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Beware Oh mortals! "every thing will pass"!

Updated on February 5, 2016

The fleeting experiences of life!

Our perception of joy is different from the Bliss obtained through the contemplation of the Self! In a way, we are happy to enjoy the sensual pleasures rather than sacrificing the craving! But, in the sacrifice alone lies our greatest achievement, which is perennial Bliss compared to the flashes of sensual pleasures. Hence the sages, saints and prophets exhort mankind to attain everlasting Bliss by devoting to the Supreme Being instead of falling slaves to the momentary sensual pleasures.

If I am offered a job with a remuneration of 100000 $ a month, I will definitely chose the above instead of 100 $ one. The sensual pleasures are like the 100$ whereas the spiritual enlightenment is akin to 100000$. Of course, I have under estimated purposely so that readers may get a perspective of spirituality! Hence choose wisely! Do not be carried away by immediate gains.

Our mental makeup in this material universe has become too bad. This shows that we are being carried away by comparing the life and achievements of others. There is no ‘contentment’ in our present life. Contentment is the greatest virtue, everyone in this universe should possess. Then there won’t be any scarcity for anything in this world and everyone can live in joy all over the world. Sadly, our instincts are towards comforts and luxury. Greed has occupied the conscious of most of the wealthy denizens of the world. While one tenth of the population possesses 80% of wealth, the rest 90% possess only the remaining twenty percent of wealth. Hence, there is poverty and anarchy as a direct cause!

How came the enormous difference in the lives of people? Dharma or Righteousness is the basis of lives of all human beings, whether they are from the East or West! Unfortunately in each aeon, there are rise and fall of morality of people everywhere. Whenever a prophet or incarnation of God appears, there sprouts, holy conscious and virtuous living, among the people of the region. Slowly these positive waves of goodness infiltrate into the mind of good natured people all-round the globe.

But, similar to the law of gravitation, ‘whatever goes up has to come down”. As earthly denize4ns, our conscious also slowly attracted back to earthly attachments and desires in due course. More so, in the case of “Kaliyug”, when people cannot keep up the tempo of following virtual path always. This leads to a void in righteous living. Only a few people adhere to the vows of Truth and non-violence. More than 80% of the people are following stark materialism, since they feel, wife, wealth and children are the highest achievement in human life. But their judgement stems from illusory imagination of attachments. Neither the wife nor child accompanied us to the earth. Each one came separately and hence each will depart at the allotted time.

Here, I heard a nice example from Sathya Saibaba! He said that the mortal life could be compared to flooded river. The water flows at high speed. Two logs floating separately on the surface of the river happened to conjoin due to the force of water, they travel thus for some time. Afterwards, they get detached from each other due to the same force of water. This is how a husband and wife live together in this world. Hence the coming and departing are due to the force of flow of Life itself. Life itself is a great force like the flood water. None can imagine what will happen, the next moment? One may be enjoying watching show, sipping a cup of hot coffee. Suddenly, there is a crashing sound! Lo! Within a second, the entire house is drifted aside in a sudden flood caused due to “Tsunami”! Can we predict anything or any event here? NO. Hence, Adhi Sankara, the great saint who lived in India, exhorted a scholar, not to bother about the grammar lessons of the language. Instead, chant the Divine names of Govinda! Thus the famous song of “Baja Govindam” came to be sung by him! The scholar argued that his proficiency in grammar will get presents from the king in the form of cows and jewels! He can lead a comfortable and happy life thereon! The foolish scholar never understands that ‘death’ is waiting to strike us at any time and it is ridiculous to pursue worldly goals!

Hence, the scriptures proclaim, “Mother will pass, Father will pass, Pass the relatives, friends! Wealth and fame will be lost! Hence beware you foolish man! Remember the feet of Hari and redeem yourself!

Every thing changes!


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Remember the feet of Hari indeed! Yes, all is transitory. Expressed so nicely in your beautiful Hub!