial community need the philanthropic gestures that have been found to be very much alive and active in the midst of her members? Yes! Of course, all these stand to be exploited and must be exploited to the glory of God. But do the Bishops, Cardinals and the ecclesial community need to constitute themselves into a bridge upon which Satanism could rise to come to Africa? Before the thunderous “No!” answers could be allowed to echo on the podium of African consciousness, there exists the need to explore the meaning and progressive development of the term “bridge”. In tracing the progressive development of this term “bridge” and to keep within the context of this discussion, I have found the phrase “ikwa ogwe” – a classical Asouzuan terminology – very irresistible.

Innocent Asouzu has creatively and insightfully identified the tragedy associated with pseudo-legitimate strategies of survival noting that such strategies always seek to transform the manner of perception of reality – the most important aspect of this transformation being that which takes place in the realm of language and understanding of concepts. Asouzu writes thus:

Pseudo strategists devise all means in view of re-defining the normal usage of terms and the way language and meaning apply. Besides, such strategies seek to redefine the rules of engagement in the transaction of business within a given society through the employment of diverse strategies that condone and trivialize the consequences of ambiguities and contradictions. If organized are premised on the consistency and homogeneity of rules governing action, pseudo-legitimacy is built on the subversion of such rules, but seeks to present such subversion as something normal. (Asouzu, I.I: Ikwa Ogwe (Essential Readings in Complimentary Reflection): Calabar, Nigeria: Sacsprint Publishers, 2007. P.374)

Placing this side by side with a piece by Anne Hendershott published in THE HUFFINGTON POST with the title ”Making Gay Okay At The Synod,’ one can immediately appreciate why Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia is a master piece in chronic need of a hard cover.

Decrying the tragedy of unintended necessary cause in its consequent relationship with the “transcendence of compassion” and the implication this has with human rights practice, Asouzu writes:

“…in a situation where actors do not make concerted efforts to understand the type of intricate casual relationship joining means to end, they may be inclined to act but act in an irresponsible manner… This is when they may not be in position to account fully all the necessary connections that enter into the act of bringing about specific conditions. Now, wherever and whenever a person believes that a certain end must be realized through the application of certain means and the person in question also does everything possible to actually translate this belief into action, he (she) may as a result of his (her) zeal to accomplish this belief overlook some by-products of his (her) action that might be considered excessive and even wrong. (Asouzu; ibid, p383 – 384)

In a recent letter I sent to the Parish Priest of Saints Anthony & Jude’s Parish, Umungasi Aba, with the subject “My Residency Position at S.S. Anthony & Jude’s Parish, Umungasi Aba: Raising the Necessary Considerations”, I observed thus:

To qualify for the membership of the 666, one must have to transform into and acquire the personality of Lucifer in an irrevocable manner, and in this way comes to be referred to as the “1” of Lucifer. By virtue of this irrevocable transformation into and acquisition of the personality of Lucifer, one is taught the language of the S-Code. The signifcance of the “1” nature can only be understood by an investigation of the mystical dimension of its numerical equivalent “9”. The personality that has acquired the “1” personality in Nigeria is the former gap-toothed military dictator. But, like each member of the 666 must necessarily communicate the Lucifer personality in him/her to other nine persons who now become his other selves, Babangida has Bola Tinubu, Late Pa Adedibu (who is billed to be replaced by Gbenga Daniel or Bode George), Babagana Kingibe, Orji Kalu, Eunice Kalu, Chimaraoke Nnamani, James Ibori, Tony Anenih and Babangida himself (depicting a kind of dual personality – that is to say that there is the IBB we know and there is the IBB that nobody knows except if and when he chooses to reveal himself in this capacity) as his other-selves.

To appreciate this analysis in its ecclesiastical mould, it is necessary to ask the question: how much of the trio of Cardinals Sondano, Daneels and Martini do we know except what they choose to reveal to their other–selves who, themselves, are sworn to an oath of secrecy about the “nature, vision, mission, agenda and propaganda” of their brotherhood?

