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Bible Quiz #6

Updated on February 1, 2015

Bible Trivia Quiz #6 - Prayer in the Bible

How well have you studied prayer in the Bible. Why did Jesus pray out loud for certain things? What was Jesus' last prayer? Can you choose the correct answer from a list? We will see!

This Bible quiz on prayer is #6 in a series of Bible Trivia Quizzes which will keep on coming. You may use the Bible if you wish, or test yourself by taking the quizzes without using any reference. There are no rules, just enjoy.

Bible Quiz #6 - Prayer

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Bible Self Quiz

When you read the Bible, always be sure to ask the Holy Spirit to teach you as you read. The Holy Spirit is your teacher.

When you finish reading a section of the Bible, ask yourself, "What does this mean?" "What is God saying here?" "Why did God include this passage for those who seek Him to read?" "How can I use this in my daily living? Is there something in how I live that should be changed to make life better for me and those I love?"


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    • cbpoet profile image

      cbpoet 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Thanks for sharing. My score indicates that I should go to a few more church services ..

    • profile image

      Virgil Newsome 6 years ago

      This one was way too easy. Good enough to make me think back through the scriptures though.