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Beyond Ho'oponopono

Updated on May 24, 2012

Mind Boggling!

Beyond The Mind!
Beyond The Mind!

What Is One Step Beyond Intention?

I've written extensively about my experiences with Ho'oponopono here and other places and the responses have largely been favorable.

What I have noticed in my healing and conscious coaching practices is that people are moving with unprecedented speed from one level of awareness to the next.

Where a few short years ago, anything "spiritual" or "meta-physical' were considered foofoo, today, our own science is supporting the experiences many of us have been having for years.

As new and higher (not better....just more conscious) practices are being introduced to the world...they are being embraced with speed not seen in previous years.

Not only that, but they are being transcended almost as fast as they are introduced.

So, what does this mean for you and whatever spiritual practice you are involved in?

It just means, don't hold on to your belief system too tightly.

Your open and allowing nature will be the welcoming committee for whatever Higher Intelligence has in mind for you next.

Let me be perfectly clear, I am not condemning or minimizing any practice or belief.  There is a place and purpose to be served by all of them. 

Not everyone is here, at this time, in this lifetime to do the same thing.  As a matter of fact, we each have our own path, probably to some extent, determined before we came into this particular existence.

The tools for conscious evolution are almost always realized in a particular order.  Similar to a child learning to crawl before she walks, and walk before she runs.  No one step is better or more important...they just are part of the process of learning to walk.

So is the process of reaching higher levels of awareness.

While it is true, some spontaneous awareness does occur...usually the individual is jolted by a traumatic or awe inspiring event....

However, most of us have to crawl, then walk, before we run.  Some of us won't stop there.

What if there were steps after running, like levitating and flying and bi-location (being in two places at once)...

What if?

So, what is next on the conscious evolution progression for you?

If you have transcended the duality of life and know that we are all one..if you haven't already, you may soon become aware of an entirely new "energy".

It is not really an energy, rather a new spectrum all together...beyond energy.

Beyond Energy

What is Beyond Energy?

I hear it all the can anything be "beyond energy"? I thought "everything is energy"?

It is true, that all we see and touch in the physical is energy.

Just like there is a spectrum of color and sound, there are colors and sounds beyond our ability to experience...there are spectrums of creation we are not even aware of.

Science currently believes there are eleven dimensions to our existence. We currently experience ourselves within 4 of those dimensions...height, weight, depth and time.

What is beyond...what is now being recognized by those who's awareness is open and ready is the fifth dimension of our existence.

Within this 5th dimension we experience a spectrum that is perfect ease, health and peace. Where there is no need for intention - because everything is available to you.

You don't want something you already have.

There is no need for "techniques" for healing, cleansing, attracting abundance...that is all transcended when you connect at this level.

I want to repeat right now, I am not condemning or judging any other forms of healing or manifesting.  They play their part...just as crawling plays an integral part that eventually leads to walking.

Walking is not Better than crawling is just the natural evolution.  Just as moving beyond technique, strategy and rules is the natural evolution of consciousness.

Look, I still participate in some of these other "techniques". In order to reach the people, you must go where they are.  I just started a massive Intention Project where every individual who participates (for f.ree by the way)...gets to have their intention the object of the groups focus.

It is extremely powerful and will change lives.

It may even prove to be the stepping stone for some participants to experience this next dimension of consciousness.

No judgement.  Only love.

For we are all a piece of the same whole. If we despise another, we are really despising ourselves. 

Dr. Eric Pearl

Larger More Dramatic Healings

This new spectrum, made main stream by Eric Pearl, is free for everyone to access.  Once you experience the spectrum, you can access it any time you put your attention on it.


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    • YourTouristGuide profile image

      YourTouristGuide 8 years ago from Valley of the Heart's Delight, California

      Good stuff here, Fran!  You might also enjoy... Jeez!  I sound like Amazon or something!  ;-)

      Beyond Ho'oponopono?  Beyond [anything]?  I dunno.  Its ALL just a matter of perspective... and illusion, I think.  Something I read here (or at your site, maybe) reminded me of the "Mutant Message Down Under" info re: the seven Aboriginal directions:  north, south, east, west, above, below and within.  (I enjoyed that book when I read it, but it later took a HUGE credibility hit.  Ah, well... fyi, fwiw, etc.)

      I'm currently reading "Instant Healing"... mostly because of the author's (Serge King) connection to Kauai.  I'm enjoying it, as he echos the  "to each his/her own" healing vibe... and even opines that different techniques work differently for different people.  My logical mind says, "Makes sense to me!".Thanks for sharing your truth, Fran.  While I'm not-so-much a fan of "sales letter" promotion, it certainly seems like your heart's in the right place.  Best wishes for you as you move forward your new intention adventure!

    • anjalichugh profile image

      anjalichugh 8 years ago from New York

      'Walking is not better than's only a step in the process of evolution.' So true! Everyone has its own pace to transcend the man made boundaries and be spiritually awakened. I believe the process has it's roots in 'connecting' with other beings and 'loving' them as we love ourselves. The rest follows on it's own. Thimbs up for this hub.