Against this background, it is very important to observe that while Pope Francis may have been enveloped and ruled by the compassion which characterizes the teaching and actions of the Master himself, getting the official Church authorize and give a stamp of legitimacy to some narcissistic agenda and abominable projections that have been sacrilegiously and syncretically translated into an ecclesiastical language as well as influencing and clearing the way for the elevation of the “other–selves” of the “I” cardinals to the Episcopacy and the Cardinalate respectively and influencing their appointments into strategic positions in the management of the ecclesial communities are issues, it seems, that the Gallen cardinals are hiding behind the most sincere pastoral approaches this humble and unassuming servant of God has floated to achieve.

As Cardinals under the 80 years benchmark, the “other–selves” of the “I” cardinals are eligible to vote and be voted for in the event of a conclave. So how come that the fear of the Anti-Christ pope is a ruse and a product of extreme emotionalism?

Somewhere in one of the sections of a Decree in the pages of a secret communist manual published by the Stalin government which treated the identity and destiny of a real opposition to the communist ideology and practice, it was stated thus:

“… every opposition to the novelty which this brotherhood holds, teaches and practices is an incurable mad imbecile, a fugitive and a wanderer ... in fact, he is mad; and must be mad; and cannot but be mad; and, therefore, must be seen to be mad.”

This secret but obtrusive decree superimposed itself on, suppressed and eventually murdered the individual, group and national Consciences and extinguished whatever contents that were assigned to the term “Discernment”. An unrepentant readiness and willingness to implement this decree thus became a dominant consideration in appointing heads of government institutions and cooperations, including hospitals, banks, industries, schools, universities, malls, markets, boards, agencies, police, army, etc.

That the Papacy of Pope Francis does not promise a long-term monitoring and evaluation of curial decisions and proceedings has come to assert something new about the relationship between the on-going reforms and the security of doctrines in a future referential framework that would be defined by the New World Order.

In a piece I published in the HUBPAGES some years back with the title“The Church And Global Security: Introducing A Fifth Gospel To Nigeria?I said ..but the instruction of Giuseppe Muezzini (1805 -1872) - as informed by his membership of the 33rd Degree of the Freemasonry and his position as the leader of the Italian revolution as well as his deep involvement in a powerful satanic cult known as the Illuminati - to Albert Pike in a letter dated January 22, 1870 would surely remove the veil and pretense from the face of every Masonic member today, and thus compel them to admit either the presence of a chronically damaging ignorance about their so called imposing and time tested convictions, or an inexcusable culpability in global terrorism, insipid plutocracy, international gangsterism, executive rascality and other numerous criminal actions committed against God and humanity.

In the Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Albert Pike had written thus:

“Masonry …. Conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the truth, which it calls light, from them, to draw them away from it. Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it, or would pervert it … The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the temple. Parts of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry. The whole body of the Royal and Sacerdotal Art was hidden so carefully, centuries since, in the High Degrees, as that it is even yet impossible to solve many of the enigmas which they contain. It is well enough for the mass of those called masons, to maintain that all is contained in the Blue Degrees; and whosoever attempts to undeceive them will labor in vain, and without any true reward violate his obligations as an Adept. Masonry is the veritable sphinx, buried to the head in the sands heaped round it by the ages… The true name of Satan, the cabalists say, is that of YAHWEH reversed; for Satan is not a black god but the negation of God. The devil is the personification of atheism or idolatry. The first three degrees of Masonry are referred to as Symbolic Masonry. Degrees four through 32 are part of what is referred to as Philosophical Masonry. The degrees that follow, from the 34th and up are referred to as the “Esoteric Degrees.”

And in their search for a respectable forum in which to hide their clandestine activities, Giuseppe had instructed thus:

“We must allow all the federation to continue just as they are, with their systems, their central authorities and their diverse modes of correspondence between high grades of the same rite, organizes as they are at the present but we must create a super rite, which will remain unknown, to which we will call those masons of high degree whom we shall select, with regard to our brothers in masonry, these men must be pledges to the strictest secrecy. Through this supreme rite, we will govern all freemasonry which will become the one international center, the more powerful because its direction will be unknown”.

