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Bible Trivia Quiz #3

Updated on January 31, 2015

Miracles in the Bible

This quiz is designed to challenge your knowledge of miracles performed in the Bible. There are many in the scriptures. The prophets performed miracles. So did Jesus, the apostles, and other believers in the New Testament.

The rules to take this quiz are simple and generous: open Bible, open Internet. But, you can challenge yourself to see how much you know without making reference. In life, though, it is always open Bible!

Bible Trivia Quiz: Miracles

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Bible Miracles Quiz

This quiz will challenge you a little. The questions are mixed, from a variety of books, and questions are phrased to make you look at the events from a slightly different perspective than the typical emphasis in an American church. The events of scripture are far more amazing than a one hour sermon can hold!


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