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Bold prayer: When it is right to be greedy

Updated on September 18, 2013

The right to go to God in pray is a special privilege for those that belief in God. However, it seems prayers no longer work these days. This may be because religion, which should be a spiritual affair, is now becoming physically minded. Some said, that Christianity does not have a spiritual bases but the truth is that all religion has a spiritual aspect and the greater truth is that not all followers are aware of such spirituality. That is why spirituality, in most religious arena, has been reduced to a mere believe instead of the actual awareness of what is unknown to many. That may also explain why religious mysteries like miracles are relatively few in this generation and alleged to be done by the devil, where it still occur.

That notwithstanding, prayer is still the master key of unlocking many doors. It is obvious that some people will never understand why they have to pray until they appreciate the fact that they need a weapon for their seen and unseen battle. There are times we have to be greedy in our prayers and pray boldly. That is what a minister called, “bold prayer.” Therefore, we have to effectively use our special privilege of coming to God in pray in that we do not just pray but we pray boldly.

It is important that we clearly state our petition before God just as Hannah did. She prayed so boldly and clearly that nobody heard her but God. Esther boldly stood before the king and she was able to save her people by that single act of boldness. Therefore, we do not need to come into God’s presence with fear else we may not utter our petition clearly but we should come with humility, meekness, and be bold in our demand.

King Hezekiah in Isaiah 38 was told that his time was up but he boldly went to God in prayer and his days were extended. It may seem that he was greedy to ask for more years but it work for him and he got it. Likewise, Elisha, in 2King, boldly told Elijah that he wants double portion of his spirit. That is boldness because he did not mind what Elijah would think or say but he was bold enough to say what he wanted even though some people may say that he was greedy yet he got because it is allowed that we be greedy in prayer that is why we are argued never to have enough prayer via the injunction “pray without ceasing.”

Jacob, in his case, battled with an Angel and held him then he insisted, “I will never leave you unless you bless me.” That is boldness. Jacob knew what he wanted and he fought for it and insisted that it is his right to be blessed.

Therefore, there is need for us to go boldly to the throne of grace and speak boldly to our God. This is because even though God knows our needs yet he expects us to ask him what we want him to do for us. Little wonder, when the blind men called on Jesus to heal them. Jesus looked at them and Jesus was not blind to see their blindness yet he asked them, “What is it that I can do for you?” this is will be another topic.


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