That Albert Pike was a confirmed unrepentant satanic apologist who was widely reputed to have the ability to hold discussions with Lucifer, and that he singlehandedly developed exhaustive satanic rites and rituals for the worship of Lucifer in his book ‘ Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’’ and that this book became the Sacred Scripture of Freemasonry, inexorably goes to uncover the hypocrisy, deception, terrorism, corruption, immorality, fatalism, impotency and criminality which all masons both low and high degree members have brought to the center stage of local, national and international affairs whether these be political social , economic, religious, science, technology, etc.

Also, giving the force, acceptance and influence exerted by Atheistic Communism today in Europe/ America in the guise of relativism, homosexuals, lesbianism, pornography, etc, can it be realistically argued that the last vestiges of Atheistic Communist errors actually left the departure hall of world affairs? Or is it not safer to discard this false euphoria about the collapse of USSR, and inaugurate a verifiability programme for the real identity of Atheistic Capitalism that is sweeping across the globe like a whirlwind. To approach this issue directly, is it not possible, and indeed the case that communism is the other side of a capitalist democracy that pays only a lip service to God and his Church. A step further in the direction of unmasking the real identity of the owners of this coin will bring the church to a rude and paralyzing shock - one which may inflict perpetual deformity or paralysis on the Vatican unless she takes up this task herself and courageously resolves to bear the cost on her own.


In inaugurating the Synod on the Family few years back, Pope Francis challenged the Church to “go forth”. But it was Cardinal E. Burke who commented that the “Church must go forth – but not with empty hands. The Church must “go forth” to encounter and transform the world with her faith.

Few days back, exactly on the 18th February 2017, while Cardinal Vincent Nichols Archbishop of Westminster re-consecrated England and Wales to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in as a way of marking the Centenary of the visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Fatima, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby permitted for a full Masonic service to be conducted in his Cathedral as a manifest act of solidarity with Freemasons who were celebrating their 300 years anniversary.

The re-dedication ceremony of England and Wales and the authorization for a full Masonic service in the Anglican Cathedral by the Archbishop of Canterbury share some significant nexus with the publication of the encyclical “Amoris Laetitia” at the eve of the Centenary of the Fatima Apparitions. The “dubia’ presented to Pope Francis by the five cardinals has highlighted this nexus. And that the vibrations emitting from the dubia have shaking the Vatican at its foundations is no excuse for dismissing the dubia as a product of bias and prejudice. Despite the intrigues that tag along the “dubia” and the propaganda that have been deployed to discredit the persons and good intentions of the authors, the Cardinals are damn right in the concerns they have raised. The method employed by the elders is a different question. The Cardinals are asking Pope Francis to answer, in a “Yes” or “No” fashion, exactly the same questions Pastor Tunde Bakare, President of the Latter Rain Assembly Church, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria raised for the Nigerian conscience in a historic message titled “How to Change Government Peacefully and Make Society Better”. Pastor Bakare writes:

For the sake of clarity and to keep within the boundary of the subject of our contemplation this morning – ‘How to Change Government Peacefully and Make Society Better’ - I have arranged this lecture under four major headings:


While the silence of Pope Francis is the ideal response to the dubia, the centrality of the dubia in dealing with the difficult issues of “Conscience” and “Discernment” in today’s world cannot escape our appreciation.

There is no justification in boxing the Holy Father to a tight corner with “YES” and “NO” questions about decisions and teachings that are clearly put forward in an effort to reposition the Church for optimum pastoral action and harvest, but there is the need to protect the faith against the enemy that is very much around in the form of the serpent.

At the end, the “dubia” may not have succeeded in compelling Pope Francis to produce the required answers. But they surely have opened the eyes of the Church to the futility associated with the game of “playing David without an anointing” in reference to the spiritual, psychological and secular dispositions of the individual bishops and other ecclesiastical actors who have been tasked with the responsibility of implementing “Amoris Laetitia.”

Pope Francis is not wrong. But how many bishops will get the interpretation and application right?

That the vibrations emitting from the dubia have shaking the Vatican at its foundations is no excuse for dismissing the dubia as a product of bias and prejudice.

