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Blood Moon

Updated on November 29, 2011

Also referred to as the Shedding or Falling Leaf Moon, the Blood Moon is the Full Moon occurring during the month of Oktober, just before Samhain or Halloween.

During this time, there will be an energy shift, the leaves are turning colors of deep, rich hues and gently falling from the trees. The nights have become crisp and clear in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Blood Moon is represented by the colors dark blue, black and all shades of purple as well as the gemstones of obsidian, amethyst and tourmaline. The apple trees and yew join the Blood Moon in celebration of the coming All Hallow's Eve.

It is the optimal time to call upon Herne, Apollo, Cernunnos and Mercury; and, in corporate apple blossoms, pennyroyal, any of the mint family, catnip and/or Sweet Annie into your Magickal working during this particular Full Moon. Also, take note that the Blood Moon is represented by the element of Air.

Since the portal is now open between Earth and the Otherworld, it is the optimal time to orchestrate spiritual growth as well as contacting the deceased via the utilization of seance, divination and dream work. Be sure to keep a close eye on what you're dreaming about, keep a Dream Journal and look for symbolism to unlock the messages you are most likely receiving at this time.

For those of us who walk the path of the Old Ways, this is the time to honor those who were lost in the Burning Times. Honor your ancestry, your mother, your grandmother, etc. Dance with the wind and sing wholeheartedly...They can hear you.



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    • VAMPGYRL420 profile imageAUTHOR

      Windy Grace Mason 

      6 years ago from Belle Haven, VA

      Thank you for the feedback, Seeker7 :) Blood Moon will return before we know it ;) Love & Light to you!!!

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 

      6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      A fascinating hub about the Blood Moon. I think the autumn months are definately one of my favourite times of the year - very magical and powerful! I agree with Kitty as well - it certainly does "weave a yearning for the blood moon in one's soul". Voted up!

    • VAMPGYRL420 profile imageAUTHOR

      Windy Grace Mason 

      7 years ago from Belle Haven, VA

      Thank you, Kittythedreamer :) I think it is important that those of us who follow the path keep in mind that it does not have to be a particular day, night or season in order to carry this honor in our hearts for those who have been lost. Blessed Be, Kitty.

      Love & Light,

      Windy Grace

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Kitty Fields 

      7 years ago from Summerland

      AWESOME hub, Vampgyrl! Wonderful advice and it really weaves a yearning for the blood moon in one's soul.

    • VAMPGYRL420 profile imageAUTHOR

      Windy Grace Mason 

      7 years ago from Belle Haven, VA

      Thank you, Cresentmoon. Love and blessings to you and yours.

    • Cresentmoon2007 profile image


      7 years ago from Caledonia, MI

      Very informative, great hub. Well written.


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