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Bongiwe and Pheko

Updated on June 19, 2016

May God keep you safe and cosy.


bongiwe and pheko

Bongiwe Tlailane and Baba Nthathe Pheko
I will save this on my website but I won't publish it till you reunite and turn this house into a happy home.

My dearest sister Dr Pheko Tlailane Nkgwete and Baby Joyce parents...

As a Uncle, brother, and God father my interests are solely rooted in your happiness and well being.‎

2010 September you took vows and promised to love provide and worship each other.Life has been kind.

You are both doctors.You provide and your son and daughter go to elite and prestigious schools in Pretoria Waterkloof.They are beautiful handsome and diligent, may they obey your laws and wishes all the days of their life.

You both specialising.And own a wonderful plot in orion avenue.Paid up cars.A boat.

Bongiwe you are beautiful courageous and splendid. Pheko you are diligent courageous brave and you the world's best dad.

Bongiwe tell Pheko face to face what you would like him to do better,Morning kisses103 phone calls a dayWhisper silly nothings all dayAnd spend quality time with you

Pheko tell Bongi you love her as much as you did when you first laid eyes on her.

‎Yet she needs to stop being manipulative and nagging when she does not get her way.

May you appreciate each other.May you bring to this earth another baby boy and girl.( yes may you have a total of 4 children together).‎

May you buy more property.

Pheko may Porsche endorse you yearly for being the most efficient Physician and doctor to graduate from Medunsa in our generation era and time.‎

Bongi may you shop around the world and travel to all your dream destinations.

You have travelled this road together .

The worst is over.
You are prominent in society.

May Joy rain over your lifes.

With lots of love Uncle Nathi,I am so proud of both of you.

In God's eyes in my world you are Outstanding Mr and Mrs Tlailane, take good care of each other thanks Doc.


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