Blessed John Paul II had authoritatively asserted and emphasized the fact that “Jesus Christ takes evil upon himself and reduces it to no-thing. In another parlance, ex-pontiff Benedict XVI admonished on the need and power of letting “the “I” of Jesus Christ rule our lives”.

Pope Francis has, himself, re-emphasized and repeatedly re-echoed these templates of divine wisdom and inspiration as the prevalent attitude that governed the response of his predecessors - Blessed John Paul II and Benedict XVI – in their confrontation with the question of evil in the world especially the turn it has taken with regards to terrorism, corruption, violence, injustice, homosexuality, lesbianism, immigration e.t.c - insisting that Christians must “overcome evil with good.”

The governing spirit of Amoris Laetitia and the principles of application thereof are clearly captured, in retrospect, and underlined by Pope Francis when he praised and extolled the virtues of ex-pontiff Benedict XVI that are at the root of his decision to resign as a pope. Thus, Pope Francis, while recalling Benedict XVI’s example states:

“When the Lord showed him in prayer the step he had to take, followed his conscience with a great sense of discernment and courage, that is, he followed the will of God that spoke to his heart. This example is of benefit to all of us, as an example to be followed in identifying situations which demand the application of Amoris Laetitia” (emphasis mine).

Expounding the implications of the example of his predecessors for today’s Christians, and to capture and expunge the dangerous extremes which many Christian faithful have adopted in their attitude to such life challenges which confront them, Pope Francis stated that a Christian configured to selfishness, greed and falsehood can never have a conscience. Jesus, Pope Francis noted, wants neither selfish Christians who follow their egos and do not speak with God, nor weak Christians without will, remote controlled Christians incapable of creativity, who seek always to connect with the will of another.

Pages 6-12 of Photos of Letter to CDF

Sacred Deed: Providing the Required Hard Cover to Amoris Laetitia

Therefore, concerning the encyclical “Amoris Laetitia”, what I written is written. And so far, nothing suggests that the loyalty and commitment of Pope Francis to the Master is suspect. Nobody can, in all fairness to Pope Francis, assert that his interests are at par with the vision and mission of the Church.

But while Pope Francis, in Amoris Laetitia, has experimented successfully and set in motion the practical demands encapsulated in the admonition that “Christians overcome evil with good,” there exists an intimidating need or rather challenge for him to allow for a necessary confrontation between the reforms that are on-going in the Roman Curia as well as in the general Church life and the admonition of ex-pontiff Benedict XVI that we “let the “I” of Jesus Christ rule our lives”.

This confrontation is central in dealing with the perverse and subversive influences of the “I” cardinals in the 21st Century Church.

Going by the wide ranging reactions to Amoris Laetitia - whether interfaith, ecumenical, intercultural – it would amount to an infernal rigidity and a repudiation of the underlying principles that hold Amoris Laetita together as a sound teaching and an effective pastoral tool to deny or ignore a strongly brewing tension that have threatened Christendom to its very foundations. Such as denial would obscure the distinction between Christians, in the mold of ex-Pontiff Benedict XVI, whom the Lord show the step to follow in prayer; Christians who follow their conscience with a great sense of discernment and courage on the one hand and selfish Christians who follow their egos and do not speak with God; weak Christians without will or remote controlled Christians incapable of creativity who seek always to connect with the will of another on the one hand. That is, between the group of Cardinals made up of five elders who authored the dubia – behind whom ex-pontiff Benedict XVI would have naturally queued up going by his theological and pastoral inclinations and the princely cult known as the Gallen.

The SACRED DEED holds out this possibility to the 21st \Century Church as a gift from the Our Lady of Fatima on the occasion of the Centenary of the Fatima Apparitions in the year of the Lord 2017.

I am persuaded to, unapologetically, believe and assert that the Church is the spotless Bride of Christ as prefigured in the person of the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the 2nd, not the 1st, Eve.

But the Church must allow herself to be educated and instructed by the obedience and example of the 2nd Eve if she is to maintain her status as the Bride of Jesus Christ. The Fatima Message provides the necessary links the 21st Century Church has with this life–time responsibility as she gallantly and triumphantly marches on to the New World Order.

Photos of the Letter to John-Henry Westen, Editor-in-Chief of Life-Site Newspaper


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