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It Is Written Jesus uses the word of God as a contract

Updated on January 15, 2015

Every time Jesus rebukes the devil when he was tempted in the desert he starts with it is written, and then quotes God’s word. This reminds me of a contract. Two or more people enter into a written binding contract. When one person tries to break that contract, the other party steps up and says look at the contract. It is written right here that you can’t do this, or you will be breaking the contract.

In Jesus’ case, Satan is trying to get him to break the contract, or God’s word. Jesus is saying I don’t care what you bribe me with. I’m not going to break the contract. The contract is too important. The people this contract is going to save is way too important for me to even think about it. Look at what it says right here, so you have to quit harassing me.

Satan couldn’t go against God’s word. He couldn’t break it then, and he can’t break it now. No matter how much he rebels against God, no matter how much he hates us, no matter how much he wants to see all of us in his domain, he can’t break the power of God’s word. God’s word is more powerful than a contract. Even power of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins is more powerful than any contract created on this Earth.

God’s word is binding and legal even to Satan. From Bible in Basic English found at Matthew 5:18, “Truly I say to you, Till heaven and earth come to an end, not the smallest letter or part of a letter will in any way be taken from the law, till all things are done.” Satan can not steal any one of us from Jesus once we ask Jesus to save us, accept his free gift of salvation, and repent of our sins. There is nothing he can do to drag us to hell after that.

Jesus loves us so much that there was no way he could even be coerced into breaking God’s words or laws. He kept that love for us all the way to the bitter end on the cross where he shed his blood and died for us. I believe that if he did not love us so much that he would have caved in on the Satan’s temptations.

Since Jesus didn’t cave into the temptations and kept the contract of God’s word, we can be saved and be with him in heaven. To be saved, ask Jesus into your heart, believe that he died on the cross for you, rose from the dead, repent of your sins, and accept his free gift of salvation. One day we will meet him in heaven.

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."


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    • MotherWisdom profile image

      Katherine Parker 5 years ago from Indiana

      You hit on one of my favorite precepts of the Word. Paraphrasing Isaiah 55:11, the word must give an account of itself that it has performed what God sent it to do. Once God has spoken it, it is forever established. Imaging, satan trying to stop the Word (Jesus--John 1:1-14) from keeping the Word!

    • rickzepeda profile image

      rickzepeda 5 years ago

      Thanks for this information. Really interesting. I have thought of this before and realize that God will always keep his word so it is written.

    • profile image

      Ayomipo 6 years ago

      This write up are really good for somebody like me. For me to know more about the kind of God i serve. Thanks for the good job u're doing.

    • irenemaria profile image

      irenemaria 6 years ago from Sweden

      In this event in the Bible it is quite interesting to note, that Satan too is quoting the Bible! But of course he applies it wrongly.

    • Marliza Gunter profile image

      Marliza Gunter 6 years ago from South Africa

      I just had to come and read this hub..its the only hub in a very long time that made some spiritual sense.

      Over the years God has taught me that scripture by scripture He makes it a living reality in my life, it is in fact a covenant that God Himself makes with me, and once He has taken a particular scripture and turned it into a covenant, then that scripture becomes my truth and reality...I then also know without a shadow of a doubt that God will honor that covenant for all eternity..the covenant never expires, weakens or are subject to conditions..His Word is then binding by the Power of His Glory and Satan has no power against any covenant that God initiated and signed..

      Wonderful hub..with much truth to it..keep on doing what you are doing... :)