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Aliens, UFOs, And Their Relation To The Bible

Updated on October 31, 2019
Lou Tenant profile image

Lou Tenant writes articles with a focus on mysteries and unexplained phenomen in the search for the truth. Thanks for reading this!

A common depiction of a “grey alien”
A common depiction of a “grey alien”

Aliens and UFOs

This article will go pretty deep in researching the true nature of aliens and UFOs. Do they exist, and if so, how would this fit into a Biblical worldview?

To get straight to the point, I don‘t believe there‘s any definitive proof of an extraterrestrial race of beings out there. I do, however, believe that UFOs exist and are seen by normal people.

This brings me to my first point- that there is a wrong association between UFOs and aliens. “UFO” simply stands for ”unidentified flying object.” However, most people think UFO = alien spaceship. It is my belief that these two things are not mutually exclusive. UFOs can exist without aliens existing, and vice versa.

The True Nature Of Aliens

Alien sightings and reports have become increasingly commonplace since Roswell. According to a HuffPost survey, about half of all Americans believe in aliens, which is a pretty big number. You’ve probably even heard of the basic description of what they look like- gray or green color, large black eyes, small nose, very slim or sometimes nonexistent mouth, and a skinny body. These aliens are called greys. Other common alien races include the reptilians, Annunaki, and the Nordics. All these descriptions of aliens indicate they have a humanoid appearance.

If aliens truly are visiting Earth, then you would expect their appearance to be very different from ours, yet out of all the species on Earth, including animals, these aliens tend to look most closely like humans. What are the chances of them looking like us more than any animal species on Earth?

This brings us to a big question- are these aliens related to humans in any way?

Aleister Crowley and Greys

In my research to determine the true nature of aliens, I came across an interesting connection between greys and Aleister Crowley. Crowley is most famous for being an English occultist. Over his lifetime, he wrote many magic books and was determined to be Satan’s “chief of staff.” He was a really sick dude who performed many bizarre rituals and claimed to have contacted many spirits. Among these spirits he supposedly summoned was a demon named Lam. Crowley drew a picture of what this demon looks like, shown below.

Interestingly, this Lam being fits the description of a grey alien. This is the first piece of evidence which I believe shows that the true nature of these “aliens” is not natural like us, but supernatural. The second piece of evidence will be covered in the next section.

Crowley’s drawing of Lam
Crowley’s drawing of Lam

First Contact

You’ve probably heard of the term “close encounters.” These describe alleged encounters with aliens or alien objects. There are 5 types of close encounters which I will briefly summarize below. However, our focus will be on the fifth type of encounter.

The 5 Types of Encounters

  1. When you encounter an alien object that does not affect or alter its environment
  2. When you encounter an alien object that does physically interact with the environment, leaving some sort of evidence
  3. When you encounter alien beings on their own or accompanying an alien object. (Steven Spielberg made a famous movie about this type)
  4. When aliens initiate contact with you, as in the case of alien abductions, for example
  5. When you initiate the contact with aliens, essentially the opposite of the 4th kind.

In order to carry out a close encounter of the fifth kind, a man named Steven Greer developed a set of steps called the CE-5 Protocols in the 90s. These protocols call for using focused thought as the way to contact aliens. This specifc form of consciousness can be achieved using transcendental meditation and mantras.

This gives us a big clue. Why? Because meditation, mantras, and related practices have origins in Buddhism and Hinduism. In other words, these practices are religious practices.

Meditation, despite its popularity today as a way to clear your head or stay physically healthy, was taught originally as a way to acheive a form of enlightenment or union with a universal soul. In Hinduism the goal is to liberate your Purusha (pure consciousness) from matter, e.g. your body. Jainism and Buddhism repeat similar ideas.

Those who have practiced meditation have claimed, for thousands of years, that they regularly can and do make contact with higher beings- whether they be “gods” or even “ascended” humans. These humans, called the Ascended Masters, are those who have become englightened and achieved higher dimensional existences and consciousness.

So it seems like meditation has always aided in making “first contact” with beings. But only recently do we term the contacted beings as “aliens.” This brings us to the point of all this- if ancient spiritual practices are used to contact “aliens,” this indicates that these “aliens” may be spiritual in nature, not physical.

These evidences bring us to my belief about aliens- that they are actually angels, spiritual in nature, and they have been mistaken for extraterrestrial beings from some far off galaxy. They’ve been visiting Earth since biblical times, and have been called various names over time. Today many call them aliens. Tomorrow who knows what they’ll be called. But we understand that these are the same beings visiting throughout time- angels.

some of the purported “Ascended Masters”
some of the purported “Ascended Masters”

Now Let’s Talk About UFOs

Now that we have determined the beings that have been and are visiting Earth are not extraterrestrial, what are UFOs used for?

Most people believe that UFOs are used to traverse intergalactic distances by aliens, but this is inefficient and time-consuming. By Einstein’s theories, no object can travel faster than the speed of light, or at it; this would require an infinite amount of energy.

The nearest galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, is 2.5 million light years away. The farthest galaxies we‘ve discovered are billions of light years away. So if an alien hopped into a UFO from their galaxy with destination Earth, it would take them at least 2.5 million years to get here, and an equal time for the return trip. So traversing galaxies is an extremely long trip, and it is unlikely that aliens doing this from farther galaxies would ever reach us.

So what is a UFO used for? I believe they‘re used for inter-diminesional, rather than inter-galactic travel. UFOs frequently exhibit abilities thought to not be physically possible. They go from a stopped position to thousands of miles an hour in a few seconds, and then stop rapidly again. Such actions would kill us. They move in all directions without resistance. They appear and disappear in front of our eyes.

I believe it is the Navy that recently released declasified UFO videos that you watch showing some of their abilities (search for the Nimitz incident). How are UFOs able to do extraordinary physical feats? I believe that UFOs are used to traverse different dimensions, traveling between lower and higher dimensions. In fact, they may not even be permanent physical constructs.

This would also explain how UFOs can appear and disappear without ”going anywhere.” They simply phase into another dimension. You could call this ”cloaking.” They could still technically be there but we can’t sense them because we are limited to a 3D reality.

Who uses UFOs?

The next question we come to is, “Who or what uses these craft.” I believe, and this is just conjecture, that angels use them. But wait, you ask, would angels need craft to move through dimensions? I don’t know. Maybe fallen angels need to use them; maybe their disobedience limited their abilities, so they use these craft to aid them.

But the fact is that some form of extradimensional being uses UFOs, whether they are angels or some other being we don’t have any knowledge of. As more research is done, I’m confident we will come closer to the answer. Until then it is best to keep an open mind and consider all possibilities.

Another important question is “should we try to contact UFOs?” Based on the alleged behavior of beings who use these craft, I would remain skeptical. If these are angels, it is important to remember to use discernment and be careful. I think that there is a good chance their intentions may be malevolent.

A famous photo of a UFO
A famous photo of a UFO

Could Actual Aliens Exist? and Final Thoughts

While we have shown that the beings that visit Earth and interact with humans are not extraterrestrials, could there still be extraterrestials out there somewhere that we may never meet?

I certainly believe it’s possible. While I don’t believe there‘s proof of that, I can’t prove that there is for sure nothing out there amongst the stars. So I keep an open mind.

Thanks for reading this article. What do you think? If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts, please let me know in the comment section. I highly appreciate that.

© 2019 Lou Tenant


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