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Blame God

Updated on January 21, 2016

Blame God

In the darkness of an empty dwelling,

Cozy and dreadfully quiet,

Is a young lost lady

With many human weaknesses

And whose temper tantrums are immoral.

Beautiful dark skin girl with green eyes,

Tall thin long arms and legs,

Makes one want to think

About little birds and angels

And hearts and flowers and such,

Instead her head hangs and displays gloom.

Angry at God because she is not good enough,

His thoughts somewhere else: face staring away

Like he has limitations or has abandoned her

As unworthy of serious notice.

Times have changed

even the language has changed.

There are things he should change,

God has no right

To let her get beaten to the ground

Where she has to find safety and sanctity

Inside pills.

Where are those hands so strong

That caress without pain calming great storms.

But she hasn't the authority

To be self forgiving so she dispatches a prayer,

It is rare; but in season.


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